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28 June 2010

Spring Camp 2010

So much for our Spring Camp :). We've had lots of fun and interesting lectures. We learned more about "The Work" (from Byron Katie) - a wonderful system for living in peace with yourself -, how you can strengthen your energy system so dangerous radiation (which becomes more and more nowadays) can't hurt you, raw food and much more. We prepared yummy meals together, made two delicious and easy birthday cakes, ice cream and pizza :). Raw food is soooo amazing and gooood :). The rest of the time we spent singing, laughing, talking, walking, playing...just having fun. As the weather was quite wet and cold we enjoyed cozy hours together inside as well ;). Here are some pictures for you enjoy, too:

Playtime for the kids and talktime for the rest ;) the "beach".

Birthday party at the camp :)...everybody loves it...especially the kids :).

Picnic at the last day - finally outside :)...with the rest of the families who didn't depart yet.
Next camp is the Summer Camp which will be 24 - 31 July in Germany, near Frankfurt. I'd be happy to welcome you there!! If you need more information please contact me.

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Eva said...

Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing. Hugs from me :-)