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19 September 2007

Mothering from the heart - raw mothers roar strong!

This is a t-shirt I had says in the front: If your food isn't living how can you be? I thought it looks great!! If you want one of those as well...let me know!

This time I have to share some more thoughts...from my soul.

I am here for all of you mothers to motivate, support and create a life we all enjoy again!! As mothers we learn to be as flexible as can be...learn to manage and organize a household next to children and often work...choosing to take care of a husband that is rarely home and being a psycologist, best friend, lover, soul mate, hair stylist, cook (raw food chef...or even the family transition!!!), nutritionist, teacher, life guide and more...we are there to build up people if they are down and feel with them when they go through trouble...we are there if our beloved ones and friends need us.. We know what each of our children likes and dislikes best...have a connection and deeper knowing with their souls...knot up when they get hurt...we share tears of joy and sadness....But we are also very strong. In order to be that being called mother we have to be strong...super strong. Unfortunately, it is not acknowledged very much in our world. It is up to us to change that and take us for real! It all starts with us! The female powers are so strong!! We have to get active - each of us on their own...find our personal paths...our purpose on this planet in order to develop our full potential and rock the boat :)...ehm...I mean move this planet forward! We are worth it to be treated with the highest respect!! No stumping down of emotions, feelings, etc. Trust your feelings and emotions! Stand up for yourself...also for your children! They need to see a better example in their lifes! And don't think about being egoistic!! We are fed that thought for sooo long we still believe it! It is not at all egoistic to follow your higher purpose...the guidance of your inner self...your live the connection of love and happiness...and not having to suck it from others in order to get some little bit of it...but always be disappointed and fall back into a deep whole wondering...why me?? It is very wise to go for your goals as that is why you are here! It would be egoistic to stay stuck because you think of your own dilemma over and over again... No, take your wheel in your hands again and stir it in the direction you want it to go! You can do it! Even...or because you are a mother! Only when we feel our connection again we can be true and motivated. There is no higher purpose than to serve this beautiful planet...doing what we have to do...coming from our souls!

Be able to feel yourself again in deep harmony...have that sparkling connection to your unborn baby...awaiting it with open arms...being happy about your body and the amazing abilities of it! We have such a wonderful instrument to play in it - be with it - take care of it - be grateful for it - honor it - respect it!

There is another reason speaks through my heart:
We, as humans are meant to be tribal people! It is not normal for a mother to raise her children by herself all the time! Many mothers feel overwhelmed, having to fight for some time to herself or to go to work (that they often don't like)…thinking about giving her kids to kindergarden, etc. just to have some time to herself! And feel sad doing so… We all need some space…some time to get back to our roots and re-energize…to recharge in order to function well again…to embrace our children with love and patience! When our “glasses are empty” we cannot give enough that is needed! That’s why I believe we have to come back to a tribal setting again….where mothers and fathers support each other again. Mothers doing housework, garden, etc. happily together while the children are happy to learn from adults, older kids, etc. and be able to play with each other in a safe surrounding…out in nature!!
We have to get back to our roots!
Let’s connect and get started in order to get back to our balance and happiness!! Let’s create a tribe full of love, passion and spirit!! NOW, let’s make this planet a better and safer place for the future…our children and their children… Get active! And always remember: You are valueable and worth it to have some rest and fun as well!! We are meant to have happily most of the time!!! Together…. We are all one!

You can create the life you want to can are strong...and you have a great time doing so...because you do what you love!

In happiness,
:9 Sonja

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Polson 4 said...

hey, i really appreciate reading this right now. i needed the reminder once again.

Sonja said...

:)..thanks...also for posting your comment!