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30 October 2009

Happy Halloween!!

I wish all of you a creepy, funny and happy Halloween!! We'll have lots of fun playing games with friends and enjoying delicious raw treats! Pictures will follow soon :).

You will find lots of yummy recipes here: "Healthy Halloween Treats: Quick, Nourishing and Delicious - Recipes and Rituals To Delight Children of All Ages". You can order it here:

This was my daughter's birthday. She was happy about her cat cake. A fun filled day with lots of dancing and laughter followed :).

22 October 2009

I have a dream...

This dream is not about’s about all of us and it is important. But let me explain. I dreamed one night about many military planes flying to a country, many tanks, etc. to stock up the “power”. I was shocked and horrified to see what was happening. I couldn’t believe – I didn’t want to. That a country would choose to kill more I didn't want to believe and be part in. I made my way through to the highest people of those countries. I was of neither nationality but got caught in the middle of it. The killing had already started - one man of one nationality watching in the eye of another man of another nationality. It was crazy. How could that happen? We are all humans – all children of one peaceful power yet wanting to kill each other …for what reason?? I so wanted to stop that craziness. I carried a baby in a sling that just had lost his mother and the other country’s people (who were poorer) realized that I would do the same as their mothers did and still do to this day. This baby hadn’t stop crying until it felt safe at a woman's body. We all need warmth and closeness, we all need to feel understood…and it starts as a baby.

I made my way through to the presidents of these countries who where about to have a discussion about how to solve this conflict with arguing about the resources and the problems they saw at the outside world. My heart screamed to change things…and this is what I did. I truly made my way through with the help of the creator (I asked HIM if my message is important he’d find a way for me to get through to tell them all HIS word through me). I am still thankful for it :). I spoke to the leaders and told them:
“I understand you are mad. You are disappointed in each other. You think you are treated wrong. But that’s only the outside. Please look here. I carry this child who is peacefully laying in my arms now – a child who has lost his mother because you thought the killing would make things better…because you thought that by showing your anger through killing and wanting to prove your power you’d solve problems. Please look closer. I know you love your women and children as we love our loved ones. Killing and fighting doesn’t solve problems. We need to create peace in our hearts and within us in order to create peace on earth. Please let’s start to teach that to our children – our next generation. If we all had everything we needed (a piece of land to grow what we need, a shelter and love which we always have) there wouldn’t be any need to have wars. Please open your eyes. I love your people as much as I love mine. I see the anger in your eyes and can feel what you are going through. We need to change the way we look at things and start with ourselves. I ask you to now show us how good you are as true leaders and start to teach peace – no false agreements for pieces of this earth – our mother – that belongs to all of us anyway. How can you fight over an arm of your "mother" when she wants to be there for all of us? And there is enough space for all of us. Together we can transform this planet into a flourishing paradise which it is! We can turn deserts into green oases, we can live in peace with animals as our brothers and sisters. We are creators made by our father – the big CREATOR who loves us all so much! We are ONE! Let’s teach how to be in peace so we can finally live up to our purpose and are a good example for our children!"

After I had spoken to them – without everybody else noticing first – they realized smart as they were ;) that they are on the wrong path and stopped fighting. It was amazing as now the “air” was open for suggestions from everybody of their folks. There where many people rushing to the presidents showing them how to plant gardens, how to live healthy and with fun and love – raw foods were brought up. It was a happy and inspiring place to be as now people felt heard and could share their precious knowledge. Everybody was eager to share. The leaders were impressed and relieved because they felt they didn’t have to “rule” the country by themselves. If the flow of love is intact and flowing things are going to happen just perfectly – as for ourselves so for the whole nation as well as the whole civilization on this planet! It’s all connected and it works so well if we (as well as the leaders) let go and trust. If they hear the people who hurt and grant them their needs. If a poor person steels he is not happy because he has too less in his life. People taking drugs are not satisfied, not feeling loved and want to escape this world. Make this planet a nice place to be in and a place you can believe in, a place where everybody can share their talents and is welcome to do so…and there won’t be any need to take drugs as people looove to be understood, heard and feel needed. They love to bring in their talents and love to help build something amazing. Everybody wants to feel important – and everybody is! If we can just see it and give everybody what they need!!! It starts with a piece of land…and some help for each other!

Yes, there is so much build up knowledge and potential in everybody. If we just get together – also with other countries (there is no rich and poor, no you are better than them…It’s an illusion!!) – we can move this planet to it’s highest purpose in this universe! We can make things shine and flourish!! We all have something to share. We are all here for a purpose and everyone of our stories and talents is special and important! Start to live your purpose in love and peace on this wonderful planet – as you are meant to be. Start to be the creator you agreed to come here!

If you are interested in helping to create a community with like-minded people (children included!) please contact me: Together we can change the world! :)

What I have in mind is this: I would like to purchase a big piece of land and would offer it to other families, etc. with one rule: It has to be turned into a piece of paradise :). It should be self-sustainable for the family, organic gardening, permaculture and an "organic" house (e.g. straw bale, mud, wood, earth, etc.). As there will be other families we will help each other building our dream homes and gardens, etc. and at the same time build strong tribal connections. We would "school" our children together - learning from daily life. Animals would be welcome as well. The atmosphere is filled with love and laughter. :) We treat our mother earth with respect and love and are thankful for everything our Father gives us! We know we are responsible for ourselves and act accordingly - eat healthy (raw foods or close to), respect each other's ways and share our talents freely! We are open to new things and in flow with the energy! To a wonderful place called "Paradise on Earth"!

Please join if you carry the same dream in your heart! I'd be happy to have you on board!