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21 December 2007

Meeerry Christmas...

...and a happy New Year!! May all your dreams come true!!

Unbelievable...I haven't written in sooo long??? ohoh...I will get better...there was a lot going on. But the days after Christmas are there to organize and get ready for the new year ;)...which I am happily awaiting.

We've had the joy to host more guests which was so much fun all loved it. Here is what one of them said: "We enjoyed spending this past week with you and your family. This has been a great experience, a true eye-opener to a life of healthful eating. Your children are a joy and I am so glad we got this chance to meet them and have fun with them. I will never forget this time here and will miss you when we're gone. Thank you for opening your home to us and for helping us to feel comfortable and welcome. Thank you for the answers to all of my questions. I think what you're doing to help others is wonderful and I hope I can reach the point when I can also help others in that way. You have been such an inspiration...." and her daughter: "You guys were so fun to be around. I am really going to miss all of you. Sonja, you are the nicest person ever! Stay that way....I will miss you all and we will try to come back and visit. Stay safe and keep eating RAW!"

Make sure you go to and check it out!! There are also telephone consultations available for those who can't make it all the way to Texas!

We just came back from a trip through Texas which was fun, too. Travelling on raw is so easy... I will write more about it and much more...coming soon in my newsletter. Please sign up for it at

Still unschooling we enjoy the Christmas season...and have a wonderful time with family! I wish the same for you!!

Stay happy and healthy!

28 September 2007

The first children's raw food book! Natural living for everyone!

My first raw food children’s book…for true awakening!

How to help our children to better understand and make the best of the world we live in!

If you are a parent, grand-parent or anybody else having to do with children…this children's book is for you!! But also for adults it is a great way to understand our society! It is a wonderful story for all to understand how to make the world a little better and how to live healthier!

„How do humans live? What do they eat? What makes them happy? What do babies drink? How can we help them to make this world a better place?“ are some of the questions Little Star has on his mind. To find out the answers and many more questions follow him on his journey to a better world. „I will try my best to get the biggest star in the sky. So, every time they look up here and see me glow they will be reminded what is right and what they need to do!“

Our children are most important…for us as well as for the health and future of our planet. As parents and adults we need to make sure our children are well and grow up in a safe and healthy environment. But is our planet safe and healthy anymore??

If you want the next generations to be able to grow up happy you need to help them understand what is going on and what we can do - yes, the children, too…they are so powerful and have wonderful ideas!!! They might need us in order to help them manifest a better world… - to make it a better place for the future of our children…and their children…! Let’s take our responsibilities in our hands again and walk the path we have to go in order to make it happen!!! Strong and peaceful…but steady!

It is time to educate our young people about the truth! We also need to give them hope and motivation to make it better…and guide them on how to do it!! We need to give them time for their spirits to soar and explore…and to help them find themselves in order to get to their full potential!!

This short but intensive children's book will give you the perfect tool in your hands to understand the process we are in right now…and how to turn it to the best. It is a booklet for small and big…for young and old…for everybody who finally wants to take action and move forward on the path to happiness and health! It helps to introduce raw foods to your children and also adults. With lots of beautiful colored pictures it is simply inspiring – no matter what direction you are coming from and heading to…and how well you can read ;)…pictures can talk, too ;)…just listen! (And watch out for those jumping words to grab your attention…hihi. There is a spirit in it! A good one…to help you move to a better place.)

It is motivating for you (especially for parents/mothers) and leads you in the right direction….to deeply connect with your offspring again and with nature...and have a happy relationship ever after…:).

You will learn:
Ø What we are meant to eat
Ø How natural living looks like (breastfeeding, homebirths, carried babies and much more)
Ø The problems of our world
Ø Examples for a better life
Ø and more…

Available as e-book right now for 15.95 USD. If you would like to have it as softcover book and to order please contact me for details at

Help your children to truly understand this world!! Help their spirits to soar! Think about the bigger picture! Make it happen!! Altogether we can make it!! Let’s start… It also makes a great gift!

About the author:
Sonja Watt, born and raised in Germany, is a mother of two children. Through them she realized that this planet is moving further away from normal and natural living. She made it her goal to work on the realization of a better future for all of us – especially for our children...our next generation!

Knowing they have many questions that need to be answered set the seed for this raw food book for young and old... but especially for children!

She is there to motivate others to get active and find their paths, to help mothers realize their strengths again and to connect with their hearts!

By ordering now you also receive a free gift with lots of information about natural living (including links – my personal rolodex)…homebirth, carried babies, diaperless babies, breastfeeding, spiritual growth, positive parenting (tips for younger children, teens and adults – we all grow ;) )…for every age something important!!!

Please also visit my website at Enjoy!
In happiness,

Sonja Watt

19 September 2007

Mothering from the heart - raw mothers roar strong!

This is a t-shirt I had says in the front: If your food isn't living how can you be? I thought it looks great!! If you want one of those as well...let me know!

This time I have to share some more thoughts...from my soul.

I am here for all of you mothers to motivate, support and create a life we all enjoy again!! As mothers we learn to be as flexible as can be...learn to manage and organize a household next to children and often work...choosing to take care of a husband that is rarely home and being a psycologist, best friend, lover, soul mate, hair stylist, cook (raw food chef...or even the family transition!!!), nutritionist, teacher, life guide and more...we are there to build up people if they are down and feel with them when they go through trouble...we are there if our beloved ones and friends need us.. We know what each of our children likes and dislikes best...have a connection and deeper knowing with their souls...knot up when they get hurt...we share tears of joy and sadness....But we are also very strong. In order to be that being called mother we have to be strong...super strong. Unfortunately, it is not acknowledged very much in our world. It is up to us to change that and take us for real! It all starts with us! The female powers are so strong!! We have to get active - each of us on their own...find our personal paths...our purpose on this planet in order to develop our full potential and rock the boat :)...ehm...I mean move this planet forward! We are worth it to be treated with the highest respect!! No stumping down of emotions, feelings, etc. Trust your feelings and emotions! Stand up for yourself...also for your children! They need to see a better example in their lifes! And don't think about being egoistic!! We are fed that thought for sooo long we still believe it! It is not at all egoistic to follow your higher purpose...the guidance of your inner self...your live the connection of love and happiness...and not having to suck it from others in order to get some little bit of it...but always be disappointed and fall back into a deep whole wondering...why me?? It is very wise to go for your goals as that is why you are here! It would be egoistic to stay stuck because you think of your own dilemma over and over again... No, take your wheel in your hands again and stir it in the direction you want it to go! You can do it! Even...or because you are a mother! Only when we feel our connection again we can be true and motivated. There is no higher purpose than to serve this beautiful planet...doing what we have to do...coming from our souls!

Be able to feel yourself again in deep harmony...have that sparkling connection to your unborn baby...awaiting it with open arms...being happy about your body and the amazing abilities of it! We have such a wonderful instrument to play in it - be with it - take care of it - be grateful for it - honor it - respect it!

There is another reason speaks through my heart:
We, as humans are meant to be tribal people! It is not normal for a mother to raise her children by herself all the time! Many mothers feel overwhelmed, having to fight for some time to herself or to go to work (that they often don't like)…thinking about giving her kids to kindergarden, etc. just to have some time to herself! And feel sad doing so… We all need some space…some time to get back to our roots and re-energize…to recharge in order to function well again…to embrace our children with love and patience! When our “glasses are empty” we cannot give enough that is needed! That’s why I believe we have to come back to a tribal setting again….where mothers and fathers support each other again. Mothers doing housework, garden, etc. happily together while the children are happy to learn from adults, older kids, etc. and be able to play with each other in a safe surrounding…out in nature!!
We have to get back to our roots!
Let’s connect and get started in order to get back to our balance and happiness!! Let’s create a tribe full of love, passion and spirit!! NOW, let’s make this planet a better and safer place for the future…our children and their children… Get active! And always remember: You are valueable and worth it to have some rest and fun as well!! We are meant to have happily most of the time!!! Together…. We are all one!

You can create the life you want to can are strong...and you have a great time doing so...because you do what you love!

In happiness,
:9 Sonja

PS: For free recipes, recommended links and more make sure you sign in for my newsletter!!

19 August 2007

New retreat schedule is out!!

Natural Living Retreats and more!
October – December 2007

Heeere we go!! I am excited to pronounce the new dates and better prices for the Holiday Preparation Classes! Lots of information about the raw food life style with(out) children will await you! You will experience first-hand how to prepare delicious meals for the holidays, transitioning to the raw food living and having fun with it, parenting from the heart, true understanding and connection and much more…a well-rounded program, support and motivation in all kinds of life areas…within like-minded people! This also is an unique opportunity to explore how great it feels to be in a tribal setting…having fun together doing what you love…even if you usually don’t love it ;)…!! It is THE chance to explore yourself and grow…through each other! Places are limited!

Till December 2007 everything takes place in central Texas, close to Austin. After that I don’t know yet as we might have to move. So, use this opportunity and make it work for your family, loved ones and yourself!! It is worth it!

Halloween Preparation Class
25 - 28 October 2007
(shorter stays are possible – please mail me for prices, etc. at ):

1,049.95 USD (special family price, up to four people)
Please contact me for a lower single price!!

Day one – Arrival, introduction in the evening
Day two and three – Morning exercises, food preparation/breakfast, classes & lectures, food preparation/lunch, relaxation/fun and connection time, food preparation/dinner, evening for more info exchange, laughing, healing, materializing, etc.
Day four – Breakfast, pack, etc. and departure

You will receive hand-outs and individual information fitting your needs…as well as long-term support and motivation to keep you on track! Bonus: We will also create decoration, spooky meals, etc. for Halloween…which is a lot of fun, too...not only for the children – funny contests and much more!

Thanksgiving Preparation Class
8 – 11 November 2007
(shorter stays are possible - please mail me for prices, etc. at ):

1,049.99 USD (special family price, up to four people)
Please contact me for a lower single price!!

Day one – Arrival, introduction in the evening
Day two to six – Morning exercises, food preparation/breakfast, classes & lectures, food preparation/lunch, relaxation/fun and connection time, food preparation/dinner, evening for more info exchange, laughing, healing, materializing, etc.
Day seven – Breakfast, pack, etc. and departure
You will receive hand-outs and individual information fitting your needs…as well as long-term support and motivation to keep you on track! We will prepare a special Thanksgiving meal with many traditional (raw) dishes to help you through the holidays…still feeling normal J! Bonus 1: We will prepare and do a lantern parade (very much fun for children) and I will tell you the story behind it….some German history J. Bonus 2: We will also create decoration for Thanksgiving!

Christmas Preparation Class
1 – 7 December 2007
(shorter stays are possible - please mail me for prices, etc. at ):

1,799.95 USD (special family price, up to four people)
Please contact me for a lower single price!!

Day one – Arrival, introduction in the evening
Day two to six – Morning exercises, food preparation/breakfast, classes & lectures, food preparation/lunch, relaxation/fun and connection time, food preparation/dinner, evening for more info exchange, laughing, healing, materializing, etc.
Day seven – Breakfast, pack, etc. and departure

You will receive hand-outs and individual information fitting your needs…as well as long-term support and motivation to keep you on track! We will prepare raw cookies, cake and a special Christmas dinner! Together, we will enjoy part of the Christmas season! Bonus 1: Nikolaus will surprise the children on 6 Dec….another German tradition ;)! Bonus 2: We will create decoration, etc. for Christmas.

Easter Fun Class
13 – 16 March 2008
(shorter stays are possible - please mail me for prices, etc. at ):

1,049.99 USD (special family price, up to four people)
Please contact me for a lower single price!!

Day one – Arrival, introduction in the evening
Day two and three – Morning exercises, food preparation/breakfast, classes & lectures, food preparation/lunch, relaxation/fun and connection time, food preparation/dinner, evening for more info exchange, laughing, healing, materializing, etc.
Day four – Breakfast, pack, etc. and departure

You will receive hand-outs and individual information fitting your needs…as well as long-term support and motivation to keep you on track! We will prepare raw sweats, cake and a special Easter menu! Together, we will enjoy part of the Easter season! Bonus 1: We will have a fun-filled Easter hunt!

Super Summer Fun Gathering
Beginning of June 2008

1,999.95 USD (special family price for one week of true fun!)

We will enjoy many like-minded folks together…easy living, fun stuff, games, loads of information for everybody (beginner or advanced), etc. This is the perfect opportunity for families/singles, etc. to meet lots of people…joining the “Living Foods Tribe”…also to feel how much fun it is living as a tribe… Everybody welcome – no age limits!! A big Powwow!!

Living foods introduction
(Please contact me for prices or weekend rates.)

This is another extraordinary chance for you!! Dive in to another way of living and make your transition to a better living with your family easier by visiting us at home and experience first-hand how to live with raw foods on a day-to-day basis. This is a very individual program to move you forward even faster created for you and your family’s wishes and needs. Mastering daily life and goals – especially a new life style in the beginning – can be challenging. But with a first active hands-on opportunity you have the chance to use all your senses to strengthen your intentions to make the transition work…also being able to continue at your home! You will see how easy it is and bring valuable information home that changes your life. Please mail me at to get further information! Support and motivation guaranteed! J This program is deeply touching…and many things work magically on its own… Just sit back and relax…and watch those wonders take place!

I also offer weekend workshops (manifesting, spiritual (Path into Light), raw food, natural living, etc.), picnics, children-raw fun days, camping trips, and more…like e.g. guidance through e-courses, etc. Please ask for details!

Pregnancy/mothering survival course!
Enjoy a few days and learn what all is possible to get in touch with your special gift even before it will lay happily in your arms!
It is my goal to help mothers (or the ones who want to be) again to understand what is going on, to prepare them and show how childbirth can turn into a wonderful magical experience! Use this chance. You don’t have to spend months in searching…I will introduce you to a world of wonders…to get in touch even more with your child…and stay connected!
This offer is also for mothers with babies…for lots of valuable information about breastfeeding, diaperless babies, natural living and much more!!

Please contact me for available dates, etc. I am very open for any wishes you might have!

Fresh foods for children!!
This is a very special and important one for me as I believe our children need much better ways of enjoying their food! It is my true desire to introduce especially children to fresh natural foods! They need it so much for their well-being…to be able to function and concentrate…to prevent them from diseases resulting from their normal diet! It will be for ADHD, ADD, etc. children…but also for parents that want to give their children a heads start on what is possible and still it being fun! A positive experience for them to start a better way of living! It is also a time where they can be themselves and don’t have to be worried to get teased, etc….just a relaxing time without any pressure.

For you as parents there will be plenty advice on how to connect again to your children as well as to have fun again…which is key for a true connection with your heart. This bond between you is so important…and lays the basis for true understanding. Without understanding each other there is no trust…and lots of fights that only result of misunderstandings. Let’s solve the knot and move forward to a happy relation with your children!!

I suggest a stay for at least three days to make it possible for the children to experience it and to better help you see. But I am open for everything that might serve you better. Please contact me for questions, information, etc.

Day camps
Fun filled days with lots of learning and support….with living foods (no, it’s not running and you have to hunt it ;)))…) with fresh natural foods! We will prepare meals together, I give advice on how to help you to make the necessary steps moving you forward on your path to a better health. Depending on the weather, we have a picnic. Enjoy a day that will expand your thinking and start a wonderful process of transformation!! Don’t forget your children!

Sunday, 28 Oct – Halloween with fresh foods! Guess what we do on that day??

Sunday, 11 Nov – Lantern fresh food day! Besides an introduction/deepening of the fresh food diet we will make our own lanterns to enjoy on a walk when it gets dark! Very much fun….especially with your children!!
Sunday, 9 Dec - Workshop "How to communicate with animals"...learn more about it at

Please e-mail me for more information and dates.

Telephone consultations

available (questions about activities, etc. are for free, of course!!):
15 Min. for 30 USD
30 Min. for 55 USD
45 Min. for 70 USD
60 Min. for 100 USD

Please mail me for an appointment and more information.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you again for welcoming us into your home!!!!!! I learned so much from you & your family!!!!!!! Thank you for a most wonderfully enlightening experience! Not many people would just invite people into their homes to share their lives, but you are definitely unlike most people!! Hopefully we are on the road to changing that, though!! Continue to move forward, spreading the raw message throughout the U.S. and the world! I am taking so much with me that will impact my family and me FOR LIFE!! Thank you again for EVERYTHING!!!! Love, Jennifer & Zoey"

Here are some from people who already attended the camps in Germany (about 60 - 80 people, a little bigger ;)…but fuuuun):

"We loved the time we could spent with you! We had a great time! It was so great to spend time with like-minded relaxing! We looked for it for so long and found it here. Thank you sooo much! We will come back!" Kathi - mother of three children

"The 8 hour journey was worth it. I was really happy to be with you all. The people I got to know here and the things I got to experience will stay with for a loooong time. It all fit perfect in my life right now. It feels so good to spend some time with like-minded people. I eat less, slower, am more sensitive and loving with my daughter - the surrounding just fit. It's too bad that we are so far away. I thank you for all you did and for the engagement and for sharing your experiences! See you again!" Andrea - mother of a daughter

"Thank you for that great week. We all enjoyed it very much. It helped me a lot and I feel motivated to try the 100% raw food at home now as well. Even my children loved to eat it! Many thanks for the work you did for all of us." Petra - mother of 4 daughters"

We almost didn't come and would have missed so much wonderful things. This week was so relaxing and inspiring, many many thanks for your power to do all that. I wish you all the best and much more on your way overseas. Please keep us informed and come back soon." Kristin - mother of a daughter

"The feeling of a wonderful community developed and has to be continued... :) We could see and feel how it, food, people, sleeping, nature, fire, spirits, children, community, infos, lectures, exchange....suuuper!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the efforts you did and all the work... We will see you again!" Nic - mother of two

"It was a lot of fun for me to play with you and the small children. Your recipes are very good. Those days were great! See you next year!" Cyril (11 years)

If you are ready to open your heart and learn…come on in and dive into a life adventure that never ends!!!

Yours in happiness,
:9 Sonja

PS: Please don’t hesitate to contact me ( if you have any questions regarding prices for bigger families, shorter stays, or whatever. I am more than happy to make it work for you! And be quick...there are only a few places this time! Be sure to catch one for you and your family and register soon!

Meetings for free!!

Eye-opening invitation to experience raw food, positive parenting, natural living and more !!!

Do you feel tired and just not healthy? You want to improve but don’t know how? Are you exhausted because your children behave in a way you can’t deal with? Do you want to know more about getting motivated in whatever you want to do? Would you like to feel happy like a child again…or just relax?
I offer meetings with lots of information – free of charge!! – just for you! You can learn…
· How to get started on raw foods
· How to live a happy life with your children and loved ones…and appreciate every moment with them!
· How to live as natural as possible!
· To deeply connect again…and feel that energy…join our materializing group to start manifesting your dreams…so they will come true…or find out what you truly want!
· Learn to communicate with your children…so you both end up as winners and feel understood!

Or just join a raw food picnic!! That is always fun!

You will…
· Go home full of energy with a happy feeling knowing you can change to the already did the first step by coming!
· Get motivation and support…knowing you finally want to move forward!

Come and try it! I guarantee it’s a lot of fun and laughter! Children and families are more than welcome!

I would love to share my knowledge and help make things happen for you as well….let’s make this planet a better place…for our children…our future!

If you want to join or have any questions please contact me at or visit my website at (make sure you sign up for my inspiring and motivating newsletter…with a free 12 page report about “The 7 secrets on how you can find your personal path to happiness and true connection” and get a first idea of what I am talking about J).

With happiness,
:9 Sonja

PS: I also do raw picnics, fun days, trips and Raw Fun Family Camps! To attend or receive more information please contact me at ! Most of it takes place near Austin.

10 August 2007

More camps and groups!!

Ok, just back from a short family vacation...having to share some things :)... We finally started our materializing group (here in Texas) which was a lot of fun and will be continued! We did exercises about selfawareness and will do more to make things happen in our lifes. Together we support each other and will be able to focus our energies better to raise the level... I can only inspire you to start one, too!! Little growing groups of people who want to move forward and not get stuck in the same problems - that is what we need in our world!! Let's gooooo!

I also want you to be part of something else I am about to do. I want to add another site to my webpage and would love to add some of your Jennifer who just spent a wonderful week with her daughter together with us: She knows more about diets and how and why they don't work...with her experience with raw foods now... You will find her on my page soon as well. I know there are so many people out there that hurt for that kind of information!! Please let them know...and feel free to contact her. Or another wonderful person...Pam...who wants to write books about ADD, etc. and through her help inspired a child to go raw which "healed" his ADD within two weeks!!! Wonderful!! Or another friend who reversed MS by going raw!!! Pleeeease let me know, so, others can know! I hope to make it a big "Healing information" page...with your help! Let's build a network of important information! You are valuable...and there is a reason you have experiences! Please share them with us!!

I also offer weekly retreats now for only 1800 USD for the whole family!! Longterm support afterwards included! That way you have the opportunity to learn through living and watching. I will share whatever is important especially for your family! Let me introduce you to this way of life...and explore the wonders together! For individual programs, special prices and questions please contact me at ..and enjoy a transforming experience!! Here is what Jennifer (my last guest I had the chance to spend time with - thanks again!) said: "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you again for welcoming us into your home!!!!!! I learned so much from you & your family!!!!!!! Thank you for a most wonderfully enlightening experience! Not many people would just invite people into their homes to share their lives, but you are definitely unlike most people!! Hopefully we are on the road to changing that, though!! Continue to move forward, spreading the raw message throughout the U.S. and the world! I am taking so much with me that will impact my family and me FOR LIFE!! Thank you again for EVERYTING!!!! Love, Jennifer & Zoey"

Here, they are!! We miss you both!! We've had lots of fun! Exercising together...the first durian ;)))...and the litschies we got lost many yummy things...
I am sure we will hear from them again....a wonderful family..whole is able to make it work! Thanks again! And keep going!!

The next camps will be a "holiday preparation camps" for you filled with ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! The Thanksgiving preparation camp will be, you can enjoy the time with your loved ones as this is a special day I understand :). Anyway, you will be prepared by then! Prices will go down as well! I do want to make it work for you! More information and a schedule will follow soon! So, be excited :). I am not sure if stay in Texas much, if you are close by you might want to use the opportunity and join with fun into another energy filled world!!! :) I am looking forward to meet you and help you make it work in every way possible!! :)

Yours with fun,
:9 Sonja

PS: In my newsletter today: Tips about raw children...and transitioning, etc... and a yummy recipe...all for free!

11 July 2007

My transition to raw foods

Now, looking back it seems so easy to me... But let's start from the beginning. I am one of those that was always different...(so, I never felt too strange going against the flow ;)...see, how life's puzzle always find its places again?) a teenager I thought about things like how to use your mind to create a positive world....or how powerful is my mind?..or Who am I...I mean really...have you ever asked you that one...and felt that wide open space in your head???... Well, as this life always delivers what I need at the right time I got the right books in my hands at the right time as well :).. You really just have to be open to see it and grab the chance life is putting in front of you! Think about all those chances you get...and use them...they are there for you...only if they make you feel good, though...if they start to move something inside of you!! So, after realizing that more and more people, friends, family members get really sick...and often die (which I think is not meant to be that way)...I swore myself...if I can't change them...I at least want to show them a way to live a better life...leading by example!! It hurt too much to see them suffer...but motivated me to not wanting to end up like them either ;). So, I started reading those right the right time... I started with Helmut Wandmaker "If you want to be healthy forget the cook pot" (I don't know of an english name) which opened my eyes even more and made total sense to me. I followed reading Guy-Claude Burger's books about instincto therapie...sniffing your way through...which had some interesting facts but I kept looking further read more books on what was available at that time...The Sunfood Diet by David Wolfe, The Raw Secrets by Frederic Patenaude, family Boutenko...and many more...until I got to the biggest and most comprehensive one: Der große Gesundheitskonz by Franz Konz. There, unfortunately, is no english translation yet...besides a short introduction...but that is - after all the studying and trying myself - what I try to follow as good as possible still today..and also introduced my children to! He puts the importance of wild to exercises...and mental health... Wild edibles, I believe, are very important as this abandance in minerals, etc. can only be found in there nowadays or "Urkost" how he says it...the unchanged fruits and vegetables we are programmed to for thousands of years... Together with delicious tropical fruits like durian, jackfruit, sapotes, safus, coconuts and many more...which have the energy saved from the sun...our life spending source!!! I can only agree from my and my children's experiences...they are drawn to the tropical and wild foods!! And so I went my without meat for over 13 years...raw with cooked stuff once in a while for about 6 years and totally raw for 3 1/2 years. I had to go 100% as I love to eat too much to just go 80 or 90%...100% is a whole lot easier for me! And especially if you have it from their beginning...they do watch and imitate you... My children are thriving and are as healthy as can be - although the beginning was different as we definetely had too many nuts in our diet..but that is another story. We love tastes good, feels good and gives tons of energy!! And that I want to share with you....on your way to your goal whatever that might be! Go forward!! You can go slow...but go...always forward...try it! If you never try it you will never know!! You have to experience it yourself in order to be able to speak :). And don't forget to exercise!! It is more important than you might think!

Yours for motivation...
:9 Sonja
PS: Please join my newsletter filled with more information, motivation....and questions answered! Simply send me a mail at

27 June 2007

Camp update!

I just added the pictures from this year's International Rawfood Family Camp in Germany that was so much fun again...information and like-minded spirits! I can wholeheartly offer it for everybody out is a great experience! I did food preparation classes (on the picture you can see my personal welcome to you :)), introduction into raw foods, transition to raw foods, raw foods with children and without ;) - there is a difference!, energy work, lots of infos about homebirth, diaperless babies, natural living, carried babies, vax (or not!), homeschooling, eco-living and much more... Join in and learn about it as well! The next camp will take place in Texas, 23. - 30. July 2oo7. For more info please read below or send me an e-mail. I am excited to answer any questions and wishes you may have! I really want to show you a this world of real all is so easy...once you did it!!! You don't need to have rawfood experience!! Long-time rawfoodists are as much welcome!!

I also send out a newsletter...whoever wants to be updated on rawfood community living, delicious but easy recipes, articles about positive parenting, loving and having fun together, connection (soon also fun for kids!!) and much more...please contact me at and I will be more than happy to share my experiences with you! This time an article about tips about family living with a non-raw spouse.

If you want to fill out a very short and quick questionnaire you will receive a list full of information, links, books, etc. to get started already!

And here some news of our daily life.. :)....waking up this morning with rain...this is niiice!! The weather so warm and a free shower from above...heart, what do you want more??!!! That calls for a shower in the garden...and the kids had soo much fun!! They love the rain barrels and buckets (use them as swimming pools...or better hopping pools :)) I put out to catch rain water for the dry season that's supposed to be here by now....(as many residents told me...well, the world is changing..). But it works great for us...the garden grows like crazy...that is fun to watch it grow!! Every day it is can almost see it getting bigger... I am used to plant a seed and wait at least a week....and you might see something green...if you are lucky.. But here....either it's the weather or those organic super seeds...probably a mix of both! It's exciting and turns gardening into fun! We love it!

As we spent our afternoon at the park in Austin...I thought about making a hamac. Does anybody have a great site or idea how to do one? I got some cloth... Well, may be I just keep knotting the ends together...and then somehow a string ...and ...womp...down we go...or so... ;). The two had fun when I just swang them around... hihi...good arm training for me as well ;)... But not really the kind of relaxation I was looking for... And tips??

Yep, so much for the fun around here... Will come back again and tell you more :). Drop ideas for crafts if you want :). Next time I want to sew. I did a book cover and want to do something else...more ideas??? :))) Come on, we are all one...input...pleeeease :)

22 June 2007

Raw Fun Family Summer Camp 23. - 30. July 2007 !!!

First of all, a biiig thank you for hanging in there! It took longer then what I had thought. But what takes long will finally be good (is a saying in Germany)! So, here we goooo…yippeeee…

Welcome to a week full of joy! I am excited to tell you about the most and first rawsome family camps ever! Experience the feeling of living together with many like-minded people (nothing like that alien feeling you might have in our society sometimes...) - a short-term rawfood community is waiting for you! As a group we will live with each other and grow together, helping each other where needed. It will be so much fuuuuunnn! But first some more information for you…so, you know what I am looking forward to so much ..hihi:

What awaits you?

Look forward to a week filled with fun, relaxation and information! A community feeling of like-minded families that will make it a unique experience. Together, we will explore the world around us, do trips, fitness training, enjoy fun games in and outside the water, sing together…and learn new things. I will introduce you to the raw food lifestyle and give many useful tips on the way to meet your family’s goal. We will have time to talk and laugh, to play and connect… I will talk about natural and alternative living in a modern world, homeschooling, raw vegan lifestyle, positive parenting (the real connection to each other), the power of thoughts and love, diaperless babies, homebirths, etc. and many other things depending on individual needs (and ages) as well. I will make sure there is something for everybody! Please feel free to participate in anything you want to!

Where are you going to stay?

You will restfully sleep in cabins at a beautiful lake near Austin, TX. Each cabin is fully equipped…, has a kitchen and bathroom. First ones get to choose where they want to sleep J.

What are you going to eat?

Fresh vegan organic produce ;). We will prepare our food together. Talking, joking away while cutting…oh, I can’t wait…. Tribal living is so much fun…doesn’t matter what you do…as long as you do it together…it’s fun! ;)
Note: In order to make it right for everybody I ask you to not bring conventional food (or at least eat it not around others – especially children learn quick where chocolate bars are ;)…) as this would make it not fair for others. You have the opportunity to experience this lifestyle for a week…use it!
Who can come?
Although everybody is very welcome it is especially beneficial for families with children! As this is a very transforming experience (even non-raw children start to eat living foods with joy!) bring your whole family! Grandparents and babies, want-to-get-parents as well as pregnant women or singles...I am happy to invite all of you!! A community lives of all ages!! Everybody is important!

What is included?

Food, accommodation, program (see above), fun and laughter….everything ;)…almost.

I offer a 10% rebate for the first 3 people that want to attend actively and add to our knowledge ;)…or like to help with the children during the lectures, etc. I know that everybody has something to give…something that makes you feel good…something that others might like to know about, too (e.g. information about solar technique, wild edibles in Texas ;), Yoga or others, alternative lifestyle, solar energy, organic gardening/perma culture, information about all those waves around us…e.g. cell phones...and how to protect us, how to make a hammock ;) or whatever else is fun, etc.).

For more information and to registrate please contact me.

More camps are coming – next one around September/October. An advent camp will be in December.

I am soooo looking forward to meeting you soon!
Yours with fun,
:9 Sonja…jumping up and down…having a hard time to wait…lalalaaaa…Yippeeee! Let’s dive into the adventure of raw fun!!

PS: I hope I thought about everything. If not I will get back to you again ;). Please feel free to ask whenever something is popping up…

10 June 2007

Raw Fun Family Camps!!

Have FUN and CONNECT at the Raw Fun Family Camp!!

A few years ago, I started the first German Raw Family Adventure Camps which I do each or every two years now…and are lots of fun. They are especially for children (as they are so important and effective for them!!) and their parents/family or people wanting to start a family. Most families have "normal" eating members and do feel strange in there. With this event I do invite everybody with their family of all ages (I welcome grandparents as well as babies and pregnant or want-to-be moms to connect again and get closer, understand each other and be more tolerant). As it is completely raw vegan the children can learn from each other which makes it a lot easier to start with. In the meantime the adults get some education as well. A well-rounded program awaits you! The atmosphere is very tolerant and loving with loads of fun. Everybody helps and works hand in hand.. we all mold into one unit. The children are free to do what they want and usually build or play whatever comes up, build groups, etc. We play fun games, enjoy camp fires, do pyjama parties, etc. It is a very transforming experience.

Families who arrive there skeptical (“How can I survive a week living like a rabbit???” or a teenager about to die just thinking about it…hihi…but was the first to announce at the end: “Can I come again next time?? It was fun…and that fresh stuff is not too bad either..”)..leave filled up with energy (grew together as a family…understanding each other more again) and the knowing they can do it, too!! My goal is to show families, people of all ages…it is very possible to live that way, it is easy and a great way as well! I want you to be part of a life filled with magic every day again…a life as a real community…caring for each other and helping…opening up and feeling again!! I encourage you to live life to the fullest again…to feel!! All those feelings want to be felt…they are real and are there to show you the way…if you are willing to listen to them. We need to let them out and go further as nobody is meant to get stuck because they got mad!!! J Step back, take another look at them, thank them for being there and go further!! You can do it!!! Everybody can!! It is fun!! Life is fun!! It is meant to be fun! And together as a group we can go wherever we want!!! I know it deep inside…I am burning to show you…to connect…real connection within families…get in touch with your souls again…with nature and all its beauty… and with each other! Do a step of your own again…and feel that excitement…that butterfly-in-your-stomach-feeling you’ve had so often as a child…and another step…soon you’ll be running!

I invite you to go back to that feeling and find out about your own goals. Let’s work on it together, support each other and see how easy things can be! And…there is fun within your family! Learn to see your children with other eyes… As I do have small children as well – which are with me almost always and I am very happy about it (that’s why I learned to communicate and listen to all of us as we need to find solutions that make us all happy…that is the way to live peacefully together…doesn’t mean we don’t have bad days and don’t get frustrated as well…but it’s important to find a way of dealing with it and taking them and their feelings for real in order to help them along their way) – your children are welcome to join in whatever you do, too.

This world is too full of commercialized TV, negative news, too less time for each other…too less fun time with each other…etc. Let’s make a change and let them see you can be fun as well! I do believe there doesn’t need to be separation of family in order to be happy and live life somehow.
We did/do unschool our children from birth on…or better said…life learning. Guiding them on their own paths of life is a very fulfilling and fun experience for all of us. Through them I experienced to have fun learning again…they opened my eyes again for all those wonders of nature and our huge energy system… I learned to follow my path and loooove it! They are the true teachers in my life as I know they are the mirrors I need to see myself and my mistakes clearer…and better ;). You are a worthful person of your own…even with children or because of your children!! And you are worth it to have your needs met as well!

The camps are taking place in middle Texas. They are filled with information, many tips and lectures about rawfoods (we will prepare meals together), introduction and healing effects of fresh juices, ways of transition, etc.…how to survive in a family with a non-rawfooder ;), natural living with children, positive parenting/thinking, diaperless babies, homeschooling, games, activities for young and old…and middle-aged ;)…lots of time outside, singing, laughing, playing – yes, adults as well ;) - connecting…some spiritual work…and much more (individual wishes taken in consideration). The next camp will probably be late July/August.

I am looking forward to meet you at my camps and welcome any questions you might have about the camp or myself. Please contact me at

Keep on walking!

Love and laughter!

17 May 2007

Here I am again...

Here I am again...this time back in Germany. I took some pictures, so, you are able to get a glimpse as well. It is a beautiful country...if you haven't seen it before. The trip was the perfect "unschool" usual with almost everything!!! (Like counting cucumber slices today while eating...dang, I never knew math is sooo easy...even the fractions...boy, I love to learn!! I am so excited with my kids :)) Life is fun and full of joy!! Aren't we meant to be here for the fun...the REAL one!! WE ARE! Anyway, I am thankful for all the people who helped us even without asking as I was by myself with loads of luggage, two small kids and a big dog... But it worked out great and we had a good time watching those big "birds" from start to end :)...

Now, after my brother married - we've had a huge raw platter...I am sure many were jeaulous when they saw them...and I brought a selfmade "cheese"cake which we loved! Hehe...while all the others had 3 meals...we were still chewing on our biiig plate... Well, at least we were not bored... :). It was lots of fun, dancing, laughing...and ways too short. Organizing Family Rawfood Camps I will definetely have much much fun as well!!! Whoever wants to have some, too, mail quick.. :) But now I am preparing the second Camp in Germany and will tell you about it soon :). Sit back and be excited :))..

06 April 2007

Happy Easter!!!

I wish you all a very happy Easter!!! And a delicious cake like that!!! :) Loads of fun looking for delicious egg shaped fruits ;))).. laughing, joking, dancing, playing games... Have a great time!!

I am also excited to start my first newsletter. Please email me and you can find out more about us...and how to live raw with a "normal" (non-raw) husband..who doesn't even like veggies ;)...or how to connect your loved ones and everyone...the real bonding...deep inside..not just the outside!..or how to thrive on raw...see inspiring pictures of prepared raw food or recipes...or see how your children can thrive and love it!... and much more! Please email me if you have more questions and let me know your thoughts. I love you hear from you! Let's get together, learn from each other and let's move this a higher and higher level... Fun filled family camps are coming, too. You can get excited!! Let's create that community of support and laughter!

26 March 2007

Stay connected and listen to your heart!

Now, living with these wonderful beings (my children) given to me to teach me and learn from and with - I want to share my experiences that I hope will help you, too. Always looking for ways to keep connected and balance the family out I've felt different things working for us...keeping in mind that every family is different and has to adjust to their specific needs, of course. What works for us might not work for you...but the basis is important and that - I believe - is not so much different ;).
I am sure you know those times when everything seems "out of wack" are running wild, household runs wild...and you, too. :). I am sure we've all been there...realizing this modern day life is not meant to be that way ;)...finally, we are tribal people...and we'll get there again :).. But for now...we are living in that world and have to work our ways through. Personally, I am very thankful for if I hadn't experienced it I wouldn't have gone that route and might have never opened my eyes to such a wonderful world...but back to the roots. You feel totally "next-to-yourself" and don't know where to start??? You want to make it better but don't know how?? You want to change the way you talk with your children..and really work on it? Then, I could tell you...just come by (really, I mean it!! It is so much easier to grasp it once you see it..and feel it)...and live it.. - I will be doing family adventure camps soon, too,..with the focus on real connection!...or I can give you some tips ahead...and you still come by because you love the atmosphere...always tons of fun!..and you will be soooo motivated…you’ll feel charged for the rest of your life :)!
And there's the key already...have you still know what that means?? Dancing happily to some music...forget yourself while painting a picture...see those smiling little faces...picking flowers...FEELING that energy, the magic, the love! Forget about your housework schedule...don't think about what others might think (most of the time they just smile...because they can see and feel you have that special bond!...just my experiences)...forget yourself in the moment! That's the second key – the NOW! Smell, feel, hear...taste...the ground when it rained...go in the rain...roll in the mud ;)... LIVE IN THE MOMENT! Your children show you best...they want you to live in the moment...and they are right!! Trust them…they are connected…to nature…to this the universal rhythms! Take care of their needs - right now! With fun and laughter...- and they have the ability to "fill their cups up" again. No lessons needed...just pure fun! Whatever makes them laugh...laugh so hard they forget everything.. means you are on the right way to connection! They will open up...for you...because they can do it - YOU give them the feeling to feel safe and understood enough to open up and communicate openly! They don't have to hug you because you said so...they will happily and filled with love (a bundle of joy with their sparkling eyes that speak for themselves) fall around your neck...because they are connected and they love you as you do love them!!Often, we don't realize how quick their energy level drops - this world can be a lot of stress for them - and they need you to help them fill it up again!!! Once, they are charged...they are "changed"...their batteries are full...they are happy...they can give again...not because they are scared or have to...BECAUSE THEY CAN FEEL THEIR LOVE FOR YOU AGAIN and feel comfortable enough to express it freely!! That is so much of a difference!! You will have fun with them again…every day…every hour…every minute… You will appreciate being with them…all the time! They are your friends – your spiritual masters. And they are good ;)…if you open yourself up…and see they mirror you… Learn to be happy and they will follow.
That bond - that you built from, even before...keep it alive...stay connected!! It is the most wonderful thing you can have... We are all connected...anyway. I ask you...I invite you to FEEL it again and LIVE it day-to-day. It is sooo fulfilling...a piece of heaven on earth! My heart reaches out there because I really want us all to be able to connect again...we need it...this planet needs it! So, let's open our hearts and let's go...!!! :) If you have more questions…please feel free to ask or drop a note. I would love to hear from you!! Stay connected and listen to your heart!!

21 March 2007

The beauty of our back yard :)

Does anybody know those flowers?? Please let me know... It is truly amazing what shoots out of this ground :)))...Exciting as I don't know most of them...who knows about the wild plants in Texas???

Unschooling is fun!!

I wished I had taken some pictures we had such a great day with other unschoolers! What a joy it always is to be together and have fun! The kids just loved it...and I did, too. So much fun for them to find friends to do the things they love to do with...and for me, too ;). Get to talk about the important stuff in life :)...and simply..LIFE...and live it to the fullest! It is so much fun! I am so thankful I found this group that charged me up is so much easier to be with like-minded people. I can only suggest for everybody to find your "tribe" or build an own one! We need a tribal network...people that support each other...moms that can help each other out....have more fun doing the day to day stuff...talking and laughing together! I am ready to build that tribe. Who wants to join?? But back to the day: Lots of kids in all ages and every one of them playing and exploring together with someone...the wild bunch out in the woods...just amazing to watch...with so much fun and excitement they had! I love to watch them...just tubbling around..studying nature, animals (today: fishes, turtles and clams)...getting all excited...and plants..mine where digging in it ;)...and rolling around in it...after it rained for a few times everything is growing and fresh and pocking out in between...the beauty of nature awakens again... Some made bird feeders...that some kids ate as well ;)...and the birds and squirrels couldn't hardly wait for us to leave...I could literally read their minds ;)..or the rock...I mean hard bread got turned into sand...oops...I mean crumbs ( do you spell that thing?)..;)...adventures everywhere.. Yes, my little one in the water again..of job? Drying her clothes again...hmpf. And at the end a "treasure hunt" ...hihi.. So, back home again...and we talked into the night about our good experiences we are so thankful of today! Thanks to all of you!! You are great!

10 March 2007


Now you should be able to leave comments :)... sorry for the problems. Am waiting for looooads of positive comments :))).

09 March 2007

Tropical fruits full of energy!

Just reading about the wonderful varieties of the says in our science book: Unlike the ground in our forests the humus in the rain forest is so thin you can scrape it away with your foot. Sooo...all the nutrients go in the plant and the fruits, etc. and not in the ground!! Now, you know why we neeeed tropical fruit :))). Because there is so much more in it :)...good stuff...filling, so full of stored energy!..and the wild edibles, of course...even here...everywhere! Chickweed, dandelion, cress, clover, comfrey,.....and tree leaves!! Ever tried cherry leaves??? Eat the cherries with the leaves and you'll fill up quick!! They are so satisfying...those wild plants!! Try it and let me know!

08 March 2007

One of my views in a picture....

If you like it, too, please let me know :).

Straw bale..or mud brick houses :)

It always is amazing to me what those little wonders soak up just watching us! Like now...we do love to dig into straw bale houses and how they are built...and my little discoverer (he's 5 now) looooves it and educates Dad about it all the time...and how much better it is, etc...!!! He is soo wonderful... If someone is interested you have to get "Building with Awareness". That is great (thanks Vic!!). There's even a dvd included where they show how to build it....and it's such a cozy little house. We have a great time with it!

So, we sit in the garden and dig dirt and built bricks out of mud and let them dry in the sun to be able to build a little mud brick house ;)... That's what I call life learning! And it's fuuuun! You have to try it...simplest thing is always best... Plus, you won't believe how open-eyed you get towards other building structures. When we walk by where they build houses we can point out now what we'd do better :)! Wow. Truly fantastic. Of course, I'd have to add a sand slide for my little girl...she came back white from sliding on that stuff....hihi. We've had tons of fun...and my young constructor is fired now as I mean...lightened...or how could I say??...anyway, he loves it and asks when to we start to build an straw bale totally makes sense to him :)...and me, too. And by him explaining it my husband....he finally starts to open up more as well! Smart boys!
And if we don't start to build one now...I mean a house...then we could buy an older RV and put solar pannels on top of it...and throw the oven out - we don't need that one....hihi - and fill it up with oil...and hit the road for a few months...or longer :)))). Hey, if we're not rolling right mind is at a speed of a thousand miles an hour :D. Who wants to roll and enjoy life, too?

02 March 2007

Tribal living :)))

After almost two weeks with like-minded people we are energized and looking forward to all kinds of things that popped in our building straw bale houses and travelling while unschooling. (Thank you so much, Darlene, for spending time with us, following your intuition and sharing your life with us! It was great! We will do that again...for sure! You are a wonderful person. Keep going!) It is so much fun to be with other Moms who share almost every little thing in your life...and makes it a lot easier as if one is busy the other one can help out...exactly, what we need in our raw tribe! I am always amazed how much love is with us and connects us all together....and how much help older kids are (thanks were a true help! Stay how you are.)...and how creative we all got together... Imagine, if we all would put our energies in all positive thoughts...we'd have paradise on earth!! We are the creator of our lifes! You'd have to feel yourself and learn at the same time... You are welcome to visit and enjoy as well!!

Here are some pictures hopefully showing the fun we've had...

And some more showing the ideas we came up with... the perfect nut bracelett maker (we used it for the birds and squirrels...that - oh wonder - grew immediately...those little pickers...:))...

13 February 2007

Delicious raw food

Who wants a birthday cake like that???? My kids just looove it!
We looove to do fun things :)))

Can it get any better??? You are welcome to visit us and enjoy with us!!

10 February 2007

Who wants to join a Walk-About??

Today, I will put a note out from a friend. I know it would be lots of fun and great experiences with him...he is full of knowledge and I trust him for my life. So, please contact me if you want to take part - even if you only take part for a stretch. Here he goes:

"Hello, my name is Vic Stapleton and I am a Mountain Man. (He really is. I can assure you.) I love nature, horses, dogs, people, and adventures that include any or all of these components. I worship the earth and believe in a creator that has woven life and energy into every rock, plant, and animal.I was raised on the vast prairies in southern Alberta in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains. As a boy I would gaze out of my bedroom window at Old Chief Mountain and dream of exciting adventures into its’ wild and remote valleys.My first trip to the mountains with my father fishing for rainbow trout on the Belly River was all that I imagined it to be, crystal clear waters, cool forests, the excitement of what’s around the next bend of the river, and that unique smell of a mountain morning. As I sat near the campfire under the arms of a huge spruce tree I heard the voices of pasted mountain men saying this is the place for you! You are home.My personal journey in the mountains began in 1974 when I moved to Grande Cache , Alberta a small coal mining town in the northern Alberta Rocky Mountains. Grande Cache is located on the edge of Willmore Wilderness Park , Alberta ’s largest wilderness area. Within the Park no motorized vehicles are allowed so all travel is on foot or on horseback. It is one of the most wild and remote places in the Canadian Rockies. It was my great fortune and privilege to spend 25 years living, learning, working and playing in this magnificent playground. As Recreation Director for the Town of Grande Cache I organized and supervised a variety of outdoor education programs that included: multi-day canoeing, backpacking, mountain touring, wilderness survival, and horse pack trips. I took formal training in whitewater canoeing, winter survival, wilderness first aid, orienteering, avalanche training, and mountain touring. Through these trips and spending many days in the mountains I began to get a deep appreciation and respect for the mountains and our mother the earth.In 1986 I left my job as Recreation Director and acquired a lease to build a backcountry lodge on the banks of Sheep Creek. The first four years were spent constructing three cabins, a barn, out buildings, and a main lodge. Please understand this was not your normal construction site as all supplies had to be transported by 4 wheel drive 16kms over the Beaver Dam which was not maintained. In the winter the only access was on skies or by snow machine. I purchased fourteen horses, equipment, and tack to operate the programs for the business. Then I had the dubious chore of marketing my outdoor adventure programs to the world. But come they did from all over the world to experience this paradise. With these challenges I became a stronger more confident person and developed a deep connection to the land.In my small cabin on the Sheep Creek I became immersed in the mountain environment. The Whiskey Jacks came to visit each winter day. The wolves howled their mournful cry on cold winter nights and the black bear and grizzly were my closest neighbors. I experienced the time of the cracking trees where at – 45 the popular sap would explode like small bombs creating permanent scares on the trees. As time passed I began to uncover the history of the Sheep Creek Valley , the Big Rock a scared place of earth, rock, water, and air created from the sediment of a long gone sea that was the foundation of our planet. All around me there was silence, peace, and an energy that I absorbed like a sponge.The horses came to the valley like sunshine to a flower. In the past the natives of the Grande Cache had free ranging horses and my horses fill a long gone void. They were free to come and go with no fences for 100 miles in all directions. The cabins were their safe haven or a place to come for oats and a kind hand. The horses were my greatest asset as the guest who came from all over the world had the opportunity to see and ride these beautiful animals in there natural settings. As part of our introduction to Sheep Creek Backcountry Lodge all visitors had to go horse hunting, to make it easier many of the horses wore bells, so I could hear them from a long distance. (All true what he's been soooo coool.) It was always magical when we walked into a mountain meadow as the horses grazed and individuals witnessed the purity of their life in the Sheep Creek valley.But as the Buddhist say nothing last forever and in 2001 I sold Sheep Creek due to personal reasons and moved to Bonnyville , Alberta to take the job as Economic Development Officer for the Town. I have always felt that yearning to get back to the mountains to feel the peace and energy once again. To accomplish this goal I have decided to take a huge Walk-About in the Rockies from Grande Cache to Mexico a trip that shall take 16 months, or more, on horseback. I plan to begin the trip in May of 2008 and finish before Xmas in 2009.Because I don’t want to spend all this time alone I am seeking an individual that has the same sense of adventure to join me on my journey. I would love to communicate and share my dream and vision with anyone that feels they would like to participate in this great adventure."

05 February 2007

Happiness inside of me

I just got a letter from a friend who asked what happiness means to me and thought you might want to know as well ;):

You asked what I call's that feeling inside of me....the fun and sparkling energy I feel when I watch my kids every day, when I smell the soft wet dirt, when I hear the birds and see the wonders of this planet...when my heart widens and I get that happy feeling in there that warms up everything and makes my mind as clear as's that feeling of waking up loving myself because I do what I am and being with me...following my lead inside of me. Hard to put in is a feeling...a very nice and peaceful one...and it burns me wanting to spread and share with everybody and everything. I looove to be out in nature as there is where I feel I belong to...that connection. That comes kinda close of what happiness is to me. Over the years - especially since I am seems to fastforward everything - that feeling got really strong...just writing these lines fills me up with love and happiness so much I could explode...and throw those sparkles everywhere around me :))). No, is pure energy and it is alive..hihi. Hope I can bring it over to you somehow, so, you can feel it, too. Let me know if it works.... Here it comes...a huge wave of love!

03 February 2007

Hair cutting methods..

Getting more and more negative stuff I have to do something for the other, I don't go totally nuts...;). You know I just read how toxic dust is in households nowadays and how much trouble that could cause...ahhh! Can you anywhere without wearing a gas mask or something along the lines?? Oh by the way...I have to tell you about our haircutting story. My son has very thick hair and hates to get it it takes ages. Our solution? Diving glasses!...with a towel pinned cover his whole wonders!! Before I even got to cut it (yes, I am the one who messed it up ;)..) I was just on the floor laughing when those cute eyes stared at me through those goggles... Want to see a picture? There it is..

28 January 2007

Energy needs to flow...

Huhuuu, all there...out there!

Did you ever experience that? The energy flow in kids? If I am just busy, running around, doing household, etc. ....hey, I even got things done! It is actually fun, if you finally get moving ;) really flows...what I have difficulty with is the kids stopping me all the time...well, I am sure you know that go in the kitchen to do the dishes, see a toy...walk to the kids bring the toy away but on the way you see a, you pick up the towel and bring, where??? ...where it belongs...thinking why am I here...what was it I wanted to do?? Ah ja, the, back to the kitchen...or now...back to energy :))...I was running around, hopping, having fun doing the housechores...and my children are sooo happy to just follow and help or go their ways..... But if I start my day with computer work, etc. things that I need to sit down...or telephone, etc. doesn't take long and they go nuts... All the sudden, today, when I watched them playing happily I thought...dang! Of course,'s the same as when they were babies. Have you ever heard or read the book from Jean Liedloff? "The Continuum Concept"....if not, do so. If you did...remember when she talked about babies can't regulate their own energy field? They need the adult's energy field to calm down and get balanced again! This was so true when they were babies... As soon as I stopped (I always carried them in a sling) they would wiggle around, feeling not happy...but when I kept going they were just fine. No matter if they were asleep in there or not...if I moved no wiggling. Great. I am about to get a heart attack and they are just hanging in there......go, Mama, go....I need moooore... Well, I choose the other route...I got as a running we say in German ;)...and the kids stayed happy.

Now, of course, as they can deal with their energy from 8 years on by themselves and have trouble sometimes before...guess, they need to play with it, makes totally sense to me to stay close to Mama and soak that energy up that I produce running around...being happy and balanced myself. My son does it different as well as my daughter... He goes and comes back to charge up while she is always around. It is funny but it seems to work....will watch it for another few days... Would be fun if you let me know if you make the same experiences...

I wish you a great day...filled with joy and have fun running around... :)))

Oh, by the way,...just before I forget...did you know that a hand full of wild edibles (herbs or also known as weeds!!...and they are sooo valuable...I try to grow some here...) has more minerals, etc. than 40 heads of lettuce...iceberg, boston, etc...!!!... So, go get outside and eat weeds...they taste good as well!!!..or send them to me, pleeease :)))

24 January 2007

Stop trouble thinking...and do the opposite!

Please, don't think about that pink elefant!...??? Have you ever heard about that question.. and what do you think?? About a pink elefant??? ;)...but I told you not to!! Well, so much for talking and how important it is to pick your words carefully...especially with children! They pick up on it sooo quick. I love to listen to I can tell what kind of mistakes I still make...;). And what I have to work on..still. Those patterns put into us from childhood are sooo deep. It takes a lot of attention to remind ourselves to talk more positive. Those children are our future...and we need to feed our future more positive thoughts to help this planet... Get out of your chairs...ok, just wait a second...after that post you can go...:))..ok, but now! Hop, go outside, walk, run, whatever you want..get outside and breathe some fresh air..or as fresh as you can get it without opening a can of air... Anyway, get active!! You won't believe how much more ideas you have. Stop watching TV...or minimize it at least (although, in the beginning, it might be easier to stop's like a drup you always keep thinking about it...feeling sooo good when you turn it on...and sooo frustrated when your show doesn't come on...a game with your emotions...controlled by others!!)..that's a drainer...and see and feel how much of a better life you gain back. It is amazing. Again...think about your children!! They need to be active! School is going more and more on having them to sit still for hours...that's crazy...they are children...supposed to be full of energy..running, jumping, etc.! We should be happy they do that and hopefully never stop doing that! We are not robots that you can push a button and leave again. We are living beings and I am so happy and thankful for that. That is our chance to feel that energy and love. Try it. Sparkle again. Just do it! Use "get-togethers" for inspiring thoughts and not for who killed whom, etc. Get out of the mud and lift each other up! I know we can do it! Take a piece of paper and write down all the positive thoughts and happenings you've had today. After a few weeks you'll have loads more. It works. You are the creator of your world...and build the base for your children! Let them see how well you manage life by the way you think! Can you feel that energy??? It's flowing in me right now...and I wish I can start a fire...and get you all turn to a huge river that surrounds every rock...and makes it to the ocean! OK, enough of that...or I start to lift up and will be gone... :). I really wish I can help move your life to be a happy one.

As much as I love this beautiful country with all its great sides I still have one question... Why do you use sooo many plastic bags?? It is funny (they ask me three times if I don't want any...and make big huge eyes...) when I go shopping and tell them I don't want my stuff bagged... "Just put it in my cart, please."...or do it often myself which I love, too... Guess because I am used to...coming from Germany where they don't bag it for you... I actually feel funny when others bag for me.... May be I have to work on that...that's how they make their money, right? But why can't we take boxes or cloth bags, etc. to carry the groceries, etc. I always keep a big bag full of them in my car. Same thing but I don't have to waste soo many plastic bags...
Just my thoughts without wanting to offend anybody!

22 January 2007

Nature Tribe or rawfood trips/travelling?

It's amazing how much more energy you have being raw. Now, after over three years on 100% I can feel the difference. It took a few years for the body to adjust - I wouldn't have thought it myself. I love it! I love life and am soo happy...deep inside of me! It's that true clear feeling of trust in life (and that everything happens and is ok as it happens...and I can make wishes and they come true...always and always again...a miracle!) and happiness, thankfulness and appreciation that makes it so nice! I know I am led and am very thankful for that. I am pushed to help..and I love to everybody that needs it to see love again...and light. This happiness that just doesn't leave any more. Yes, the beginning was different....I used to eat tons of nuts and dried fruits, could eat until I was so full nothing would fit in there anymore. So, don't worry if you feel like that. That is normal. The body seems to need it in the beginning. It changes by itself as soon as it is ready for it. Just take your time and stay raw. Don't worry about the right combinations, etc. as it will come by itself - with or without a book. Those signs are so strong now...I feel like during pregnancy sometimes when your senses are so clear's almost unbelieveable. And the energy level that comes with it. Amazing. I don't sleep as much any more and am still fully charged to go a day and much of the night with two little fun children...which love her jumping Mom :). By the way, have you ever tried those deep jumps where you squat down almost to the those russian dancers??? Try it...just a few and... well, I have still sore legs. But, boy, that feels good! You feel the energy running hot inside of them...hihi...then, you just jump under an ice-cold shower...and you are wide awake...if you can be any more :))). Send pictures after that, pleeease! Anyway, try and you'll love it!

And it's funny as you can do all kinds of funny things with you see on my link in the raw link section...that's what I do in Germany (sorry for misspelled words, still not perfect...but am practicing)...the International Raw Family Adventure Camp :)! I am planning on doing stuff like that over here as well. So, whoever is interested, please contact me! I'd be more than happy to let you feel the wonderful side of living in a community...once you tried'll miss it! I promise! It is sooo much fun!
Another thing is raw travelling. I spent many months on the road or hiking, etc., travelling with and without kids and wonder who's interested in something like that? Raw Food Family/Children Camps and Trips...especially the kids need to be involved...they need good examples to follow!! So important!

But the other fun part is daily life: Like my husband today...coming home with groceries for us (who is a normal cooked one ;) ): "Do they ask you all kinds of stuff as well when you go shopping?" "No..Usually, not. Why?" "Every time I go there they ask if I make another banana pie or if I have a monkey at home...?" that time I was almost rolling on the floor laughing... Yes, I am sure, now that we live here they have to stock up their organic bananas as we love them... *g*

Enough writing....go watch those few first pictures...and have fun! I will write more about my trip through the States soon...

21 January 2007

Or bears waking up in the middle of winter because it got too warm for them. They are mixed up and don't find enough food... Or crabs that can't survive any more because the water gets too warm... Or birds that can't spend their winter in Afrika anymore because the desert is not manageable for them any more... Or turtles that can't breed on the beaches any more because the sand gets too hot for their eggs... Animals who need those small animals won't be able to survive. And then, of course, corn, etc. or salmon that is genetically engineered to grow faster!!!!...and makes us and the whole planet sick!! Are they out of mind???

If I read this...I feel sick in my stomach... How can we stop that???

We all have to get together on this one!!!

16 January 2007

Moving and living in the Now!

Well, we just moved means to Texas. It is exciting and fun at the same time. The kids loved to dig into the boxes and get everything set Christmas and Easter altogether ;)....oh, look, Mama! My bike! books...and..oh...ah.. I am glad we've had warm weather and all went well. The boxes in the kitchen were most fun...both of them hanging in them, handing stuff up and out to me...I couldn't put it away as fast as they were. It was a mess. But, slowly we are getting through it...still enjoying life. It doesn't run away, right? And it feels so good to see all those boxes disappear ;).
It is sooo relaxing to live in the present and go step by step. There is this happiness that never really leaves and lets me enjoy life even more. I do love that place and am have lots of planting an organic garden (I will be sooo happy to have our own veggies..I can just go outside and pick them), connect people all over the world :)))) and write... Something keeps pushing me to wriiiite...something deep inside of me.


Hi, all out there!

I am excited to open up my blog telling about things going on here, ideas and loads of fun. I hope you can learn something as well and would love to learn from you as well. So, please feel free to write comments, ideas, tips or whatever you like.

:9 Sonja