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26 January 2012

Deeeelicious chocolate spread!

Here in Germany we have a very tasty chocolate spread (called Nutella) usually used on bread. Since it's not that great healthwise I did it as a raw version today. I was so faszinated by its similar wonderful taste I have to share the recipe with you!! Soooo if you are looking for a healthy chocolate spread try THIS:

Raw Nutella

1 cup hazelnuts
1-2 table spoons coconut oil
about 10 dates
2 table spoons carob powder

With a dry Vitamix grind the hazelnuts to powder. Fill in a bowl. Add carob powder and coconut oil. Put the dates in the blender with some water and blend until it is a smooth paste. Stir in with the hazelnut mix. For finer consistency you can also use the blender. Fill the spread into a glass jar and spread over fruit, roll up in lettuce or on raw bread. Eeeenjooooyyy!! :)

I do recommend to eat mixes like that only very rarely. Compensatory try wild edibles!! They don't just look beautiful...they give you tons of essential nutrients and help you digest, too! :) If you want to learn more about them there is a GREAT program starting soon. Check it out here: Wild Edible Online Course!! Registrations end on 31st January!!

Please commend about your favorite chocolate spread or your trials underneath this post! I am excited to hear from you!

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