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10 August 2007

More camps and groups!!

Ok, just back from a short family vacation...having to share some things :)... We finally started our materializing group (here in Texas) which was a lot of fun and will be continued! We did exercises about selfawareness and will do more to make things happen in our lifes. Together we support each other and will be able to focus our energies better to raise the level... I can only inspire you to start one, too!! Little growing groups of people who want to move forward and not get stuck in the same problems - that is what we need in our world!! Let's gooooo!

I also want you to be part of something else I am about to do. I want to add another site to my webpage and would love to add some of your Jennifer who just spent a wonderful week with her daughter together with us: She knows more about diets and how and why they don't work...with her experience with raw foods now... You will find her on my page soon as well. I know there are so many people out there that hurt for that kind of information!! Please let them know...and feel free to contact her. Or another wonderful person...Pam...who wants to write books about ADD, etc. and through her help inspired a child to go raw which "healed" his ADD within two weeks!!! Wonderful!! Or another friend who reversed MS by going raw!!! Pleeeease let me know, so, others can know! I hope to make it a big "Healing information" page...with your help! Let's build a network of important information! You are valuable...and there is a reason you have experiences! Please share them with us!!

I also offer weekly retreats now for only 1800 USD for the whole family!! Longterm support afterwards included! That way you have the opportunity to learn through living and watching. I will share whatever is important especially for your family! Let me introduce you to this way of life...and explore the wonders together! For individual programs, special prices and questions please contact me at ..and enjoy a transforming experience!! Here is what Jennifer (my last guest I had the chance to spend time with - thanks again!) said: "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you again for welcoming us into your home!!!!!! I learned so much from you & your family!!!!!!! Thank you for a most wonderfully enlightening experience! Not many people would just invite people into their homes to share their lives, but you are definitely unlike most people!! Hopefully we are on the road to changing that, though!! Continue to move forward, spreading the raw message throughout the U.S. and the world! I am taking so much with me that will impact my family and me FOR LIFE!! Thank you again for EVERYTING!!!! Love, Jennifer & Zoey"

Here, they are!! We miss you both!! We've had lots of fun! Exercising together...the first durian ;)))...and the litschies we got lost many yummy things...
I am sure we will hear from them again....a wonderful family..whole is able to make it work! Thanks again! And keep going!!

The next camps will be a "holiday preparation camps" for you filled with ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! The Thanksgiving preparation camp will be, you can enjoy the time with your loved ones as this is a special day I understand :). Anyway, you will be prepared by then! Prices will go down as well! I do want to make it work for you! More information and a schedule will follow soon! So, be excited :). I am not sure if stay in Texas much, if you are close by you might want to use the opportunity and join with fun into another energy filled world!!! :) I am looking forward to meet you and help you make it work in every way possible!! :)

Yours with fun,
:9 Sonja

PS: In my newsletter today: Tips about raw children...and transitioning, etc... and a yummy recipe...all for free!


R.L. said...

Were you aware that Helmut Wandmaker passed from this life on 19 July, at age 90? Not only was he a tremendous inspiration to millions of raw foods enthusiasts worldwide, he was a genuine military hero who held Germany's highest award for valor in the field, the Knight's Cross, earned during World War II. The world lost a great man in Wandmaker.

PeacefulGoddess said...

I found you! I love your site I miss you and loved speaking with you today! Germany here we come.

Sonja said...

Thank you, you two! I know about Wandmaker...through him I actually learned about the raw food diet...I am very grateful for that.

Darlene, I am looking forward to travelling with you!!