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06 April 2007

Happy Easter!!!

I wish you all a very happy Easter!!! And a delicious cake like that!!! :) Loads of fun looking for delicious egg shaped fruits ;))).. laughing, joking, dancing, playing games... Have a great time!!

I am also excited to start my first newsletter. Please email me and you can find out more about us...and how to live raw with a "normal" (non-raw) husband..who doesn't even like veggies ;)...or how to connect your loved ones and everyone...the real bonding...deep inside..not just the outside!..or how to thrive on raw...see inspiring pictures of prepared raw food or recipes...or see how your children can thrive and love it!... and much more! Please email me if you have more questions and let me know your thoughts. I love you hear from you! Let's get together, learn from each other and let's move this a higher and higher level... Fun filled family camps are coming, too. You can get excited!! Let's create that community of support and laughter!


Anonymous said...

Would love to know how to make that yummy looking cake!

I've taken a raw food class, but all of the things we made took too much time to use as every day meals. Would you be willing to share som quick and easy raw foods that picky eaters will like?

Sonja said...

I am sorry I only get to this comment so late... If you want to learn more easy raw food recipes for the whole family to enjoy...please sign in to my newsletter with lots of information und free recipes!!

Thanks for being there and asking!