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26 June 2008

Unschooling raw food Mom living and loving life!

Happy hi and helloooo everywhere!!

We are happily busy...the kids loooove to explore the midevals with all their knights and castles...and I...??...enjoy the cherries that are ripe now everywhere ;)... have some, too:

...those red glowing jewels!

Back with like-minded folks it is always fun to meet... This was a raw food camp and lots of fun! I can only recommend to get together and do things...get into the way of living foods ...and enjoy it in nature where it actually belongs ;)...simple and easy life makes soooo happy. I promise :).

This was the whole group...
...and that's where the kids and I, fun, fun...
Oh I wished I could make you feel that way, too...and want to share sooo much. And with a big group of about 80 - 90 people (families from Germany, Switzerland and Austria) I will sooon. I am so excited about it. There will be lots of fun, connecting, raw foods, nature & easy lifestyle as a community! Oh, you really have to join once at least!! I will keep you informed about all of it. :)
Besides that we now found a new home right next to the fields and forest...can watch the deer and rabbits every day..and enjoy our cherry tree :). As soon as the technic works again fully (I am just on a visit right now and able to go in the internet from, please excuse me for not being able to answer right away. I haven't forgotten about you!) and our boxes are unpacked I will send lots and lots of more information...just make sure you receive my newsletter where all that kind of stuff will float through ;) sign up click here.
So much for now...keep your emails coming! I am happy about every feedback I get!
Wishing you a day filled with wonders & sunshine!