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05 October 2008

What's been going on?

Yes, I looove to have fun :).

I've experienced some exciting and interesting months I have to tell you about!! After we finished moving in our new home (or actually in between) here in Germany (it's right next to fields and forest...close to a lake!) I stayed busy with some amazing raw food events and of course my own life with our wonderful children who still loooove raw foods as well :).

In June I went to a raw camp out where we had lots of fun hiking. In July I attended the biggest raw food congress over here with themes about homeschooling, raw foods, bonding (that is so important!), vaccination, living in and with nature and much more!

End of July to August was the huge raw fun family camp I did over here again where about 100 people attended - yeeeeeah..tons of fun as well and good lectures about raw food and spirituality, The Journey process, manifesting, bonding, child led learning, free love, ecological living and much more... It was very interesting and a wonderful time with so many like-minded families - a short-time raw food community!! You have to experience it if you are thinking about living in a community with like-minded folks! We danced, laughed, enjoyed the camp fire and the stars till late at night, sang and shared our meals. The kids loooved to meet some friends that eat and think samewise. We did games and night walks...oh, I can't express it all in words. I will put out a little movie about it, too - so, you can watch it soon as well.

Those are some of raw fun family camp group ;).

In between we'd had wonderful guests and now there is the next thing coming on: Another congress in Nuremberg and Berlin with Sergei and Valja Boutenko and many German raw food leaders! Yes, there are lots of things going on here - thus the lack of time writing ;).

Nevertheless, I've been busy creating new things. Here is my latest creation (recipes coming soon through my newsletter - please make sure you sign up for it at

Doesn't it look yummy?? It WAS :).

The next totally free event is coming soon as well - it starts on 19 October! Make sure you attend it. There are 15 raw food experts talking about all kinds of highly interesting themes! Just click here:
Rawkathon and make sure you take part in it!

Hugs to all of you!


Darlene said...

I miss you
I hope all is well
It looks fun what your doing there in Germany!

Raene said...

I have that shirt too! I'm not in Austin anymore but I wear it a lot :)

Sonja said...

Darlene, come over and visit us :)'s fuuun - remember??

Raene, I looove it...I wear it a lot, is so full of energy :)..and warmth and sunshine... :))). Can you tell...I miss Texas ;).