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23 October 2012

Who wants a flu shot?

Although funny it's not too far away from the sad truth... have a look...or laugh:

04 October 2012

It's TIME!

Moms (and fathers) should have a few people taking care of the house, earning money, the parents can fulfil their most important job: being a good parent with lots of in the now!! It's magic.

Or - which is even better - we have to go back to a simpler life!! We can judge if things are good if we have enough time for our loved ones...and I mean quality time... It's when you get into "the flow" and energies work together...harmonizing...feeling wonderful just being is truly magic and turns aggressive behaviors into peaceful and soft ones. It changes fighting kids into kids that love each other and treat each other with fun and respect. IT IS MAGIC!...and so wonderful!

It would transform the whole planet in a split of a second! I am sure our problem we are facing nowadays is just because we chase after money and a modern life instead of living life in the now and feel this amazing and very strong connection to each other!! It is such an important factor - if not THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR!!

I imagined how much time I would spend in front of the computer if I just had everything we needed in life (like a garden that provides us with all the food, shelter and loving folks)...and realized I would be sooo relieved to live without having to work and just leave it shut. It can be addicting to produce in order to receive. It's not healthy at all though...and I only choose it to survive in this world. But at what price? Is it really worth it?? Don't get me wrong...I absolutely *LOVE* to support people on their path...and if it's through the internet it shall be...but I'd much rather choose to live in a community of similar thinkers... Can you imagine what you could create together...just focusing energies together...having time for each other...being there?? It fills my heart just thinking about it.

So why do we chase after money, etc. which is nothing but a false picture we get shoved in our faces every day again??? Some already made it and found their out of the "slavery wheel" we all seem to be stuck in. What does it need to get more going?? It needs LIVING IN THE NOW! It needs the connection to all-what-is. We need to take time to connect us again with the order to be able to feel ourselves again! I believe it is very important to get back to the roots (our energy system) in order to not loose our mind, too.

What do you think??

The Gerson Therapy

A wonderful way to stay healthy through the Gerson Therapy. As many people found out illness is caused through toxicity and deficiency. If you can detoxify your body and add the necessary nutrients your body heals. It's simply yet difficult ;). Since we live in a very toxic world it is hard for many people to stay "clean"...if at all possible. Even through the air we take in toxins...through our food...our clothes...lotions...shampoos, etc. To minimize those is very important - for everybody and our mother earth. Without producing all this trash we could safe our beautiful planet. But it takes all of us to change our behavior...pick only what is good for us and therefore for all there is. If nobody buys chemical foods anymore they won't produce them. If we only buy organic plant-based food  we would see a faster change in the world. Many people don't know that most of our grains and corn is grown to feed animals (that we eat again)...instead of feeding people. Nobody would have to suffer hunger if we wouldn't feed all those animals...that cause diseases at the end...and are usually held under bad conditions.

Our soil is depleted therefore creating deficient plants we eat... In order to create the necessary balance our industry rather sprays tons of pesticides and other harmful stuff on the fields..since the week plants can't protect themselves anymore against bugs, weeds, etc. It's a dreadful cycle. The best plant based diet won't work if the plants we consume are deficient of nutrients!

So, how to detoxify your body and add more nutrients into your diet?

It's simple like I mentioned before:

Also, in order to add tons of nutrients find a place that is as clean as possible (as less as possible polution) and pick wild edibles...and eat them! They are the true and natural superfoods...use them...they are free!
Alges are a great source of minerals, too. As well as phytoplankton. Don't take chemical supplements!! They rather toxify your body more...

For a great method watch this as well:

There are some great books and DVDs about the Gerson Therapy you might like:

02 October 2012

My son is weird...

Have you ever thought your son (or daughter) is weird?? Or others in general?? Well, I've had phases where I thought something like that before, too...with my son as well. He is different...yes...and I often wished I could control him more so he would rather act like others... But is this true??? NO! Definetely not...and I am sooo glad I only had short phases when I got really confused because I listened to others and not to my feelings as a mother who knows her son best. I am happy I believe in him and trust him. I know he came to this planet with much wisdom and I feel so blessed he choose me to grow up with. I will do whatever I can to support HIS way of living and be there for him. I am happy to be on his side - no matter what others say. That makes us strong. To me it is so important to share a relationship of 100% trust. Which means for me us "against" the world ;). It is such a great feeling if you can feel as a team - a unit...a strong family unit. And I am thankful I have a different son who teached me more than I can imagine...and who always brings me back to what is important: Living in the NOW, be present and follow YOUR own feelings!!

I think this little video helps immensely to build a better relationship with your loved ones.

What are your struggles?? Do you have a child that is different?? Or a partner?? Post it below...we'd all be happy to hear from you!

To learn more about "The Work" (which helped me, too) check this out: