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13 September 2012

Cancer is healable without chemicals!

Found this wonderful short but informative video that should be watched by everybody dealing with cancer! I do believe there is so much more out there than what we up and be thankful for everything as a reason.

So far what I have found out over the years:
- remove toxins (everything touching your skin through cremes, deo, well as electrical and other dangerous well as cleaning detergents...soap...everything)
- get your body in the alkaline levels
- detox your body & mind (alkaline baths, clay, colonics, raw food, wild edibles...)
- fill it up with natural high dosis of minerals, vitamins, etc. (many are sufficient without knowing it)
- eat raw food
- breathe deep ...and clean air
- go outside and exercise
- fresh air and SUN are important
- drink PLENTY
- follow YOUR path and passion
- allow yourself to BE
- do what you love, leave what you don't
- surround yourself with positive thinking people!!

Always remember: If nature creates a problem - nature creates a solution

What types of cancer treatments have you found that worked for you or a friend, family member? Post it below...we all want to hear about it...and need to spread knowledge like that! So, thanks for helping others if you do leave a comment.

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