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19 August 2007

Meetings for free!!

Eye-opening invitation to experience raw food, positive parenting, natural living and more !!!

Do you feel tired and just not healthy? You want to improve but don’t know how? Are you exhausted because your children behave in a way you can’t deal with? Do you want to know more about getting motivated in whatever you want to do? Would you like to feel happy like a child again…or just relax?
I offer meetings with lots of information – free of charge!! – just for you! You can learn…
· How to get started on raw foods
· How to live a happy life with your children and loved ones…and appreciate every moment with them!
· How to live as natural as possible!
· To deeply connect again…and feel that energy…join our materializing group to start manifesting your dreams…so they will come true…or find out what you truly want!
· Learn to communicate with your children…so you both end up as winners and feel understood!

Or just join a raw food picnic!! That is always fun!

You will…
· Go home full of energy with a happy feeling knowing you can change to the already did the first step by coming!
· Get motivation and support…knowing you finally want to move forward!

Come and try it! I guarantee it’s a lot of fun and laughter! Children and families are more than welcome!

I would love to share my knowledge and help make things happen for you as well….let’s make this planet a better place…for our children…our future!

If you want to join or have any questions please contact me at or visit my website at (make sure you sign up for my inspiring and motivating newsletter…with a free 12 page report about “The 7 secrets on how you can find your personal path to happiness and true connection” and get a first idea of what I am talking about J).

With happiness,
:9 Sonja

PS: I also do raw picnics, fun days, trips and Raw Fun Family Camps! To attend or receive more information please contact me at ! Most of it takes place near Austin.

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