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31 December 2009

Happy New Year!!

Christmas and my birthday are over...on to the next adventure :).

Our delicious Christmas cake - with carob layer and strawberry topping :). Yummmmmmm...
Wow...this year is over so quick again! Loads of things happened and I’ve had lots of possibilities to grow and learn. I am thankful for every little experience as I know it can only propel me forward :).

I also wanted to say thank you for joining me and sending mails, for communicating, following and staying in touch…for all your questions you send my way and all the thoughts and expressions I receive every day!! I am very grateful you are in my life! Hopefully, I could be of help to you as well. Please let me know how you are doing and how your year has been. What is it you want to do next year? I know I want to continue with my journey of life adventure and listen to my inner voice. I will follow it wherever it will send me ;). I have a strong vision that keeps moving me forward and I am so excited to share more and more with you! In order to understand you better I’d love to hear from you, too. Together we are strong and bouncing ideas often helps to get your own mind straight. :)

Just a quick update from me:
In January I organize a ski/sled trip for raw foodies which will be so much fun :). There are going to be two raw fun family camps again this year – one in spring and one in summer. I am excited to meet “old” and new families again! It’s always great and a wonderful experience! I will also visit a very free and open school (including raw foods) form here in Germany which will be awesome. It is amazing how a school forms a community :). I will work on that one as well…forming a community. I talked to some very interesting people and hope I can get a lot further with it this coming year. This time is definitely ready for it. I will take more time for my children and myself, enjoy the few moments with my Mom who’s fighting for her life and continue with my work online for you :).

If you want to start a healthier life style with raw foods & much more and need some tips and tricks just go here and I’ll help you through: Ask if you have questions. I will put up more videos for you, too. You can watch the existing ones here: It’s always easier to watch how to do things ;)…for me anyway. If you prefer another way please let me know I will do my absolute best to work on it in order to make it as easy to understand for you as possible. If you want to help me (updating webpages, starting new projects, etc.) I’d love to hear from you, too!

Now, go ahead have a great finish of this year and an even greater start in the new one!! I will be with you in my thoughts…and will enjoy the “slide” to this next amazing new year!! Enjoy and have looooads of fun but also a few quiet moments to reflect, be thankful and organize your thoughts for a wonderful new beginning!

Talk to you next year again!!

Love & hugs,

01 December 2009

The Joy of Giving AND Receiving :)

This is the time of the year where we think about our loved ones and how to give something they (hopefully) like and be reminded about us. It is also a sign of how good you know somebody. As you have to know somebody in order to feel what s/he wants. Often presents and spending lots of money are misinterpreted as love. Although in its true meaning (without all the consumption) it probably is exactly that – giving out of love and attention. And this is what we long for most!

Aren’t we all looking for love and understanding – for the true relationship…the soul mate or just to be accepted. But instead we get “fake” presents which are not “presents” as they only fill the outer world and not the present need somebody has. Yes, most of the time the material world is thriving during that time. But how does it look inside of you?? Are you fulfilled with love? Do you feel loved? Do you have a friend, partner or parent that shows appreciation because you are YOURSELF? Do they accept you the way you are? Do they show you how much they love you? Can you feel it? Do you love yourself in order to receive the same?? Many questions to look and think deeper.

Yes, come on – come with me on a journey to yourself! I can guarantee you it is very interesting – a live adventure within yourself. No need to travel – just go on your own adventure! I’ve been there and I will go again and again as it truly is an ADVENTURE…and I looove adventures ;). It is very exciting to find out things about yourself you’d never thought about. Old emotions arise that were buried too long. But you feel so relaxed after it and somehow freed. Free of many patterns and not having to fake something you are not it feels so much better to be you! You finally have the energy to do what YOU truly want in life and you can do it with fun and courage! Finally you attract the type of friends that fit your true self and you can feel the bond between people.

So, relax and let’s brainstorm together. What kind of feelings do you connect with giving somebody something? How do you feel afterwards? Why do you do it? Be honest. I know sometimes you just give because you should…because “you got something so you have to give back” kind of thing. And how is the receivers’ reaction? Does s/he put on a smile that clearly shows “thank you so much for that piece of dust keeper” or is it rather “wow, how did you know I needed this? Thank you sooo much!”?

Observe and then ask yourself: What can I do to make someone smile and forget about everything else – just happy? It often isn’t the expensive flat-screen TV, etc. but time together to find out how that person is truly feeling. It needs antennas and true love to find out how your friend is really doing (behind the mask most of us put on). But you can be assured that your friend will be relieved and a huge package is taken off her/his shoulders. It is the present of listening, of care, of attention…of an energy flow that lifts and lightens the other person. Something we all need more of.

Shouldn’t that be the time to lift each other?? Can you imagine if we all did that on Christmas eve (or whatever get-together you celebrate) how many glowing faces you’d meet? What kind of energy would be around you then? Wow. That vibration in the air that raises all of us three levels higher and makes us fly… Yay! The whole planet would light up with all of us! ;)

What feels better and more important and keeps giving you joy longer (and I mean true joy – not just satisfying an addiction. Yes, you have to look inside of you truly ;).): another piece of silverware or a friend who gives you a warming hug, spends her/his time to listen whenever you need it and is there for you – quality time together? What sticks longer in your memories: the laughter and fun you’ve had on a certain day or the number of presents you get? Look for the real joy. What do all the presents on this planet mean if you were alone on it??

Giving also means “to yourself”. Yes, why is it that we give and give to others until we are totally depleted…burned out…and still are giving or trying to? Bring the energy and attention back to you. Only when you are happy and fulfilled you can help others to be happy! So, start giving to yourself!

View your body as your temple as it is so happy to serve you as a truly magic being. Feel it and soak it up. Listen to its clear signals that tell you “here! I need help. Please, don’t do that to me!”…or “yeaaah, that feels sooo good”. See it as your partner and friend and show affection. Join a group of positive people to do sports together with, get a message or simple add green smoothies during your day. Your body will thank you with lots of energy, health and positive feelings :). (You could even start right now by learning more about raw foods and how to loose weight: Make little changes in your lifestyle and learn to communicate with your inner wisdom again. Listen to your intuition that screams inside of you to tell you where to go. All it needs is some quiet time, some peace – preferably in nature :). Let all those emotions flow to release the blockages that were built years ago…probably in childhood.

Often we don’t want to look at the reality because it might mean we have to change. What are we afraid of? Are we afraid of the fear?? ;) Or of the new challenge we might face? It is – after all – easier than we think. And once we get on the real path it flows by itself. Things magically just fall in place and we do glow and could never imagine our life being like it was before.

Change doesn’t have to be huge – it comes in tiny steps. We do it every day. If we want it or not. So, why not choose it consciously and pick the type of change we desire? Oh yes, I know all those excuses our ego makes up…and usually you can watch this happening when someone argues really strong against something (that something was good for her/him). If you feel that strange feeling of “I know s/he’s right but I don’t want to admit it and have to find a way to prove him/her wrong” – you hit the point…and it would be wise to look deeper into that topic and pull your ego back again ;).

With the help of friends change goes so much smoother and easier. You could make a “change party” and have lots of fun with it! Make it a day of giving and receiving true gifts from the heart! Let me know when you do so I can be there, too ;).

After all I wish you a wonderful holiday season with lots of laughter, fun and love! Truly look at you and your friends and find out what you really need and how you can meet those needs (yours are as important as theirs!). You can’t always fix it with money. It’s the feeling someone receives when you make this person feel the most important one. It’s that energy you give that this person can find a way out of his/her situation and helps her change to a happy self by her/himself that empowers even more. It’s that magical lift-up that gives sparkles in your friends eyes and the warmth they receive from it. Yes, it’s a time of giving and receiving – from deep inside out. Shine like a star and be happy like one, too! You are well worth it!

Be thankful for all your real friends and everything you receive – and for all the love and energy that is around you! Be grateful for everything we have and for the luck of being able to choose! Thank YOU for being there!! :) Big warm hugs to you!

Make a wish and send it to the universe!

I’d be happy to hear from you! Tell me what you truly wish for right here on the comments and encourage others to do the same! We are all one big family :).

29 November 2009

Fall is fun!

Even though it gets cooler fall is still a fun time :)... diving in leaves or a leave fight...all is great for children (and Moms who stayed young ;)...).

What have you done this fall?? Feel free to post what you love to do with your children during that time of year!! I would love hear from you :).

This was our raw cake for Halloween. My son decorated it with cashew cream. It was sooo yummy!! :) He's the best "cook" and always invents new recipes. He also cooks with me for his father because as he puts it: "I want to be able to provide for my wife later and cook for her - if I meet one that doesn't want to eat raw - and I don't want you to do all the work alone" *meltaway**sigh* Yes, children still spreak from and through their hearts....and hit ours! ;) He is 8 now...and so smart.

Summer camp 2009

I just realized I haven't shown you what was going on during our last camp (in July). So, here are some impressions. We've had so much luck with the weather. There were about 60 people (including children) ages 0 - 64! So much fun and information. This week was filled with lectures about health. There was a self-defence class every morning...yaaaawn. (But as my children and me slept outside it was easy to wake up with the sun ;)...) The whole group learned about wild edibles and how to identify them. We went swimming in a close-by lake and did fun games with the children. We prepared our food together and learned from each other :). It makes it so much easier to live in a group of like-minded folks :). Yes, we need a tribe! Who's with me?? I have so many ideas I don't have the time to realize them all. If you are interested email me. Let's work together! Anyway, here are some pictures for you:

This was the camp site. Do you see the tiny white spots in the forest? That's where we were...beeeautiful.
The kids had fun in a sandy spot near a creek (all right next to our spot). Germany is beautiful. Come on over and enjoy it with us next time!! :)
This is where we've held our lectures mostly. You can never get too much sun ;).

And of course we couldn't miss our camp fires! They are a must :). With singing and laughing we usually ended the days :).
If you want to join us those are the next dates in Germany:
29 May - 4 June 2010 Spring camp
24 - 31 July 2010 Summer camp
I'd be happy to welcome you "on board"!

30 October 2009

Happy Halloween!!

I wish all of you a creepy, funny and happy Halloween!! We'll have lots of fun playing games with friends and enjoying delicious raw treats! Pictures will follow soon :).

You will find lots of yummy recipes here: "Healthy Halloween Treats: Quick, Nourishing and Delicious - Recipes and Rituals To Delight Children of All Ages". You can order it here:

This was my daughter's birthday. She was happy about her cat cake. A fun filled day with lots of dancing and laughter followed :).

22 October 2009

I have a dream...

This dream is not about’s about all of us and it is important. But let me explain. I dreamed one night about many military planes flying to a country, many tanks, etc. to stock up the “power”. I was shocked and horrified to see what was happening. I couldn’t believe – I didn’t want to. That a country would choose to kill more I didn't want to believe and be part in. I made my way through to the highest people of those countries. I was of neither nationality but got caught in the middle of it. The killing had already started - one man of one nationality watching in the eye of another man of another nationality. It was crazy. How could that happen? We are all humans – all children of one peaceful power yet wanting to kill each other …for what reason?? I so wanted to stop that craziness. I carried a baby in a sling that just had lost his mother and the other country’s people (who were poorer) realized that I would do the same as their mothers did and still do to this day. This baby hadn’t stop crying until it felt safe at a woman's body. We all need warmth and closeness, we all need to feel understood…and it starts as a baby.

I made my way through to the presidents of these countries who where about to have a discussion about how to solve this conflict with arguing about the resources and the problems they saw at the outside world. My heart screamed to change things…and this is what I did. I truly made my way through with the help of the creator (I asked HIM if my message is important he’d find a way for me to get through to tell them all HIS word through me). I am still thankful for it :). I spoke to the leaders and told them:
“I understand you are mad. You are disappointed in each other. You think you are treated wrong. But that’s only the outside. Please look here. I carry this child who is peacefully laying in my arms now – a child who has lost his mother because you thought the killing would make things better…because you thought that by showing your anger through killing and wanting to prove your power you’d solve problems. Please look closer. I know you love your women and children as we love our loved ones. Killing and fighting doesn’t solve problems. We need to create peace in our hearts and within us in order to create peace on earth. Please let’s start to teach that to our children – our next generation. If we all had everything we needed (a piece of land to grow what we need, a shelter and love which we always have) there wouldn’t be any need to have wars. Please open your eyes. I love your people as much as I love mine. I see the anger in your eyes and can feel what you are going through. We need to change the way we look at things and start with ourselves. I ask you to now show us how good you are as true leaders and start to teach peace – no false agreements for pieces of this earth – our mother – that belongs to all of us anyway. How can you fight over an arm of your "mother" when she wants to be there for all of us? And there is enough space for all of us. Together we can transform this planet into a flourishing paradise which it is! We can turn deserts into green oases, we can live in peace with animals as our brothers and sisters. We are creators made by our father – the big CREATOR who loves us all so much! We are ONE! Let’s teach how to be in peace so we can finally live up to our purpose and are a good example for our children!"

After I had spoken to them – without everybody else noticing first – they realized smart as they were ;) that they are on the wrong path and stopped fighting. It was amazing as now the “air” was open for suggestions from everybody of their folks. There where many people rushing to the presidents showing them how to plant gardens, how to live healthy and with fun and love – raw foods were brought up. It was a happy and inspiring place to be as now people felt heard and could share their precious knowledge. Everybody was eager to share. The leaders were impressed and relieved because they felt they didn’t have to “rule” the country by themselves. If the flow of love is intact and flowing things are going to happen just perfectly – as for ourselves so for the whole nation as well as the whole civilization on this planet! It’s all connected and it works so well if we (as well as the leaders) let go and trust. If they hear the people who hurt and grant them their needs. If a poor person steels he is not happy because he has too less in his life. People taking drugs are not satisfied, not feeling loved and want to escape this world. Make this planet a nice place to be in and a place you can believe in, a place where everybody can share their talents and is welcome to do so…and there won’t be any need to take drugs as people looove to be understood, heard and feel needed. They love to bring in their talents and love to help build something amazing. Everybody wants to feel important – and everybody is! If we can just see it and give everybody what they need!!! It starts with a piece of land…and some help for each other!

Yes, there is so much build up knowledge and potential in everybody. If we just get together – also with other countries (there is no rich and poor, no you are better than them…It’s an illusion!!) – we can move this planet to it’s highest purpose in this universe! We can make things shine and flourish!! We all have something to share. We are all here for a purpose and everyone of our stories and talents is special and important! Start to live your purpose in love and peace on this wonderful planet – as you are meant to be. Start to be the creator you agreed to come here!

If you are interested in helping to create a community with like-minded people (children included!) please contact me: Together we can change the world! :)

What I have in mind is this: I would like to purchase a big piece of land and would offer it to other families, etc. with one rule: It has to be turned into a piece of paradise :). It should be self-sustainable for the family, organic gardening, permaculture and an "organic" house (e.g. straw bale, mud, wood, earth, etc.). As there will be other families we will help each other building our dream homes and gardens, etc. and at the same time build strong tribal connections. We would "school" our children together - learning from daily life. Animals would be welcome as well. The atmosphere is filled with love and laughter. :) We treat our mother earth with respect and love and are thankful for everything our Father gives us! We know we are responsible for ourselves and act accordingly - eat healthy (raw foods or close to), respect each other's ways and share our talents freely! We are open to new things and in flow with the energy! To a wonderful place called "Paradise on Earth"!

Please join if you carry the same dream in your heart! I'd be happy to have you on board!

24 July 2009

The Green Smoothie Day is coming up soon...

Just a quick reminder. If you are thinking about getting healthier and have been waiting for the right time to start...or if you just want to treat you with something good and yummy. Join the international Green Smoothie Day on 15 August!

For more info go here:

19 July 2009

A happy camp... over and the next one coming up soon!

Those are part of the wonderful people that attended the Raw Fun Family Camp from 31 May - 6 June 2009 in Germany:

Raw Fun Family Camp in spring 2009 in Germany

There once was a Mom feeling to give to this planet and created raw food family camps for children, their parents and everybody else from 0 – 100+ years old to form a tribe so one can see and experience with like-minded friends how great you can feel eating fresh produce…and with support from a community :). There are between 40 and 100 people every time. Now the 4th camp is over and the 5th is coming in just a few days - yippeeee! All of them love it and many come back every year again.

To give you a quick look into our tribal life just follow me and I will show you :).

The morning air was filled with blender sounds ;)…after picking wild edibles many transformed them into delicious green smoothies ;). Well nourished and relaxed we started the day with a happy get-together (singing, games, meditation). It was lots of fun.

During the mornings we also had very interesting lectures about ecological building and living (e.g. what paints and materials to use in order to protect yourself from all those harmful radiations around us like cell phones, cordless phones, wireless computers, etc.), organic clothes, unconditional basic income, the love teachings of a Hawaiian called Ho’onoponopono and cooperation with nature where we all lerned in amazement how to communicate with nature and love! It was a very interesting and eye-opening experience to learn to communicate with your snails, mosquitoes, tics and other animals and plants in order to live in peace with them and within you as you are the cause of every imbalances in and around you!!! I do highly recommend this one as peace on earth can only start with ourselves!! Make peace with all those little and big critters and learn to love every plant as they all have a purpose and are more than happy to talk and cooperate to you :). I will write more about it soon!

After lunch we’ve had time to answer all those questions moms, dads and singles have, went swimming in the near-by river or played games with the children. Some went on bike rides or on hikes. Nature around there was so beautiful. The first cherries were gone quick along the way ;). Often the meadows were visited by some strange looking two-legged “cows” – it was funny and nice to pick and eat with others ;).

Dinner was usually eaten together again and we enjoyed time together around the fire, candles or rooms (depending on the weather). We laughed, sang, played games or just had plain fun :).

Faster than I wanted the time was over again and we were sad to leave but filled with great experienes. This year for the first time we have two camps and the next one is coming in just a few days – so, something to look forward again :))).

At the end a happy group left with lots of emotions and experiences which will carry them through the next months (or until we meet again ;)…). Thanks to all of them this one again was an amazing time we won’t ever forget.

I also filmed a lot. I am making a film out of it and will let you know as soon as it's done :) you can get a better feeling for it!!
Till then,
I love you all!
Sonja - with bright smiles of happiness on her face thinking about the camps :)

15 June 2009

The Raw Food Pyramid

To make it easier for everybody to understand the simple and good vegan raw food lifestyle I put together a "Raw Vegan Food Pyramid" :). Hope it helps! Let me know what you think.

The energy and vitamin provider are fruits. I also count in tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. I actually try to avoid too much sweet fruit (especially bananas as they can cause lots of trouble with teeth...and - in my experience cause kids to get hyperactive and out of balance as they usually don't eat that many greens they'd need to puffer them. I also observed they build up the aggressive level of children dramatically... That happened to my son anyway.). So, to balance them and add the necessary minerals you need lots of greens. Wild edibles are perfect as they are loaded with minerals. But any other greens will do a good job, too. Sea vegetables and sprouts are a great source of minerals, too. All of them also deliver protein - wild edibles like stinging nettles and thistles for example are up and above ;). Hey, through greens you get strong as they give you the necessary amino acids to build protein the easy way!
Vegetables are a great source of minerals and they are not so sweet (besides carrots, of course). But many people don't get full with just them. Some combine nuts and roots and live fine with it. It's a matter of testing what is best for you. As always: Listen to YOUR body! :)
As for the grains - we personally don't use any at all. They don't seem to digest very well (unless they are sprouted). What we do use, though, is buckwheat which is not a grain but grass ;). We use it soaked and a day or two sprouted in sauces, shakes, doughs, etc. and live fine with it. Just be careful to not sprout it too long as the buckwheat greens are actually toxic and can cause all kinds of irritations, sun sensibility and more!
We do eat nuts - but not as a main meal ;). It might be a hand full if any. Almonds and coconuts (which are seeds) are best to digest. Coconuts - especially the young ones - are great and very nutritious for babies, too! Their water is very similar to breastmilk. :) Try to avoid those heavy nut patés. They can cause more trouble then help... I also don't use too many avocados and other fatty fruits. Children and active people are different, of course. They need more of it. But for me - a normal busy mother - I am fine with just a little. ;) I also usually don't eat fats in the morning. At lunch time is perfect for me.
Last are the processed foods like dried and dehydrated things like fruits, crackers, etc. and cakes, pizzas, patés, etc. All the kitchen raw food is quite hard to digest and one usually feels it quickly. ;) Try to stay away from those. We eat cakes, etc. for birthdays and holidays but definetely not as an everyday meal!! Also things like agave nectar and oils are very concentrated. My rule of thumb is: If you can pick it eat it. :) Meaning that everything nature provides we should eat the way it's grown. And if you really tasted an apple or a ripe mango, etc. you know that just this simple fruit is a "creamy cake" by itself (let alone a durian which tastes like cream pudding...) - if it is organic. It has a paradisical taste that no confectionist can clone. The only things we do prepare are green smoothies, sauces and sometimes ice cream ;). But fresh foods are simply the foods nature provides for us and God created for us :). So, appreciate them and enjoy - simply and easily :)!
Lots of fun picking and soaking up those abundant energies waiting to fulfill all your senses :)! Try it, test it - always listing to YOUR body - and let me know how it works out for you!! This is only meant to be a guide as there is so much confusion in the raw food world nowadays!!

12 May 2009

Raw Mom Summit

A happy helloooo :),

I am soooo excited to be part of a wonderful and very needed summit that will take place soon. Please watch the preview and join us!! Spread the word!! I am happy to meet you there! Please leave your comments :). I am ALWAYS grateful to hear from you.

Learn more about this wonderful event where there will be 27 women and men from around the world sharing their knowledge about children, birth, pregnancy and more!

Again, here is the link for more info:

24 April 2009

How to avoid self-pollution! Tips about staying healthy inside and out :)

When I go through a store I am always amazed at all those supplements I see. As if nature wouldn’t provide for us! Hm…but yes that exactly is the point. We are not living naturally anymore. And we feel it, our children and friends do but many don’t do anything about it. More and more people start to get sick or have been for many years going from one doctor to the next just to find out there is no cure. L That doesn’t mean there is nothing that helps them. Medication doesn’t help for sure. It often makes it worse as our bodies have to fight even more chemistry in our bodies which are overloaded with toxins anyway.

If you imagine just through breathing the polluted air your body has to work extra hours trying to get rid of those toxins. Now, add the artificial foods, the chemicals taking in through your skin (e.g. chlorine through water or harmful substances through your clothing..) and your body is overwhelmed. It starts to store all those toxins it can’t deal with in your fat depots trying to keep the body from the biggest harm – destroying your vital organs. Yes, your body actually does everything to survive…but enough is enough and one time every body – if not taken care of – flows over and can’t handle all those unnatural substances it is not meant to deal with from the beginning. Illnesses and ailments occur.

So, how to help our bodies to get back to a state where it can deal with those high requirements? First of all you want to help it get rid of all those toxins that accumulated over the years. Second, you want to get back to as much nature as possible – that includes the food, too – our daily intake of nutrients, vitamins and minerals our body needs so desperately in order to cleanse and maintain it’s level of health. But not only the food. Make sure you don’t use those chemical (highly toxic) cleaners. Just read those warnings on the outside of it you get sick…and wonder how in the living cucumber you can let a substance like that come even close to you. It is proven that many women get cancer because they usually inhale those highly toxic fumes of cleaning agents!

What we don’t put out doesn’t come back… If we don’t buy those harming chemicals the industry doesn’t have to produce it anymore which helps the whole planet us included. We do get it all back through our drinking water, soils, etc. So be smart! And don’t be tricked through advertisements, etc. They usually just want to sell.

Tips for your health and a healthy environment:

- use soap nuts to wash your hair, clothes, etc. (All you have to do is just soak them in water overnight and use this soap water)

- use hand soaps that are made of natural substances (no chemicals added)

- don’t use air deodorants/purifiers, etc. unless it’s simple and natural oils – also think about the ones you hang in your car!

- Use an organic tooth paste (with NO fluoride, glycerin, etc.! Studies showed that fluoride is highly toxic, too. They put it in tooth pastes because they would have to pay high sums to discard it as a poisonous substance. Glycerin keeps a film on your teeth that doesn’t wash off for a long time. Your teeth are living and “breathing” organisms as well. Through their dental canals they take in the minerals they need to thrive! They can’t do that if they are plastered with stuff!). If you can’t find any make it yourself – use clay, charcoal, salt water, etc.

- As deodorant use powders that are free of alcohol and chemicals as well!

- Watch those hair sprays, etc.! Another study mentioned that those fumes can have serious effects on unborn babies. If they are not good for pregnant women they are not good at all! Learn to love yourself like you are! Same goes for hair dyes, etc. How can you think it is ok for your hair and body to do what you want and get away with it ;) ? Often it gives you signs like broken hair, etc. You will get the results if you don’t start to think finally.

- Drink pure dwell water. If you know of a clean one fill your water bottles there. That’s what we do, too.

- Use glass containers instead of plastic. It is unbelievable how much pollution origins from the production of plastic bottles, bags, etc.

- Use foldable boxes, cloth bags, etc. for shopping! The packers might look a little funny first (depending on where you go. Some stores already have grocery cloth bags.) if you tell them to put it in your brought bags or just in your cart but it’s worth it. E.g., in Germany you have to put your groceries in your cart and in boxes, etc. as there are no packers and tons of plastic bags. ;) Altogether we can change the world!!

- Buy only natural fresh produce (preferably organic to avoid all those pesticides your fruits and veggies are sprayed with). Or do you honestly believe cornflakes and co. grow on trees??? ;) Eat healthy raw foods to maintain your level of health or become great, loose weight – by itself on the way! Feed your body with tons of vitamins and minerals the natural way!! It desperately needs them to get rid of the toxins, too. Plus, stop eating dead foods – what you can’t put in soil and grow it it dead! (A great experiment for your children, too…try it with marshmallows, steaks, mashed potatoes ;)…)

- Many wild edibles (as well as other greens but the wild ones are stronger and do it better) for example help to flush the chemicals out of your system. Cilantro and chlorella alges are also great to pull the toxic metals out that later on might have led to alzheimers, etc.! Drink lots of clean water, too.

- Eat a spoon full of clay or charcoal (with water) to soak up those toxins that got free and floating around in your body, blood streams, etc. Charcoal as well as clay have a very high capacity of binding chemicals and toxins. That’s why animals eat clay from time to time or we take it when we have diarrhea or poisoned ourselves. You can also very well apply it topically. If you have wounds, stings, bites, etc. just mix clay and water and apply it on it! It will pull the bad stuff out and help it heal! A natural bandage!

- Use organic clothing! You won’t believe how many chemicals are found in our clothes our skins have to deal with 24/7! Or why do you think the cotton pickers of sprayed fields die or develop serious diseases just doing their job??

- You don’t need a sterile home! Bacteria are good for you. When you kill them all expect to develop allergies, etc. as your body is programmed to those good bacteria all around us. They help us! Eating dirt is a good thing – also for children! Just make sure it is not poisoned by humans!! If you clean with toxins substances you kill the good and the bad ones! The body can very well deal with the bad ones if the good ones aren’t destroyed ;).

- Do not use medication! I know that sounds really “bad” now. Of course, if you take things that you need you have to transition carefully to a diet full of minerals and vitamins (I don’t mean the artificial supplements you find in the supermarket – they are “dead”). But most of the time you can get back to a healthy and happy life without toxic medication! Please think about it. Look here for people who did it: She did it - you can, too!

- If you really want to loose weight stop all those crazy diets! They make your body go nuts, too! Most of them are deprived in all kinds of minerals, etc. that you might have been told you have to take as pills instead! Think, think, think and make the right decisions. Why eat harmful substances that you try to get rid through more harmful substances… Do you really think that works?? If you eat a balanced raw food diet you will help your body with everything it needs to loose weight and you don’t even have to think about it or count calories, etc.! All you have to do is eat the RIGHT stuff!

- You might want to start with an amaaaaaazing 6-week deep tissue detox like this: Yes, I want to detox and receive more free information!

- Water for every day use is often highly poisonous, too. When I lived in Texas, e.g. the chlorine was as high as in a swimming pool! Not even are the fumes so dangerous to damage your lungs while inhaling it but your skin suffers immensely, too. We ran into lots of trouble with our skin due to showers and baths! Use filters wherever you can – good ones! And make sure you don’t help polluting the water with chemicals!

- Do you like those rubber clogs? They are so comfortable…but their substances they are made of are not great at all. Wear them with socks or not at all…

- Don’t use sun blockers! They cause skin cancer. Our skin is very well able to deal with the sun if we are smart about introducing it to it. Stay out of the hot noon sun, stay in shades especially during those times, use clothes to protect yourself rather than crèmes, etc. If your skin tanned and got used to the sun you can stay longer in it without problems. Of course, you can use mud to cover and protect yourself, too! :) The sun is very important to us – we breathe it’s energy and thrive through it. Take it as your friend instead of your enemy and it won’t harm you. It is our life spending fuel. Soak it up. Without it we wouldn’t be able to live.

- Why using sun glasses? Our eyes need the light…and can deal with it well, too.

- If you build your house or do other creative things watch what you use as paints, carpets, building material. A straw bale house might come a lot closer to a great atmosphere than a toxin loaded finished one. Carpets are often full of damaging fumes, too…

Hehe…do you want to come with me live in nature? Let’s go to the dschungle ;). I know you must feel like that right now. But then you start thinking about all those dangerous animals, etc. (that’s part of those fears we are fed on all our life as well…not necessarily true) and you realize “let’s just start where we live”! I can assure you it is possible – in our civilization even more than anywhere – to live a healthy and non-toxic life! Let’s start right here and now. What are you throwing out first? J I want to hear from you! Please leave your comments and motivation for others, too.

If you don’t know where or how to start check this out: "How to get started with raw foods"

I know this sounds like you can’t do anything anymore…but it is only in the beginning. Change slowly if it seems overwhelming to you. Feel the difference and enjoy and fresh air and the sun :). If not changing everything at least think about what I wrote…

31 March 2009

Get fit through sleep!

Do you know the feeling of getting up tired and not relaxed? You wake up but you feel like you haven´t had enough rest? This is what happens to many people when they go to bed too late. The saying “the hours before midnight count double” is not far away from the solution.

Let’s go back to where we come from – without electricity. For some reason the modern society enjoys the late night activities. But our ancestors as well as wild life or natural tribes all go to bed at an early time…mainly when the sun goes down. During summer time also before the sun set (depending on where you live). Unless you are a nocturnal animal you, too, should go to bed early – before 8 pm…or even earlier. At least don't eat anything late as the body needs its energy to recover and not to digest! If you eat only until it get's dark - around 5 or 6 pm - you will feel the difference the next morning!

Our bodies have been programmed for many millions of years to live with nature. All our organs recover at night…if they are allowed to and get the necessary rest. The result is a well rested body and a refreshed mind. It is a different start to the day! Try it. As an extra bonus you won’t need an alarm clock anymore. You will wake up happy at the right time. As you’ve slept during the early evening hours you are likely to sleep less…but still be rested and fresh the next morning. Sleep before midnight is known to be deeper and better. A personal plus for me is the quiet time… If you go to bed at around 7 or 8 pm you might wake up at around 3 or 4 am to the first birds singing…and a peaceful morning…sooo relaxing. Enjoy a meditation, listen to the birds and soak in that fresh clean air. It feels soooo good. It is a different standard of life!

Now you want to know how to start? Hihi….you lie in bed rolling over and over at 7 pm not being able to go to sleep? Yes, your body is not used to it yet. Most people in western society are used to staying up ´till at least 10 pm. In order to change your rhythm, set your alarm for early in the morning. Don’t worry you won’t need it for much longer. Get up at around 3 am! If you get tired again take a refreshing nap later in the morning or in the afternoon (but not a long one – especially in the afternoon!!). Do the transitioning at the weekend (maybe even a long one). Soon you will be tired enough to go to bed early. When you have managed to do this give your body the necessary rest…and sleep until you wake up. If you go to bed at 7 pm that might first be around 5 or 6 am…but it will get shorter and better in a couple of weeks. Just give your body time to adjust…you will feel the difference…and soon you will start your day fresh and bright at 4 in the morning! That´s a promise.

Oh, so you can’t see this working in our society? Your partner wants to talk to you at night? The best movies come on at night? You want to go out at night?? All life seems to take place at night??? J Don’t worry you will get used to it quickly…and so will your friends. They will still lie in bed drowsy while you have already done your chores …waiting for everybody else to get up! Show your partner how great it is…and get up together in the morning. If TV is that important to you, just think of the creative hours you miss through it,…live life instead of watching it ;)…) you can always tape shows etc. and watch them in the morning… TV doesn’t attract me anymore. In fact the opposite is the case…as soon as I got rid of this habit, I felt sooo much better…as I can use the hours I gained to write you nice letters ;)…or do many other things. A soon as I opened up my mind to creation instead of observation I got active instead of passive in front of the TV. My creative juices started to really flowing. It’s like you allow your soul to finally talk to you…you give it the time to open up to universal energies…and that - to me – is worth more than anything. Life is fun again. I feel alive and don’t like to vegetate anymore. But that is just my personal opinion. Feel free to share your opinions, too!
I also found out that many people try to live life…acting (yes, like the actors on TV!!) they are living…but don’t seem to feel it… They might say “I love you”…but can’t connect to you. The bond is not there. They lost it…through their habit of passive living! Do you know what I mean?? But enough about TV (that is another article again…).

Go to bed early and don't eat too late. Try it…just for a couple of weeks. If you don’t like it you can always go back…but I doubt you will want to.. ;). If you have children…go to bed with them. As a mother of two active little ones I am often tired enough anyway…and am glad to lie in bed falling asleep with them. It helps them to build a healthy habit, too.

Happy sleeping! .


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And a great video for homeschool interested ones:

02 March 2009

Detoxifying your life!

by Sonja Watt (

How does your body get rid of toxins?

Many people don’t seem to understand their bodies. In order to shed some light, I wrote down some facts about your body’s signs. There are different ways of detoxifying:

- through skin
- lymph
- blood
- mucus (nose, throat, lungs)
- colon
- breathing
- feet
- sweat
- nails
- mind

Let’s go through them. The skin is the biggest organ. Through it you detoxify a lot. You can see it when you have pimples, rashes, different colors, itching, etc. It is the mirror of your soul. If you are not happy it shows through your skin. If you take care of yourself and your body, eat lots of raw, fresh - and no artificial - foods, you will soon have a great skin. You also need to drink a lot of fresh juices or clean water. (No alcohol, soft drinks, chlorinated water, etc., please! That makes it worse!). A bath with Epsom salt helps to draw out the toxins. You might feel tired afterward...but good the next day.

The lymphatic system is a very important one, too, and often not recognized. The lymph’s work is to move toxins out of your body. That’s why lymph nodes swell when you are sick; they work extra hard at this time. To help it move the toxins out better you can exercise or brush your skin in the direction the lymph flows.

Blood is the river of life. It delivers lots of toxins out of your body. That’s why blood tests can only tell you about the health state of your body at a particular moment. It might look totally different again tomorrow or even an hour later when you’ve had something to eat, etc. Here as well, exercise and drink lots of fluids to thin the blood in order to help it flush out all the waste ;).

When you are coughing or have a runny nose, again…be happy. Your body is just trying to throw it all out. (There is no need for ear tubes…the body solves it by itself.) It will more or less depend on how you live. My runny nose, coughing, etc. pretty much disappeared after I went raw… Remember, if you put toxins in they have to come out…yes, even through puke…yuck. Listen to your body and act appropriately. Drink lots! And don’t take medication! That stops the process…but doesn’t complete it!! Learn to understand your body’s signs. Be your own doctor. Only you can understand what is really going on! Take responsibility. We try to give it away often enough. See the truth and go for it!!!

Colon: our second - or even first - brain. There is so much to say about your intestines it would take another book. I’ll make it short. Your colon is one of the most important centers, if not THE most important. If your colon is messed up you can’t be healthy. It’s also the place from which your body operates, the center of your immune system and much more. It is very sensitive and reacts to every one of your misbehaviors. It definitely cannot deal with artificial chemicals in food or drinks. Most importantly, stay raw, or at least as natural as possible. Stay away from processed food if you want to heal!! Colon dis-Eases are healable….if you are willing to change your lifestyle!! To help it during extreme detoxifying (you will feel nauseous, weak, etc.) or to give a head’s start when transitioning to raw foods, etc. do hydrocolonic therapies or enemas. (Enemas are said to be less efficient than colonics.) If might feel awkward first…but do it anyway. Lots of fresh juices and water do help, too! You will love the feeling of lots of energy afterwards…a clear mind, a happy body and overall health.

Through air your body cleans as well. Every time you breathe you blow out toxins. You can smell it, too, sometimes…especially if you know people who smoke…or eat meat, etc. It is important to breathe right…and you can even breathe away asthma! Make sure you always breathe out deep. Exercise! Hee hee…yes, and of course the air coming out the other end… You can smell immediately if you have a problem that way. ;) Actually, your skin is breathing, too. And it’s known that scouts were able to breathe only through skin…amazing, isn’t it? So, clean up your skin and pores…in order to breathe better. J

Hee hee…smelly feet…I think everybody knows those. ;) The bottoms of your feet are big detoxifiers. It’s said you can read the health state of a person by the bottoms of his or her feet. There are many things offered nowadays to show you how much comes out of there. Do these help?? I don’t know. A foot bath in warm or ionized water, or with Epsom salt, helps… as does lots of exercise. And drink, drink, drink! Most of all…put healthy stuff in you, as what goes in comes out again. ;) Simple but true!

Not only for the feet but for the whole body, it is important…to sweat! Through sweating your body washes out more toxins…Yes, you can smell it, too. If your liver (which has to deal with all those toxins) is overloaded, you might sweat extensively at night. Drink some water and again…put in raw fresh foods. The simplest way possible is best. (Not lots of raw food preparation in the kitchen, but the way God made them for us… Eat them like they are, and don’t forget the wild edibles!!).

You might also see a detoxifying process taking place through your nails! For a shorter or longer while your nails might turn yellow, etc. It is another outlet for your body. Especially, if you’ve consumed quite a lot of medication, you might have to deal with it for a longer while…but it will leave you again once its job is done! Don’t block it with more medication, but help it, through a healthy fresh and energizing lifestyle! Most of all – be patient!

And what your body can’t get rid of…it stores! Don’t let it get there; cancer, tumors, etc. are another form of protection! Your body will always make sure to protect the most important organs. It will store proteins (like from meats and other animal products) and chemicals (from processed and artificial foods), etc. that it can’t use in your system. It is stored first where it hurts least…like fat depots…arteries, etc., but the more comes in, and the more it can’t handle… the more it develops… so you get more and more seriously sick! Stop before you get there…and help your body detoxify! Rest! A good night’s rest is always important; please read about natural sleep (also written by me) to understand what I mean. Visit my website at to learn about the importance of wild edibles. They play a big role in detoxifying your body, too!

Now go on, live healthy and enjoy the abundance of joy and happiness you earn through it!! It is definitely worth the changing!! Always use your mind, too, to make it happen. Imagine yourself as that happy old person who is still actively running around, laughing and having fun!! Live as we are meant to live: made by God… Eat what He provides for us, grown through His love and light. But try for yourself! Always listen to YOUR body… I just offer suggestions. What you make of it is up to you! But if you don’t try it you’ll never know. ;)

Oh…I forgot an important one: Your mind! Yes, even your mind will detoxify if your body gets to the next level of health. You will go through different emotions. Go through them and don’t try to numb them! They are coming up to disappear. Observe them and let them go! And awake to a clearness of your mind you have never known before!! Your whole self awakes again and all your creative juices and energies will start to make you the happiest person on this planet. We can never have enough of those! So, enjoy the ride and look forward to your never-ending goal J…of a happy and fulfilling life, connected to nature and the spiritual energies again, this time not only through words…but through a deep feeling inside of you. You will shine like a light and everybody will be able to see it! Happy detoxifying!

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15 January 2009

A happy new year to all of you!!

Here again some impressions from Germany....

I love to go over those beautiful Christmas markets! Snow even makes it prettier.

Ice crystals on a branch. Those wonders of nature always make me wonder ;)...and smile.

Snowflakes, snowflakes... This time it's ice flakes...grown on a snowy lake :). Terrific, aren't they?

Christmas was a harmonious and magic time with family. We've had a great time together with lots of presents, friendship and delicious meals :). Silvester and New Year's day we celebrated with friends. This was our buffet:
Delicious cucumber boats...
...and more yummy fresh party snacks for our New Year's party :).
Life is fun and we enjoy it every day. Thanks to raw foods we are just as happy and healthy as can be. Wish the same for you this year!! If you don't know about it yet...zoom into my newsletter and learn more. It's well worth it :).
Have a magnificent time!