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24 April 2009

How to avoid self-pollution! Tips about staying healthy inside and out :)

When I go through a store I am always amazed at all those supplements I see. As if nature wouldn’t provide for us! Hm…but yes that exactly is the point. We are not living naturally anymore. And we feel it, our children and friends do but many don’t do anything about it. More and more people start to get sick or have been for many years going from one doctor to the next just to find out there is no cure. L That doesn’t mean there is nothing that helps them. Medication doesn’t help for sure. It often makes it worse as our bodies have to fight even more chemistry in our bodies which are overloaded with toxins anyway.

If you imagine just through breathing the polluted air your body has to work extra hours trying to get rid of those toxins. Now, add the artificial foods, the chemicals taking in through your skin (e.g. chlorine through water or harmful substances through your clothing..) and your body is overwhelmed. It starts to store all those toxins it can’t deal with in your fat depots trying to keep the body from the biggest harm – destroying your vital organs. Yes, your body actually does everything to survive…but enough is enough and one time every body – if not taken care of – flows over and can’t handle all those unnatural substances it is not meant to deal with from the beginning. Illnesses and ailments occur.

So, how to help our bodies to get back to a state where it can deal with those high requirements? First of all you want to help it get rid of all those toxins that accumulated over the years. Second, you want to get back to as much nature as possible – that includes the food, too – our daily intake of nutrients, vitamins and minerals our body needs so desperately in order to cleanse and maintain it’s level of health. But not only the food. Make sure you don’t use those chemical (highly toxic) cleaners. Just read those warnings on the outside of it you get sick…and wonder how in the living cucumber you can let a substance like that come even close to you. It is proven that many women get cancer because they usually inhale those highly toxic fumes of cleaning agents!

What we don’t put out doesn’t come back… If we don’t buy those harming chemicals the industry doesn’t have to produce it anymore which helps the whole planet us included. We do get it all back through our drinking water, soils, etc. So be smart! And don’t be tricked through advertisements, etc. They usually just want to sell.

Tips for your health and a healthy environment:

- use soap nuts to wash your hair, clothes, etc. (All you have to do is just soak them in water overnight and use this soap water)

- use hand soaps that are made of natural substances (no chemicals added)

- don’t use air deodorants/purifiers, etc. unless it’s simple and natural oils – also think about the ones you hang in your car!

- Use an organic tooth paste (with NO fluoride, glycerin, etc.! Studies showed that fluoride is highly toxic, too. They put it in tooth pastes because they would have to pay high sums to discard it as a poisonous substance. Glycerin keeps a film on your teeth that doesn’t wash off for a long time. Your teeth are living and “breathing” organisms as well. Through their dental canals they take in the minerals they need to thrive! They can’t do that if they are plastered with stuff!). If you can’t find any make it yourself – use clay, charcoal, salt water, etc.

- As deodorant use powders that are free of alcohol and chemicals as well!

- Watch those hair sprays, etc.! Another study mentioned that those fumes can have serious effects on unborn babies. If they are not good for pregnant women they are not good at all! Learn to love yourself like you are! Same goes for hair dyes, etc. How can you think it is ok for your hair and body to do what you want and get away with it ;) ? Often it gives you signs like broken hair, etc. You will get the results if you don’t start to think finally.

- Drink pure dwell water. If you know of a clean one fill your water bottles there. That’s what we do, too.

- Use glass containers instead of plastic. It is unbelievable how much pollution origins from the production of plastic bottles, bags, etc.

- Use foldable boxes, cloth bags, etc. for shopping! The packers might look a little funny first (depending on where you go. Some stores already have grocery cloth bags.) if you tell them to put it in your brought bags or just in your cart but it’s worth it. E.g., in Germany you have to put your groceries in your cart and in boxes, etc. as there are no packers and tons of plastic bags. ;) Altogether we can change the world!!

- Buy only natural fresh produce (preferably organic to avoid all those pesticides your fruits and veggies are sprayed with). Or do you honestly believe cornflakes and co. grow on trees??? ;) Eat healthy raw foods to maintain your level of health or become great, loose weight – by itself on the way! Feed your body with tons of vitamins and minerals the natural way!! It desperately needs them to get rid of the toxins, too. Plus, stop eating dead foods – what you can’t put in soil and grow it it dead! (A great experiment for your children, too…try it with marshmallows, steaks, mashed potatoes ;)…)

- Many wild edibles (as well as other greens but the wild ones are stronger and do it better) for example help to flush the chemicals out of your system. Cilantro and chlorella alges are also great to pull the toxic metals out that later on might have led to alzheimers, etc.! Drink lots of clean water, too.

- Eat a spoon full of clay or charcoal (with water) to soak up those toxins that got free and floating around in your body, blood streams, etc. Charcoal as well as clay have a very high capacity of binding chemicals and toxins. That’s why animals eat clay from time to time or we take it when we have diarrhea or poisoned ourselves. You can also very well apply it topically. If you have wounds, stings, bites, etc. just mix clay and water and apply it on it! It will pull the bad stuff out and help it heal! A natural bandage!

- Use organic clothing! You won’t believe how many chemicals are found in our clothes our skins have to deal with 24/7! Or why do you think the cotton pickers of sprayed fields die or develop serious diseases just doing their job??

- You don’t need a sterile home! Bacteria are good for you. When you kill them all expect to develop allergies, etc. as your body is programmed to those good bacteria all around us. They help us! Eating dirt is a good thing – also for children! Just make sure it is not poisoned by humans!! If you clean with toxins substances you kill the good and the bad ones! The body can very well deal with the bad ones if the good ones aren’t destroyed ;).

- Do not use medication! I know that sounds really “bad” now. Of course, if you take things that you need you have to transition carefully to a diet full of minerals and vitamins (I don’t mean the artificial supplements you find in the supermarket – they are “dead”). But most of the time you can get back to a healthy and happy life without toxic medication! Please think about it. Look here for people who did it: She did it - you can, too!

- If you really want to loose weight stop all those crazy diets! They make your body go nuts, too! Most of them are deprived in all kinds of minerals, etc. that you might have been told you have to take as pills instead! Think, think, think and make the right decisions. Why eat harmful substances that you try to get rid through more harmful substances… Do you really think that works?? If you eat a balanced raw food diet you will help your body with everything it needs to loose weight and you don’t even have to think about it or count calories, etc.! All you have to do is eat the RIGHT stuff!

- You might want to start with an amaaaaaazing 6-week deep tissue detox like this: Yes, I want to detox and receive more free information!

- Water for every day use is often highly poisonous, too. When I lived in Texas, e.g. the chlorine was as high as in a swimming pool! Not even are the fumes so dangerous to damage your lungs while inhaling it but your skin suffers immensely, too. We ran into lots of trouble with our skin due to showers and baths! Use filters wherever you can – good ones! And make sure you don’t help polluting the water with chemicals!

- Do you like those rubber clogs? They are so comfortable…but their substances they are made of are not great at all. Wear them with socks or not at all…

- Don’t use sun blockers! They cause skin cancer. Our skin is very well able to deal with the sun if we are smart about introducing it to it. Stay out of the hot noon sun, stay in shades especially during those times, use clothes to protect yourself rather than crèmes, etc. If your skin tanned and got used to the sun you can stay longer in it without problems. Of course, you can use mud to cover and protect yourself, too! :) The sun is very important to us – we breathe it’s energy and thrive through it. Take it as your friend instead of your enemy and it won’t harm you. It is our life spending fuel. Soak it up. Without it we wouldn’t be able to live.

- Why using sun glasses? Our eyes need the light…and can deal with it well, too.

- If you build your house or do other creative things watch what you use as paints, carpets, building material. A straw bale house might come a lot closer to a great atmosphere than a toxin loaded finished one. Carpets are often full of damaging fumes, too…

Hehe…do you want to come with me live in nature? Let’s go to the dschungle ;). I know you must feel like that right now. But then you start thinking about all those dangerous animals, etc. (that’s part of those fears we are fed on all our life as well…not necessarily true) and you realize “let’s just start where we live”! I can assure you it is possible – in our civilization even more than anywhere – to live a healthy and non-toxic life! Let’s start right here and now. What are you throwing out first? J I want to hear from you! Please leave your comments and motivation for others, too.

If you don’t know where or how to start check this out: "How to get started with raw foods"

I know this sounds like you can’t do anything anymore…but it is only in the beginning. Change slowly if it seems overwhelming to you. Feel the difference and enjoy and fresh air and the sun :). If not changing everything at least think about what I wrote…


Allana said...

Heya Sonja!

Great tips; thanks for sharing! I've been on guard for about a more plastics bags, plastic water bottles, bleach, chemicals (cleaning products and personal care) name it :)

Yeah, the water in Texas is treated with all sorts of chemicals; so glad we're live in the hill country and have a private well where the water is not treated. It goes through a natural rock filtration; but we do use a reverse osmosis filtration in the kitchen for drinking and cooking. The limestone deposit is terrible (you should see our shower)..been using vinegar and baking soda ; no such luck:(

I do agree with you about the clays and charcoal; does help with diarrhea and removing toxins; gotta thank my mom for that one; she told me so years ago!

About the wild greens....dandelions have been spring up like crazy, so I've been foraging our backyard and using them in salads:) A little prickly, but yummy! I also got the kids hooked on "green" smoothies; wish the fresh, organic fruits and veggies weren't so pricey. I've got lots of greens growing; so that's a plus....but waiting patiently for those veggies we planted earlier this month. Can't wait to devour them!

Sonja said...

Hiii Allana,

Happy to see you here! Yes, I am excited to set my plants outside, too...soon :))).