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18 December 2010

I am soooo excited to show you this... :)

Christmas time is cookie time :)... Here is my daughter cutting some out. Yes, even raw it's fun :).

But look at what I friend of mine created!! It's so cute...

Little raw gingerbread houses!! :)

A whole town :)...and it's wintertime...and...

Let it snow! :):):):)

Gosh, they are sooo gooood...and lots of fun! You can also stick dried fruits on them. I have sooo many ideas... Who wants some, too?

My favorite are coconut cookies. I will show you the recipe soon. What is your favorite raw cookie recipe?

This is what you can eat now! :)

It's been snowing for weeks now - no chance for my loved nettles...but I did dry some ;). Besides snow (which is very clean around here - I measured it :)...) you can find the following fresh treasures:

Blackberry leaves, moss aaaaand....

rose hips...topped with a snow cap :). It's like ice with cream :). You can squeeze the gel inside out - it's like yummy. Or you can find blackthorn berries - they are good after the first frost as well.

Well and this was my son's birthday and his cakes :).

As I miss the cactus pears from Texas...I got some here :). Look at all those different colors :)...but all deliiicious.
What do you like to eat now?

One month full of parties :)

It started with the birthday of my daughter.

and ended with a potluck with wonderful people...

....and a Halloween party :).
Lots of fun and as always amazing how many delicious dishes come together. We've had lots of raw cookies, paté, sauces, pumpkin pie, crackers and more. So yummy... :)
Thanks to all who participated!! I am looking forward to the next one.

Impressions from the "Rohvolution" in Germany

The Rohvolution (in english Rawvolution) is like a big raw food fair where many producers of raw foods, juicers and other useful machines and similar health promoting companies have their booths. You can test their food at many places and buy many delicious foods.

It's been a while but it was great. :)

Here you can see a stand with the most delicious raw pralines. Really amazing! They melt on your tongue.

Urs Hochstrasser is a famous raw chef. He also teaches people more about raw foods. He also loves animals, has horses and trains them with the method of Monty Roberts. A very interesting and helpful person who has a lot of knowledge.

Lots of crackers to try and buy.

Hihi...yes, you could really get full from trying food. But you couldn't get around those really yummy cakes. Wow!
Have you been on any raw food events?? How was it??