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05 February 2007

Happiness inside of me

I just got a letter from a friend who asked what happiness means to me and thought you might want to know as well ;):

You asked what I call's that feeling inside of me....the fun and sparkling energy I feel when I watch my kids every day, when I smell the soft wet dirt, when I hear the birds and see the wonders of this planet...when my heart widens and I get that happy feeling in there that warms up everything and makes my mind as clear as's that feeling of waking up loving myself because I do what I am and being with me...following my lead inside of me. Hard to put in is a feeling...a very nice and peaceful one...and it burns me wanting to spread and share with everybody and everything. I looove to be out in nature as there is where I feel I belong to...that connection. That comes kinda close of what happiness is to me. Over the years - especially since I am seems to fastforward everything - that feeling got really strong...just writing these lines fills me up with love and happiness so much I could explode...and throw those sparkles everywhere around me :))). No, is pure energy and it is alive..hihi. Hope I can bring it over to you somehow, so, you can feel it, too. Let me know if it works.... Here it comes...a huge wave of love!

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