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02 March 2009

Detoxifying your life!

by Sonja Watt (

How does your body get rid of toxins?

Many people don’t seem to understand their bodies. In order to shed some light, I wrote down some facts about your body’s signs. There are different ways of detoxifying:

- through skin
- lymph
- blood
- mucus (nose, throat, lungs)
- colon
- breathing
- feet
- sweat
- nails
- mind

Let’s go through them. The skin is the biggest organ. Through it you detoxify a lot. You can see it when you have pimples, rashes, different colors, itching, etc. It is the mirror of your soul. If you are not happy it shows through your skin. If you take care of yourself and your body, eat lots of raw, fresh - and no artificial - foods, you will soon have a great skin. You also need to drink a lot of fresh juices or clean water. (No alcohol, soft drinks, chlorinated water, etc., please! That makes it worse!). A bath with Epsom salt helps to draw out the toxins. You might feel tired afterward...but good the next day.

The lymphatic system is a very important one, too, and often not recognized. The lymph’s work is to move toxins out of your body. That’s why lymph nodes swell when you are sick; they work extra hard at this time. To help it move the toxins out better you can exercise or brush your skin in the direction the lymph flows.

Blood is the river of life. It delivers lots of toxins out of your body. That’s why blood tests can only tell you about the health state of your body at a particular moment. It might look totally different again tomorrow or even an hour later when you’ve had something to eat, etc. Here as well, exercise and drink lots of fluids to thin the blood in order to help it flush out all the waste ;).

When you are coughing or have a runny nose, again…be happy. Your body is just trying to throw it all out. (There is no need for ear tubes…the body solves it by itself.) It will more or less depend on how you live. My runny nose, coughing, etc. pretty much disappeared after I went raw… Remember, if you put toxins in they have to come out…yes, even through puke…yuck. Listen to your body and act appropriately. Drink lots! And don’t take medication! That stops the process…but doesn’t complete it!! Learn to understand your body’s signs. Be your own doctor. Only you can understand what is really going on! Take responsibility. We try to give it away often enough. See the truth and go for it!!!

Colon: our second - or even first - brain. There is so much to say about your intestines it would take another book. I’ll make it short. Your colon is one of the most important centers, if not THE most important. If your colon is messed up you can’t be healthy. It’s also the place from which your body operates, the center of your immune system and much more. It is very sensitive and reacts to every one of your misbehaviors. It definitely cannot deal with artificial chemicals in food or drinks. Most importantly, stay raw, or at least as natural as possible. Stay away from processed food if you want to heal!! Colon dis-Eases are healable….if you are willing to change your lifestyle!! To help it during extreme detoxifying (you will feel nauseous, weak, etc.) or to give a head’s start when transitioning to raw foods, etc. do hydrocolonic therapies or enemas. (Enemas are said to be less efficient than colonics.) If might feel awkward first…but do it anyway. Lots of fresh juices and water do help, too! You will love the feeling of lots of energy afterwards…a clear mind, a happy body and overall health.

Through air your body cleans as well. Every time you breathe you blow out toxins. You can smell it, too, sometimes…especially if you know people who smoke…or eat meat, etc. It is important to breathe right…and you can even breathe away asthma! Make sure you always breathe out deep. Exercise! Hee hee…yes, and of course the air coming out the other end… You can smell immediately if you have a problem that way. ;) Actually, your skin is breathing, too. And it’s known that scouts were able to breathe only through skin…amazing, isn’t it? So, clean up your skin and pores…in order to breathe better. J

Hee hee…smelly feet…I think everybody knows those. ;) The bottoms of your feet are big detoxifiers. It’s said you can read the health state of a person by the bottoms of his or her feet. There are many things offered nowadays to show you how much comes out of there. Do these help?? I don’t know. A foot bath in warm or ionized water, or with Epsom salt, helps… as does lots of exercise. And drink, drink, drink! Most of all…put healthy stuff in you, as what goes in comes out again. ;) Simple but true!

Not only for the feet but for the whole body, it is important…to sweat! Through sweating your body washes out more toxins…Yes, you can smell it, too. If your liver (which has to deal with all those toxins) is overloaded, you might sweat extensively at night. Drink some water and again…put in raw fresh foods. The simplest way possible is best. (Not lots of raw food preparation in the kitchen, but the way God made them for us… Eat them like they are, and don’t forget the wild edibles!!).

You might also see a detoxifying process taking place through your nails! For a shorter or longer while your nails might turn yellow, etc. It is another outlet for your body. Especially, if you’ve consumed quite a lot of medication, you might have to deal with it for a longer while…but it will leave you again once its job is done! Don’t block it with more medication, but help it, through a healthy fresh and energizing lifestyle! Most of all – be patient!

And what your body can’t get rid of…it stores! Don’t let it get there; cancer, tumors, etc. are another form of protection! Your body will always make sure to protect the most important organs. It will store proteins (like from meats and other animal products) and chemicals (from processed and artificial foods), etc. that it can’t use in your system. It is stored first where it hurts least…like fat depots…arteries, etc., but the more comes in, and the more it can’t handle… the more it develops… so you get more and more seriously sick! Stop before you get there…and help your body detoxify! Rest! A good night’s rest is always important; please read about natural sleep (also written by me) to understand what I mean. Visit my website at to learn about the importance of wild edibles. They play a big role in detoxifying your body, too!

Now go on, live healthy and enjoy the abundance of joy and happiness you earn through it!! It is definitely worth the changing!! Always use your mind, too, to make it happen. Imagine yourself as that happy old person who is still actively running around, laughing and having fun!! Live as we are meant to live: made by God… Eat what He provides for us, grown through His love and light. But try for yourself! Always listen to YOUR body… I just offer suggestions. What you make of it is up to you! But if you don’t try it you’ll never know. ;)

Oh…I forgot an important one: Your mind! Yes, even your mind will detoxify if your body gets to the next level of health. You will go through different emotions. Go through them and don’t try to numb them! They are coming up to disappear. Observe them and let them go! And awake to a clearness of your mind you have never known before!! Your whole self awakes again and all your creative juices and energies will start to make you the happiest person on this planet. We can never have enough of those! So, enjoy the ride and look forward to your never-ending goal J…of a happy and fulfilling life, connected to nature and the spiritual energies again, this time not only through words…but through a deep feeling inside of you. You will shine like a light and everybody will be able to see it! Happy detoxifying!

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