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07 December 2008

Happy holidays or what was going on?

A few updates for all of you …to see what I’ve been doing lately. :)

Two birthdays have gone by – my children's. We've had lots of fun and yummy foods. ...Here are one of each their birthday cakes.

Can you tell? That's my daughter's ;). She loooves princesses...and pink (the hearts, etc. are made out of dragon fruit skin...nice color, isn't it??

And this was my son's own birthday "cake". Guess what he is into ;)...yep. Knights and castles.

Sergei Boutenko balancing on the slackline.

Sergei with his sister Valya...and me in the middle ;).
Our Halloween party and preparation course. The ghost is out of parsnip. Parsley root works, too. It so-to-speak grows naturally as a ghost :). It just needs eyes...

And our yummy pumpkin pie. I always need greens with it or it is too sweet ;).

I also created something for you to make it easier to survive the Christmas season. Hope you enjoy it:

Feel free to share it with your friends and loved-ones :). I apologize for it being late but I ran into trouble with the program and my sloooow internet connection. I hope very much you still enjoy it ;).

Yes, I have been thinking about how to help you during this special time of the year and thought I share with you what we do. As you already know my husband isn’t raw at all (well, a banana or some grapes might find the way into him ;) ..). So for the kids and me I make delicious meals and yummy raw cookies and cakes and for him and guests cooked meals. That works just fine but I am doing this now for 7 years ;)…so, it is easy for me. The children only know it that way as well and are happy. They have food they love and cookies like everybody else does, too. They are the ones always telling their Daddy to go raw ;). He has lots of illnesses like asthma, migraines, allergies, etc. I – in the beginning – wanted him to show how great raw foods are and how much they help your body heal and recover from every illness but learnt that every person needs their time. Everybody is on their journey and that doesn’t necessarily mean for them to be raw. They might “need” (unconsciously think they do) their illnesses to be able to survive. Many reasons are possible but fact is I decided not to talk but live life for myself as good and happy as I can. Being the living example might help him see (and he does) and he can choose to change or not. That’s up to him. He is old enough. Why am I telling you about it? Well, because if you can see it this way you won’t have a problem to eat with “normal” people at the same table and enjoy your fresh yummy food while they eat theirs. You don’t have to explain anything unless they ask and you want to tell ;). At the end it is about being together, talking and having a good time – and therefore it doesn’t really matter what you eat as long as you chew on something ;). They might ask you about it but as soon as they know you just are that way and you believe in it they will take you that way.

So, my tip for you: In the beginning stages of being raw (or even later if you like it and your body feels good with it) make those delicious raw cookies, dehydrate apple rings and decorate your Christmas tree with them, create cakes that make everybody’s mouth water…and invite people to taste and try for themselves if they like to. Make a huge green smoothie for everybody to enjoy…and most of all just be you and don’t worry about what they might think (99% of our assumptions are wrong anyway). If you don’t like those heavy recipes do it simple. Cut fruits with a cookie cutter in different shapes, dehydrate them or eat them like they are, decorate your meals with them and make paradise-like salads. As a main dish you might get exotic fruits and lay them nicely on a Christmas platter - decorated with greens. You might go into an Asian store and find jackfruit, durian (well, that’s very smelly for most people…therefore, I wouldn’t go for it unless you are amongst other raw fooders ;)…), young coconuts or other delicacies. Everybody will look jealously over to you enjoying your meal feeling great afterwards. You can eat as much as you want and not gain anything - probably rather the opposite. Just imagine how you’d feel after a heavy cooked meal… Buy more than you need just to have enough in case everybody likes your food better than theirs which happens quite often ;)… Leftovers can be frozen or dehydrated, so, you won’t have to throw anything away.

Enjoy yourself and be contagious :)…with your humor, fun and excitement about natural foods in a positive showing way (not preaching about it!)

Happy holidays!

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PPS: I am truly sorry if somebody feels offended by me talking about Christmas. It is not meant that way. Those are my/our personal experiences and we do celebrate Christmas. But I do believe that you can use this information for every kind of celebration. I do respect any of your beliefs. This is simply what I know :)....and I didn't think it is a problem as it is not in Germany. I do learn ;)...

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