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26 March 2007

Stay connected and listen to your heart!

Now, living with these wonderful beings (my children) given to me to teach me and learn from and with - I want to share my experiences that I hope will help you, too. Always looking for ways to keep connected and balance the family out I've felt different things working for us...keeping in mind that every family is different and has to adjust to their specific needs, of course. What works for us might not work for you...but the basis is important and that - I believe - is not so much different ;).
I am sure you know those times when everything seems "out of wack" are running wild, household runs wild...and you, too. :). I am sure we've all been there...realizing this modern day life is not meant to be that way ;)...finally, we are tribal people...and we'll get there again :).. But for now...we are living in that world and have to work our ways through. Personally, I am very thankful for if I hadn't experienced it I wouldn't have gone that route and might have never opened my eyes to such a wonderful world...but back to the roots. You feel totally "next-to-yourself" and don't know where to start??? You want to make it better but don't know how?? You want to change the way you talk with your children..and really work on it? Then, I could tell you...just come by (really, I mean it!! It is so much easier to grasp it once you see it..and feel it)...and live it.. - I will be doing family adventure camps soon, too,..with the focus on real connection!...or I can give you some tips ahead...and you still come by because you love the atmosphere...always tons of fun!..and you will be soooo motivated…you’ll feel charged for the rest of your life :)!
And there's the key already...have you still know what that means?? Dancing happily to some music...forget yourself while painting a picture...see those smiling little faces...picking flowers...FEELING that energy, the magic, the love! Forget about your housework schedule...don't think about what others might think (most of the time they just smile...because they can see and feel you have that special bond!...just my experiences)...forget yourself in the moment! That's the second key – the NOW! Smell, feel, hear...taste...the ground when it rained...go in the rain...roll in the mud ;)... LIVE IN THE MOMENT! Your children show you best...they want you to live in the moment...and they are right!! Trust them…they are connected…to nature…to this the universal rhythms! Take care of their needs - right now! With fun and laughter...- and they have the ability to "fill their cups up" again. No lessons needed...just pure fun! Whatever makes them laugh...laugh so hard they forget everything.. means you are on the right way to connection! They will open up...for you...because they can do it - YOU give them the feeling to feel safe and understood enough to open up and communicate openly! They don't have to hug you because you said so...they will happily and filled with love (a bundle of joy with their sparkling eyes that speak for themselves) fall around your neck...because they are connected and they love you as you do love them!!Often, we don't realize how quick their energy level drops - this world can be a lot of stress for them - and they need you to help them fill it up again!!! Once, they are charged...they are "changed"...their batteries are full...they are happy...they can give again...not because they are scared or have to...BECAUSE THEY CAN FEEL THEIR LOVE FOR YOU AGAIN and feel comfortable enough to express it freely!! That is so much of a difference!! You will have fun with them again…every day…every hour…every minute… You will appreciate being with them…all the time! They are your friends – your spiritual masters. And they are good ;)…if you open yourself up…and see they mirror you… Learn to be happy and they will follow.
That bond - that you built from, even before...keep it alive...stay connected!! It is the most wonderful thing you can have... We are all connected...anyway. I ask you...I invite you to FEEL it again and LIVE it day-to-day. It is sooo fulfilling...a piece of heaven on earth! My heart reaches out there because I really want us all to be able to connect again...we need it...this planet needs it! So, let's open our hearts and let's go...!!! :) If you have more questions…please feel free to ask or drop a note. I would love to hear from you!! Stay connected and listen to your heart!!

21 March 2007

The beauty of our back yard :)

Does anybody know those flowers?? Please let me know... It is truly amazing what shoots out of this ground :)))...Exciting as I don't know most of them...who knows about the wild plants in Texas???

Unschooling is fun!!

I wished I had taken some pictures we had such a great day with other unschoolers! What a joy it always is to be together and have fun! The kids just loved it...and I did, too. So much fun for them to find friends to do the things they love to do with...and for me, too ;). Get to talk about the important stuff in life :)...and simply..LIFE...and live it to the fullest! It is so much fun! I am so thankful I found this group that charged me up is so much easier to be with like-minded people. I can only suggest for everybody to find your "tribe" or build an own one! We need a tribal network...people that support each other...moms that can help each other out....have more fun doing the day to day stuff...talking and laughing together! I am ready to build that tribe. Who wants to join?? But back to the day: Lots of kids in all ages and every one of them playing and exploring together with someone...the wild bunch out in the woods...just amazing to watch...with so much fun and excitement they had! I love to watch them...just tubbling around..studying nature, animals (today: fishes, turtles and clams)...getting all excited...and plants..mine where digging in it ;)...and rolling around in it...after it rained for a few times everything is growing and fresh and pocking out in between...the beauty of nature awakens again... Some made bird feeders...that some kids ate as well ;)...and the birds and squirrels couldn't hardly wait for us to leave...I could literally read their minds ;)..or the rock...I mean hard bread got turned into sand...oops...I mean crumbs ( do you spell that thing?)..;)...adventures everywhere.. Yes, my little one in the water again..of job? Drying her clothes again...hmpf. And at the end a "treasure hunt" ...hihi.. So, back home again...and we talked into the night about our good experiences we are so thankful of today! Thanks to all of you!! You are great!

10 March 2007


Now you should be able to leave comments :)... sorry for the problems. Am waiting for looooads of positive comments :))).

09 March 2007

Tropical fruits full of energy!

Just reading about the wonderful varieties of the says in our science book: Unlike the ground in our forests the humus in the rain forest is so thin you can scrape it away with your foot. Sooo...all the nutrients go in the plant and the fruits, etc. and not in the ground!! Now, you know why we neeeed tropical fruit :))). Because there is so much more in it :)...good stuff...filling, so full of stored energy!..and the wild edibles, of course...even here...everywhere! Chickweed, dandelion, cress, clover, comfrey,.....and tree leaves!! Ever tried cherry leaves??? Eat the cherries with the leaves and you'll fill up quick!! They are so satisfying...those wild plants!! Try it and let me know!

08 March 2007

One of my views in a picture....

If you like it, too, please let me know :).

Straw bale..or mud brick houses :)

It always is amazing to me what those little wonders soak up just watching us! Like now...we do love to dig into straw bale houses and how they are built...and my little discoverer (he's 5 now) looooves it and educates Dad about it all the time...and how much better it is, etc...!!! He is soo wonderful... If someone is interested you have to get "Building with Awareness". That is great (thanks Vic!!). There's even a dvd included where they show how to build it....and it's such a cozy little house. We have a great time with it!

So, we sit in the garden and dig dirt and built bricks out of mud and let them dry in the sun to be able to build a little mud brick house ;)... That's what I call life learning! And it's fuuuun! You have to try it...simplest thing is always best... Plus, you won't believe how open-eyed you get towards other building structures. When we walk by where they build houses we can point out now what we'd do better :)! Wow. Truly fantastic. Of course, I'd have to add a sand slide for my little girl...she came back white from sliding on that stuff....hihi. We've had tons of fun...and my young constructor is fired now as I mean...lightened...or how could I say??...anyway, he loves it and asks when to we start to build an straw bale totally makes sense to him :)...and me, too. And by him explaining it my husband....he finally starts to open up more as well! Smart boys!
And if we don't start to build one now...I mean a house...then we could buy an older RV and put solar pannels on top of it...and throw the oven out - we don't need that one....hihi - and fill it up with oil...and hit the road for a few months...or longer :)))). Hey, if we're not rolling right mind is at a speed of a thousand miles an hour :D. Who wants to roll and enjoy life, too?

02 March 2007

Tribal living :)))

After almost two weeks with like-minded people we are energized and looking forward to all kinds of things that popped in our building straw bale houses and travelling while unschooling. (Thank you so much, Darlene, for spending time with us, following your intuition and sharing your life with us! It was great! We will do that again...for sure! You are a wonderful person. Keep going!) It is so much fun to be with other Moms who share almost every little thing in your life...and makes it a lot easier as if one is busy the other one can help out...exactly, what we need in our raw tribe! I am always amazed how much love is with us and connects us all together....and how much help older kids are (thanks were a true help! Stay how you are.)...and how creative we all got together... Imagine, if we all would put our energies in all positive thoughts...we'd have paradise on earth!! We are the creator of our lifes! You'd have to feel yourself and learn at the same time... You are welcome to visit and enjoy as well!!

Here are some pictures hopefully showing the fun we've had...

And some more showing the ideas we came up with... the perfect nut bracelett maker (we used it for the birds and squirrels...that - oh wonder - grew immediately...those little pickers...:))...