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31 December 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Another year comes to its end. Many things happened (e.g. we moved...still looking for a place called home, travelled to Portugal by camper, the birth of our cute puppies and the rearing...coming back to life online, a Social Media Management education but also back to the roots with thrilling!). It was a great year and I learned a lot and appreciate every bit of it. It was filled with all kinds of experiences. How was your year??

I also want to THANK YOU for hanging in there, joining & accompanying me! For your comments (I LOOOOVE to hear from you since it shows me what you think and I love to learn from you, too! Plus it makes me feel like I am not alone here ;)...) & "likes" ...for being there! I still believe people are more important than machines ;) am happy if I hear from living beings :):)..

Oops, before I forget: I have a great opportunity to start the NEW YEAR healthy & fit (and fully supported!!)! Check this out: Hurry, it starts on 2nd January!

Most of all I wish you a wonderful, successful, motivated & happy new year with health, love & laughter! May we all follow our path with our heart and be guided through an extraordinary year 2012 together in peace, harmony, inspiration and true conscious co-creation of our paradise on earth! I am excited!! *jumpupanddown* :)

Have a marvellous night & get some rest ;)...

See youuuu soooon!

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22 December 2011

Meeeerry Christmas to you!!

Have fun with your loved ones!! This is what made me smile...and I hope it puts the same in your face :).

Have a very Merry Christmas!!

02 December 2011

How to make a lantern :)

Today, I wanted to let you be part of a fun thing you can do with your children. How to make a lantern! The season is just perfect to do all kinds of lanterns. This is one idea. Of course, you can do everything you can imagine... Make a similar one with Christmas pattern for example.

So here is how it goes:

Create a stencil of the shape you want.
Cut out the shape completely and copy the shape on the piece of carton you want.

Finished it looks like that.

Now, cut the filling shape out of transparent paper and glue it in.

Choose a picture (or create one with colored paper/carton) and glue in on the side pieces.

Next, cut rectangular pieces (as the middle part for the lantern), bend the corners and cut slits in them. Make sure you measure the length of the lantern first (so you know how long the middle piece has to be) and find the middle of it before folding (so it's even later on the lantern). Also, make sure the middle piece is wide enough for a candle not touching the sides.
Now, glue the middle piece into the lantern.

When you have done both sides it should look like that.
Find something that looks like that to connect a candle in it...or create something similar yourself ;).
Candle surely seated in lantern. There is no way now it can fall. If you don't want to use candles: In Germany you can get battery operated lantern lights, too. But it also works if you put one of those lighting sticks in there.

Last, add a holding stick and a wire so you can carry the lantern around.

That#s what it looks like finished :). Go and have fun with it!

08 November 2011

Halloween is over..

This is what we've carved for Halloween:

We've had fun and yummy dishes. :)

The November so far has been warm and nice, too.
...and Thanksgiving is coming up in huge steps ;). What do we do for Thanksgiving?? Give thanks to everything we have! The kids will enjoy more yummy food ;)...and we will get together with our family. If you are still looking for delicious raw meals to enjoy with others, too...check this out: 

What are you going to do for Thanksgiving?? Please comment below! I'd be happy to hear from you. :)

27 September 2011

Open your heart and let's go :)

I saw this one and had to share it. It is such a wonderful message of love and community, of helping each other through bad times, holding one's hand and create beauty together!

We are ALL different expressions of the same Light, Love and Beauty, all reflections of one another, truly all ONE. But see for yourself what is possible when we understand:

Isn't that a beautiful message? Although we cannot all be Lily Yeh we all have to shine our lights to fulfil our purpose on this amazing planet! What is your light you want to share? Please let me/us know down here:

23 September 2011

How to make a Super Green Smoothie :)

I thought I show you quick how I did my Super Green Smoothie :). And it's cheap, too... So here you go:

You take a walk and pick a bag full of wild edibles :).

You put them in a blender. It should look like this ;)...or that if pushed together:

Then add some bananas (as much as you need to make it yummy):

...and this time I used some blueberries:

Add a little water and out comes this:

Or this.. :)..remember the eyes (last post)?? :)

Enjoy! Go outside and go picking! It will be good for you - outside and inside :)...

Healthy smoothies for kids?

Are you looking for healthy yet delicious recipes your kids will love? It has never been easier to create healthy and yummy foods for kids. Green smoothies usually include fresh fruits or leafy greens (or for a more valuable one even wild edibles), and since they are full of nutrients and are soooo delicious, they are a must for growing kids.

Try these easy green smoothie recipes:

Use bananas, berries, and mangoes with chickweed, lambs quarters, and romaine lettuce. If it should not be sweet enough, use dates (preferably soaked). You can also use other kinds of greens including dandelion, goutweed, kale, spinach, mustard/turnip/collard/beet greens, romaine & many more and throw in a few fruits your kid loves and blend it with filtered water. The great thing is greens can be combined with anything without causing trouble. They also taste great with coconut water.

You can even make “frozen” smooties. Just peel bananas and freeze them and other fruits you like. Put the frozen fruits and some greens in the blender and you have a delicious treat for hot summer days!

Nutritional benefits of green smoothies:

As we tend not to chew our food enough green smoothies are a great way to absorb the vitamins and minerals as the food is in an easily digestible form. You should still “chew” the smoothie, though, as this is important for digestion. With the essential nutrients in their body, your kids will have enough energy to last through their fun and action filled day!

Healthy green smoothies also balance the sweet from the fruit and the bitterness from the greens perfectly. So, you can actually get more greens “down” than normally which is great for your body!

To make it easier for your kids in order to get used to healthy smoothies add more fruit and less greens in the beginning. You can also give them funny names. It’s fun to ask for the Monster drink or Dragon’s greens instead of “that green stuff”. Make sure you use organic and ripe ingredients only. If you drink them too as a role model (hey, they will be good for you, too!!) they are more likely to gobble them down, too. Don’t explain how healthy, etc. they are… Just drink and enjooooyyy them!! :) With lots of fruits and greens you can create endless of different, colorful and tasty new smoothies.

And as always remember it has to appeal to the eye! Make it fun and beautiful! Include your kids. They will have fun decorating ;). If they did it themselves they are more likely to eat it, too!

If you want to learn more about raw foods and get healthy on top - try the Free Raw Food Detox starting this Sunday!! So be quick:

03 September 2011

Surviving in nature :)

Heyhooooo! :)

If you wonder how we survive now during late summer...have a look:

Jessica has apples and pears she found...

I've had some walnuts...fresh they are best!!

Justin found some chestnuts - a little small still...

Exercises are important, too. Well, we went by bike but it can't hurt to do some extra ;).

On the way we've had some black berries ...and...

rose hips...they are still hard, though...but the berries were delicious :)

That's were we were heading to: The Ronneburg. They were living like in the middle ages...very interesting and I think the castle looked like in the fairy tale Rapunzel...or Sleeping Beauty.

Happy, full and satisfied we arrived back home! :)

Back from big trip

Happy heellloooo!!

After travelling to Portugal we are back bringing you lots of info and news! I am so excited to share them with you soon! But first have a quick look what we did:

We are at the beautiful sea in Portugal...with one of our dogs (yes, we have more...but that is another story ;)..). We drove from Germany with a mobile home through France and Spain until we came to the coast of Portugal. We went along the coast pretty much till France.

This is how the main land of Portugal looks like if get off the main road ;)... It reminded me a lot about Texas :)...very dry, hot yet beautiful ...and lots of land :). I love it!

I guess I could say we went through 4 countries :)...since Gibraltar is part of Great Britain. You also have to pay in Pound instead of Euro. Of course, we also went and saw the apes ;).

In Barcelona we visited a ship from the organization "Sea Shepherd". They are a sea life protecting organization and do great work!! Watch their symbol...

Almost back home we "ended" on top of the world...I mean Paris ;). We went up the Eiffel tower when it was still daylight, watched the sunset on top of it :)...and came down with sparkles :)... A wonderful experience!

It was a great trip with very nice people! Especially in south Portugal and Spain you can grow pretty much everything you need...I have met wonderful families that moved there and live of their land :). Great! That's what my next goal of my own garden and land :).

Do you live a sustainable life on your own ground?? What are your steps towards your dream??

01 September 2011


A happy hello,
It's been a long time since I posted here and lots of things happened. I will write about it soon. So hang in there! I am BAAAACKK :).