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15 June 2009

The Raw Food Pyramid

To make it easier for everybody to understand the simple and good vegan raw food lifestyle I put together a "Raw Vegan Food Pyramid" :). Hope it helps! Let me know what you think.

The energy and vitamin provider are fruits. I also count in tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. I actually try to avoid too much sweet fruit (especially bananas as they can cause lots of trouble with teeth...and - in my experience cause kids to get hyperactive and out of balance as they usually don't eat that many greens they'd need to puffer them. I also observed they build up the aggressive level of children dramatically... That happened to my son anyway.). So, to balance them and add the necessary minerals you need lots of greens. Wild edibles are perfect as they are loaded with minerals. But any other greens will do a good job, too. Sea vegetables and sprouts are a great source of minerals, too. All of them also deliver protein - wild edibles like stinging nettles and thistles for example are up and above ;). Hey, through greens you get strong as they give you the necessary amino acids to build protein the easy way!
Vegetables are a great source of minerals and they are not so sweet (besides carrots, of course). But many people don't get full with just them. Some combine nuts and roots and live fine with it. It's a matter of testing what is best for you. As always: Listen to YOUR body! :)
As for the grains - we personally don't use any at all. They don't seem to digest very well (unless they are sprouted). What we do use, though, is buckwheat which is not a grain but grass ;). We use it soaked and a day or two sprouted in sauces, shakes, doughs, etc. and live fine with it. Just be careful to not sprout it too long as the buckwheat greens are actually toxic and can cause all kinds of irritations, sun sensibility and more!
We do eat nuts - but not as a main meal ;). It might be a hand full if any. Almonds and coconuts (which are seeds) are best to digest. Coconuts - especially the young ones - are great and very nutritious for babies, too! Their water is very similar to breastmilk. :) Try to avoid those heavy nut patés. They can cause more trouble then help... I also don't use too many avocados and other fatty fruits. Children and active people are different, of course. They need more of it. But for me - a normal busy mother - I am fine with just a little. ;) I also usually don't eat fats in the morning. At lunch time is perfect for me.
Last are the processed foods like dried and dehydrated things like fruits, crackers, etc. and cakes, pizzas, patés, etc. All the kitchen raw food is quite hard to digest and one usually feels it quickly. ;) Try to stay away from those. We eat cakes, etc. for birthdays and holidays but definetely not as an everyday meal!! Also things like agave nectar and oils are very concentrated. My rule of thumb is: If you can pick it eat it. :) Meaning that everything nature provides we should eat the way it's grown. And if you really tasted an apple or a ripe mango, etc. you know that just this simple fruit is a "creamy cake" by itself (let alone a durian which tastes like cream pudding...) - if it is organic. It has a paradisical taste that no confectionist can clone. The only things we do prepare are green smoothies, sauces and sometimes ice cream ;). But fresh foods are simply the foods nature provides for us and God created for us :). So, appreciate them and enjoy - simply and easily :)!
Lots of fun picking and soaking up those abundant energies waiting to fulfill all your senses :)! Try it, test it - always listing to YOUR body - and let me know how it works out for you!! This is only meant to be a guide as there is so much confusion in the raw food world nowadays!!