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02 March 2008

Another happy & fun filled week went by...

It's always sad when they go...our dear guests...but I am also happy they loved it! Last week was just great. We've had looots of fun and connecting time but also shared a lot...learned about raw foods and living it in your daily nights and happy bouncing trampoline dreamers ;)... I love it! All kinds of arts appeared around here and lots of laughter, too. Yes, life is supposed to be fun. I am always grateful as I learn a lot from each and every one of you as well. Therefore, I have some more things planned that you will get to know within the next few weeks.

Everybody is so special and wonderful. And everybody has something they can especially good. We just have to go for it! We are here on earth for a fulfil our purpose. Find out about it and go for it!! I am here to motivate strengthen go for what your heart sings...and take watch your children (and I don't mean watch them all the time...driving them nuts ;)...but make sure they can grow up healthy...physically as well as mentally!!) I will write more about that in my newsletter.

But now a few pictures for you to see what was going on here ;).
Yes, you have to work here :)...but this time it's fun!! Big and small....all love it!!
And this is what one of them thought about it:
"I had the most wonderful and relaxing time on my two day stay with Sonja, Ron, Justin and Jessica as well as my daughter Kaya who came with me. There were many points of realization for me that helped me to recognize some behaviors and feeling that I had that didn't come from a space of love. I learned so much about love while I was here as I saw a peaceful family live harmoniously with an abundance of love and light. It has helped me to incorporate more patience, love and understanding into my life with Kaya and Christopher my fiancé. I even get to take some of Sonja's delicious 'cheesecake' back for him! ....."

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