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31 December 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Another year comes to its end. Many things happened (e.g. we moved...still looking for a place called home, travelled to Portugal by camper, the birth of our cute puppies and the rearing...coming back to life online, a Social Media Management education but also back to the roots with thrilling!). It was a great year and I learned a lot and appreciate every bit of it. It was filled with all kinds of experiences. How was your year??

I also want to THANK YOU for hanging in there, joining & accompanying me! For your comments (I LOOOOVE to hear from you since it shows me what you think and I love to learn from you, too! Plus it makes me feel like I am not alone here ;)...) & "likes" ...for being there! I still believe people are more important than machines ;) am happy if I hear from living beings :):)..

Oops, before I forget: I have a great opportunity to start the NEW YEAR healthy & fit (and fully supported!!)! Check this out: Hurry, it starts on 2nd January!

Most of all I wish you a wonderful, successful, motivated & happy new year with health, love & laughter! May we all follow our path with our heart and be guided through an extraordinary year 2012 together in peace, harmony, inspiration and true conscious co-creation of our paradise on earth! I am excited!! *jumpupanddown* :)

Have a marvellous night & get some rest ;)...

See youuuu soooon!

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