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04 April 2010

Happy Easter to you (if you celebrate it)!!

Although it got colder again...and some rain in between - for the "hunt" we've had sunshine and quite warm temperatures :). The Easter "eggs" where filled with sweets like date-almond-eggs and nuts the kids looved. What did you do for Easter? Where you able to go outside? What kind of eggs & treats did you make? If you don't celebrate Easter - what did you do this weekend?
Happy to hear from you!


In memory of my beloved Mom!

"People join us for a while. Some stay forever as they leave traces in our hearts." My dear mother was such a person who has left deep traces of love. She was always there when you needed her and always found a solution even if the situation seemed hopeless. She had her heart in the right place and acted through it.

After a 6-month battle with a brain tumor she has now found peace. She has decided to go quietly and without fanfare. She was always anxious to please everybody. She loved people and found them to be happy with. In the community she was strongly engaged. She was in a historical dancing group, looked after the elderly with love and care about everyone who needed her. She was the good spirit of the summer youth camp for a few decades, read water meters and actively supported her husband in a sports club. Actually, it was impossible to go with her somewhere where she did not know anyone;). She could never hurt anyone because she felt with everybody. As much as she liked everything and often gave herself up she also loved her home and privacy.

She was always there for me when I needed her. She gave me the most precious - time. She helped with my children when I organized the camps. Children were her great love. We have experienced many beautiful moments while traveling with her. It was always wonderful with her.

With her grandchildren (but also with other children, whom she treated like her own) she had great joy. Some would have never thought that she was the grandma and not the mom ;). Yes, she whirled around with them often wilder than the parents themselves;). She was always full of energy and tireless in her giving. Thankfully, I can keep many beautiful moments in my mind. A part who will never be lost. She is always with us and we look forward to the day when we shall again take her in our arms.

Dear Mom, we miss you very much. But we also know that it was for your own good. You never wanted to be the long-term care that you were now for several weeks. But fortunately, this burden was taken from you soon and we can now accompany you with all your love from another location. We thank you for this valuable experience and wish you a safe journey from the heart!

I learned a lot and am very grateful - especially for the fact that I was able to be with her in her last moment. She was a wonderful person and will always be in our hearts. I say my warmest thanks in her name to everyone of her family members, friends and all the other wonderful people for all you did for her!

In everlasting love & solidarity
Yours Sonja


Januar 2010

Yes, snow can be lots of "raw" fun, too! :) We've had fun on our sled trip anyway... It was a wonderful group of people we enjoyed our time with for a weekend. It feels sooo energising to do things with like-minded folks. Not saying I don't like others - I often learn from others and am very thinkful for it - but it feels home. :)

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