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28 September 2007

The first children's raw food book! Natural living for everyone!

My first raw food children’s book…for true awakening!

How to help our children to better understand and make the best of the world we live in!

If you are a parent, grand-parent or anybody else having to do with children…this children's book is for you!! But also for adults it is a great way to understand our society! It is a wonderful story for all to understand how to make the world a little better and how to live healthier!

„How do humans live? What do they eat? What makes them happy? What do babies drink? How can we help them to make this world a better place?“ are some of the questions Little Star has on his mind. To find out the answers and many more questions follow him on his journey to a better world. „I will try my best to get the biggest star in the sky. So, every time they look up here and see me glow they will be reminded what is right and what they need to do!“

Our children are most important…for us as well as for the health and future of our planet. As parents and adults we need to make sure our children are well and grow up in a safe and healthy environment. But is our planet safe and healthy anymore??

If you want the next generations to be able to grow up happy you need to help them understand what is going on and what we can do - yes, the children, too…they are so powerful and have wonderful ideas!!! They might need us in order to help them manifest a better world… - to make it a better place for the future of our children…and their children…! Let’s take our responsibilities in our hands again and walk the path we have to go in order to make it happen!!! Strong and peaceful…but steady!

It is time to educate our young people about the truth! We also need to give them hope and motivation to make it better…and guide them on how to do it!! We need to give them time for their spirits to soar and explore…and to help them find themselves in order to get to their full potential!!

This short but intensive children's book will give you the perfect tool in your hands to understand the process we are in right now…and how to turn it to the best. It is a booklet for small and big…for young and old…for everybody who finally wants to take action and move forward on the path to happiness and health! It helps to introduce raw foods to your children and also adults. With lots of beautiful colored pictures it is simply inspiring – no matter what direction you are coming from and heading to…and how well you can read ;)…pictures can talk, too ;)…just listen! (And watch out for those jumping words to grab your attention…hihi. There is a spirit in it! A good one…to help you move to a better place.)

It is motivating for you (especially for parents/mothers) and leads you in the right direction….to deeply connect with your offspring again and with nature...and have a happy relationship ever after…:).

You will learn:
Ø What we are meant to eat
Ø How natural living looks like (breastfeeding, homebirths, carried babies and much more)
Ø The problems of our world
Ø Examples for a better life
Ø and more…

Available as e-book right now for 15.95 USD. If you would like to have it as softcover book and to order please contact me for details at

Help your children to truly understand this world!! Help their spirits to soar! Think about the bigger picture! Make it happen!! Altogether we can make it!! Let’s start… It also makes a great gift!

About the author:
Sonja Watt, born and raised in Germany, is a mother of two children. Through them she realized that this planet is moving further away from normal and natural living. She made it her goal to work on the realization of a better future for all of us – especially for our children...our next generation!

Knowing they have many questions that need to be answered set the seed for this raw food book for young and old... but especially for children!

She is there to motivate others to get active and find their paths, to help mothers realize their strengths again and to connect with their hearts!

By ordering now you also receive a free gift with lots of information about natural living (including links – my personal rolodex)…homebirth, carried babies, diaperless babies, breastfeeding, spiritual growth, positive parenting (tips for younger children, teens and adults – we all grow ;) )…for every age something important!!!

Please also visit my website at Enjoy!
In happiness,

Sonja Watt

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