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23 February 2013

How about your teeth?

I often hear people eating many or mainly raw foods soon start having cavities. Since I am living this lifestyle now for over 10 years I can give you my experience and what I found out through extensive research.

Since cavities don’t just appear there are a few things that can be done. I will explain all the sides I found out so you are able to pick what fits best for you, what resonates with you and what helps you most.
It’s said cavities form because
-         Your genetics are bad.. (Which I don’t want to believe since it’s known that cells and even genes can repair themselves!! I am sure it is possible that some people have a harder time than others because of heredity problems but doesn’t mean they can’t overcome it! Ok, I am a positive thinker…I do believe in our bodies' capabilities ;).)

-         You don’t clean your teeth good enough. (Might be true for some folks but how come others intensively clean and brush and still get cavities? It’s because they form from the inside out!! Nevertheless…cleaning is surely ok.)

-         Too much sweets. (This is surely part of it but by far not the whole truth.)

-         Too much stress. (That surely is a big part as well.)

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16 February 2013

Do you need a vitamin B12 supplement??

Do you wonder if you are deficient in vitamin B12?? Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram ( brings it wonderfully to a point!

And this is what she says about it (and I do agree with her): "Have you always wondered if you should be supplementing with Vitamin B12? Taking B12 is one of the most controversial topics in regards to supplementation. Do I supplement? What do I recommend? Here is what I have to say!

One of the biggest topics in the raw world is the B12 debate.
I get asked DAILY about my opinion on B12 supplements and if I take B12.
B12 is an important issue for all health enthusiasts, whether they are vegan or not.

The purpose of making the video is to answer peoples questions about my b12 history and what I suggest for others, based on the knowledge I have and advice I have received from trusted health professionals. There is a lot of information out there about B12 for vegans and non vegans. I am not claiming to have read through all the material and I am not claiming to be an expert on the topic.

First, let's go over some B12 basics to help you understand the topic.

Anyone can be B12 deficient, regardless of diet.
Even meat eaters are deficient.
What is B12?
There are many different B Vitamins. B12 is a vitamin found in soil.
B12 is typically found in few foods, meat being one of them because animals eat the plants/soil and it is carried in their products. B12 is not typically found in conventional produce, but it can be found in organic, wild fruits and vegetables grown in rich soils. B12 is also a flora produced in your colon: you either produce it or you don't.

Do I take it?
Am I deficient?
I get checked once every 6 months or about 1-2 times a year, and I am currently NOT deficient in B12. Because I am not deficient, I currently choose not to supplement as per recommendation of Dr. Graham because I do not want to inhibit my body's ability to produce this vitamin on its own. In the past 8 years, I have tried it 3 times. It's the only supplement I've ever taken. All other supplements I do not believe in taking and am not deficient in these. I do believe that if you have to supplement, then your diet is incomplete.

My advice: Get CHECKED!

No scare here! Takes YEARS of not consuming any B12 to become deficient!
Most likely it is something that comes around OVER time. Even when people get an injection, they don't FEEL results immediately. Most notice better sleep and a better mood and perhaps weight loss? What are the symptoms? Dementia, light-headedness, Psychological disorders, extreme sleepiness.

When you take a supplement, it can stay in your system for up to a year.

Many different sources:
Methylcobalamin* - Take this kind if you do supplement.
Cobalamin - this form is not absorbed by our bodies. Do not take this one.

In summary, I think it is important to get your B12 levels checked and make an informed decision based on the results. There is no need to supplement if you're not deficient, as that may cause more harm than good. This is not just a vegan thing: otherwise, this deficiency would JUST BE IN VEGANS. Anyone can be B12 deficient. Get checked!"
I found this special supplement that does work (proven by my blood tests):

What is your experience with this (actually it's not a vitamin...) vitamin? Post it below - I'd be happy to hear from you!!

07 February 2013

Spring is detox time!


Starting SOON...spring as well...

Do you have a liver?
Does it need a vacation?
Do you?
Give your body a break with 21 days of Green Smoothie living and

The 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox!

21-Day Green Smoothie Detox
I know from my own experience how much you can suffer just by being "clogged". You can help your body to "unclog" easily by it a break time. What can be easier?? No medication, no drugs, etc. needed - you don't need to poison your body when it screams for help!!
Just give it a break! And the right fuel...
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14 January 2013

Delicious refreshing raw vegan cake


This time in the newsletter (going out on Thursday 17 January) I will share the recipe of this wonderful raw vegan cake with you! We did really enjoy it since it's almost fat free and 80/10/10 compatible.

It also is very easy and simply delicious :). Sign up if you didn't already (it's 100% free) and enjoy this wonderful treat:

Raw food friends visiting.... :)

This is how it looks like when a raw food family visits us! :)

Looots of yummy and beautiful food... Most of it will bring us through a week. Other things like lettuce we have to get in between again.

It's such a wonderful time to be with friends and like-minded people. Makes me feel like we are not soooo strange anymore ;). All around us are strange - *griiin*.

Happy New Year!


I wish all of you a

Happy New Year


wonderful moments in 2013!!!