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28 January 2007

Energy needs to flow...

Huhuuu, all there...out there!

Did you ever experience that? The energy flow in kids? If I am just busy, running around, doing household, etc. ....hey, I even got things done! It is actually fun, if you finally get moving ;) really flows...what I have difficulty with is the kids stopping me all the time...well, I am sure you know that go in the kitchen to do the dishes, see a toy...walk to the kids bring the toy away but on the way you see a, you pick up the towel and bring, where??? ...where it belongs...thinking why am I here...what was it I wanted to do?? Ah ja, the, back to the kitchen...or now...back to energy :))...I was running around, hopping, having fun doing the housechores...and my children are sooo happy to just follow and help or go their ways..... But if I start my day with computer work, etc. things that I need to sit down...or telephone, etc. doesn't take long and they go nuts... All the sudden, today, when I watched them playing happily I thought...dang! Of course,'s the same as when they were babies. Have you ever heard or read the book from Jean Liedloff? "The Continuum Concept"....if not, do so. If you did...remember when she talked about babies can't regulate their own energy field? They need the adult's energy field to calm down and get balanced again! This was so true when they were babies... As soon as I stopped (I always carried them in a sling) they would wiggle around, feeling not happy...but when I kept going they were just fine. No matter if they were asleep in there or not...if I moved no wiggling. Great. I am about to get a heart attack and they are just hanging in there......go, Mama, go....I need moooore... Well, I choose the other route...I got as a running we say in German ;)...and the kids stayed happy.

Now, of course, as they can deal with their energy from 8 years on by themselves and have trouble sometimes before...guess, they need to play with it, makes totally sense to me to stay close to Mama and soak that energy up that I produce running around...being happy and balanced myself. My son does it different as well as my daughter... He goes and comes back to charge up while she is always around. It is funny but it seems to work....will watch it for another few days... Would be fun if you let me know if you make the same experiences...

I wish you a great day...filled with joy and have fun running around... :)))

Oh, by the way,...just before I forget...did you know that a hand full of wild edibles (herbs or also known as weeds!!...and they are sooo valuable...I try to grow some here...) has more minerals, etc. than 40 heads of lettuce...iceberg, boston, etc...!!!... So, go get outside and eat weeds...they taste good as well!!!..or send them to me, pleeease :)))

24 January 2007

Stop trouble thinking...and do the opposite!

Please, don't think about that pink elefant!...??? Have you ever heard about that question.. and what do you think?? About a pink elefant??? ;)...but I told you not to!! Well, so much for talking and how important it is to pick your words carefully...especially with children! They pick up on it sooo quick. I love to listen to I can tell what kind of mistakes I still make...;). And what I have to work on..still. Those patterns put into us from childhood are sooo deep. It takes a lot of attention to remind ourselves to talk more positive. Those children are our future...and we need to feed our future more positive thoughts to help this planet... Get out of your chairs...ok, just wait a second...after that post you can go...:))..ok, but now! Hop, go outside, walk, run, whatever you want..get outside and breathe some fresh air..or as fresh as you can get it without opening a can of air... Anyway, get active!! You won't believe how much more ideas you have. Stop watching TV...or minimize it at least (although, in the beginning, it might be easier to stop's like a drup you always keep thinking about it...feeling sooo good when you turn it on...and sooo frustrated when your show doesn't come on...a game with your emotions...controlled by others!!)..that's a drainer...and see and feel how much of a better life you gain back. It is amazing. Again...think about your children!! They need to be active! School is going more and more on having them to sit still for hours...that's crazy...they are children...supposed to be full of energy..running, jumping, etc.! We should be happy they do that and hopefully never stop doing that! We are not robots that you can push a button and leave again. We are living beings and I am so happy and thankful for that. That is our chance to feel that energy and love. Try it. Sparkle again. Just do it! Use "get-togethers" for inspiring thoughts and not for who killed whom, etc. Get out of the mud and lift each other up! I know we can do it! Take a piece of paper and write down all the positive thoughts and happenings you've had today. After a few weeks you'll have loads more. It works. You are the creator of your world...and build the base for your children! Let them see how well you manage life by the way you think! Can you feel that energy??? It's flowing in me right now...and I wish I can start a fire...and get you all turn to a huge river that surrounds every rock...and makes it to the ocean! OK, enough of that...or I start to lift up and will be gone... :). I really wish I can help move your life to be a happy one.

As much as I love this beautiful country with all its great sides I still have one question... Why do you use sooo many plastic bags?? It is funny (they ask me three times if I don't want any...and make big huge eyes...) when I go shopping and tell them I don't want my stuff bagged... "Just put it in my cart, please."...or do it often myself which I love, too... Guess because I am used to...coming from Germany where they don't bag it for you... I actually feel funny when others bag for me.... May be I have to work on that...that's how they make their money, right? But why can't we take boxes or cloth bags, etc. to carry the groceries, etc. I always keep a big bag full of them in my car. Same thing but I don't have to waste soo many plastic bags...
Just my thoughts without wanting to offend anybody!

22 January 2007

Nature Tribe or rawfood trips/travelling?

It's amazing how much more energy you have being raw. Now, after over three years on 100% I can feel the difference. It took a few years for the body to adjust - I wouldn't have thought it myself. I love it! I love life and am soo happy...deep inside of me! It's that true clear feeling of trust in life (and that everything happens and is ok as it happens...and I can make wishes and they come true...always and always again...a miracle!) and happiness, thankfulness and appreciation that makes it so nice! I know I am led and am very thankful for that. I am pushed to help..and I love to everybody that needs it to see love again...and light. This happiness that just doesn't leave any more. Yes, the beginning was different....I used to eat tons of nuts and dried fruits, could eat until I was so full nothing would fit in there anymore. So, don't worry if you feel like that. That is normal. The body seems to need it in the beginning. It changes by itself as soon as it is ready for it. Just take your time and stay raw. Don't worry about the right combinations, etc. as it will come by itself - with or without a book. Those signs are so strong now...I feel like during pregnancy sometimes when your senses are so clear's almost unbelieveable. And the energy level that comes with it. Amazing. I don't sleep as much any more and am still fully charged to go a day and much of the night with two little fun children...which love her jumping Mom :). By the way, have you ever tried those deep jumps where you squat down almost to the those russian dancers??? Try it...just a few and... well, I have still sore legs. But, boy, that feels good! You feel the energy running hot inside of them...hihi...then, you just jump under an ice-cold shower...and you are wide awake...if you can be any more :))). Send pictures after that, pleeease! Anyway, try and you'll love it!

And it's funny as you can do all kinds of funny things with you see on my link in the raw link section...that's what I do in Germany (sorry for misspelled words, still not perfect...but am practicing)...the International Raw Family Adventure Camp :)! I am planning on doing stuff like that over here as well. So, whoever is interested, please contact me! I'd be more than happy to let you feel the wonderful side of living in a community...once you tried'll miss it! I promise! It is sooo much fun!
Another thing is raw travelling. I spent many months on the road or hiking, etc., travelling with and without kids and wonder who's interested in something like that? Raw Food Family/Children Camps and Trips...especially the kids need to be involved...they need good examples to follow!! So important!

But the other fun part is daily life: Like my husband today...coming home with groceries for us (who is a normal cooked one ;) ): "Do they ask you all kinds of stuff as well when you go shopping?" "No..Usually, not. Why?" "Every time I go there they ask if I make another banana pie or if I have a monkey at home...?" that time I was almost rolling on the floor laughing... Yes, I am sure, now that we live here they have to stock up their organic bananas as we love them... *g*

Enough writing....go watch those few first pictures...and have fun! I will write more about my trip through the States soon...

21 January 2007

Or bears waking up in the middle of winter because it got too warm for them. They are mixed up and don't find enough food... Or crabs that can't survive any more because the water gets too warm... Or birds that can't spend their winter in Afrika anymore because the desert is not manageable for them any more... Or turtles that can't breed on the beaches any more because the sand gets too hot for their eggs... Animals who need those small animals won't be able to survive. And then, of course, corn, etc. or salmon that is genetically engineered to grow faster!!!!...and makes us and the whole planet sick!! Are they out of mind???

If I read this...I feel sick in my stomach... How can we stop that???

We all have to get together on this one!!!

16 January 2007

Moving and living in the Now!

Well, we just moved means to Texas. It is exciting and fun at the same time. The kids loved to dig into the boxes and get everything set Christmas and Easter altogether ;)....oh, look, Mama! My bike! books...and..oh...ah.. I am glad we've had warm weather and all went well. The boxes in the kitchen were most fun...both of them hanging in them, handing stuff up and out to me...I couldn't put it away as fast as they were. It was a mess. But, slowly we are getting through it...still enjoying life. It doesn't run away, right? And it feels so good to see all those boxes disappear ;).
It is sooo relaxing to live in the present and go step by step. There is this happiness that never really leaves and lets me enjoy life even more. I do love that place and am have lots of planting an organic garden (I will be sooo happy to have our own veggies..I can just go outside and pick them), connect people all over the world :)))) and write... Something keeps pushing me to wriiiite...something deep inside of me.


Hi, all out there!

I am excited to open up my blog telling about things going on here, ideas and loads of fun. I hope you can learn something as well and would love to learn from you as well. So, please feel free to write comments, ideas, tips or whatever you like.

:9 Sonja