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31 March 2009

Get fit through sleep!

Do you know the feeling of getting up tired and not relaxed? You wake up but you feel like you haven´t had enough rest? This is what happens to many people when they go to bed too late. The saying “the hours before midnight count double” is not far away from the solution.

Let’s go back to where we come from – without electricity. For some reason the modern society enjoys the late night activities. But our ancestors as well as wild life or natural tribes all go to bed at an early time…mainly when the sun goes down. During summer time also before the sun set (depending on where you live). Unless you are a nocturnal animal you, too, should go to bed early – before 8 pm…or even earlier. At least don't eat anything late as the body needs its energy to recover and not to digest! If you eat only until it get's dark - around 5 or 6 pm - you will feel the difference the next morning!

Our bodies have been programmed for many millions of years to live with nature. All our organs recover at night…if they are allowed to and get the necessary rest. The result is a well rested body and a refreshed mind. It is a different start to the day! Try it. As an extra bonus you won’t need an alarm clock anymore. You will wake up happy at the right time. As you’ve slept during the early evening hours you are likely to sleep less…but still be rested and fresh the next morning. Sleep before midnight is known to be deeper and better. A personal plus for me is the quiet time… If you go to bed at around 7 or 8 pm you might wake up at around 3 or 4 am to the first birds singing…and a peaceful morning…sooo relaxing. Enjoy a meditation, listen to the birds and soak in that fresh clean air. It feels soooo good. It is a different standard of life!

Now you want to know how to start? Hihi….you lie in bed rolling over and over at 7 pm not being able to go to sleep? Yes, your body is not used to it yet. Most people in western society are used to staying up ´till at least 10 pm. In order to change your rhythm, set your alarm for early in the morning. Don’t worry you won’t need it for much longer. Get up at around 3 am! If you get tired again take a refreshing nap later in the morning or in the afternoon (but not a long one – especially in the afternoon!!). Do the transitioning at the weekend (maybe even a long one). Soon you will be tired enough to go to bed early. When you have managed to do this give your body the necessary rest…and sleep until you wake up. If you go to bed at 7 pm that might first be around 5 or 6 am…but it will get shorter and better in a couple of weeks. Just give your body time to adjust…you will feel the difference…and soon you will start your day fresh and bright at 4 in the morning! That´s a promise.

Oh, so you can’t see this working in our society? Your partner wants to talk to you at night? The best movies come on at night? You want to go out at night?? All life seems to take place at night??? J Don’t worry you will get used to it quickly…and so will your friends. They will still lie in bed drowsy while you have already done your chores …waiting for everybody else to get up! Show your partner how great it is…and get up together in the morning. If TV is that important to you, just think of the creative hours you miss through it,…live life instead of watching it ;)…) you can always tape shows etc. and watch them in the morning… TV doesn’t attract me anymore. In fact the opposite is the case…as soon as I got rid of this habit, I felt sooo much better…as I can use the hours I gained to write you nice letters ;)…or do many other things. A soon as I opened up my mind to creation instead of observation I got active instead of passive in front of the TV. My creative juices started to really flowing. It’s like you allow your soul to finally talk to you…you give it the time to open up to universal energies…and that - to me – is worth more than anything. Life is fun again. I feel alive and don’t like to vegetate anymore. But that is just my personal opinion. Feel free to share your opinions, too!
I also found out that many people try to live life…acting (yes, like the actors on TV!!) they are living…but don’t seem to feel it… They might say “I love you”…but can’t connect to you. The bond is not there. They lost it…through their habit of passive living! Do you know what I mean?? But enough about TV (that is another article again…).

Go to bed early and don't eat too late. Try it…just for a couple of weeks. If you don’t like it you can always go back…but I doubt you will want to.. ;). If you have children…go to bed with them. As a mother of two active little ones I am often tired enough anyway…and am glad to lie in bed falling asleep with them. It helps them to build a healthy habit, too.

Happy sleeping! .


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Dwain said...

Thanks for this reminder about the importance of sleep. It came just when I need it.

Sonja said...

You are welcome ;). Wish you deep and relaxing nights! :)