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03 March 2012

Raw Onion Bread

This is just tooo delicious not to share :). You HAVE to try and tell me how you liked it! Promise?

Raw (Onion)Bread
2 cups almond pulp
1 cup zucchini
1 cup psyllium husks
½ cup flax seeds (ground)
3 dates
piece onion (or other spices)
some salt spring (not necessary though)
2-3 table spoons lemon juice

First you want to grind the flax seeds in a dry blender. Pour them in a bowl. With almonds and water make "milk" (by mixing them together in a high speed blender). Pour the milk through a nut bag to filter out the almond pulp. You can drink the milk - it's gooood! 

Add the almond pulp to the flax seed flour. Peel the zucchini and put them in the blender together with the dates, onion, lemon juice to make a paste. Now stir in this paste with the remaining ingredients to make a dough.  
You can form little buns or loafs of bread. Let it dry over night (about 14 hours). 

....and enjoooyyy this crunchy but soft and amazing bread!! You can slice it, too, and spread all kinds of toppings on it!!

Have fun & enjoy!

Sonjaaaa :9

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