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02 October 2012

My son is weird...

Have you ever thought your son (or daughter) is weird?? Or others in general?? Well, I've had phases where I thought something like that before, too...with my son as well. He is different...yes...and I often wished I could control him more so he would rather act like others... But is this true??? NO! Definetely not...and I am sooo glad I only had short phases when I got really confused because I listened to others and not to my feelings as a mother who knows her son best. I am happy I believe in him and trust him. I know he came to this planet with much wisdom and I feel so blessed he choose me to grow up with. I will do whatever I can to support HIS way of living and be there for him. I am happy to be on his side - no matter what others say. That makes us strong. To me it is so important to share a relationship of 100% trust. Which means for me us "against" the world ;). It is such a great feeling if you can feel as a team - a unit...a strong family unit. And I am thankful I have a different son who teached me more than I can imagine...and who always brings me back to what is important: Living in the NOW, be present and follow YOUR own feelings!!

I think this little video helps immensely to build a better relationship with your loved ones.

What are your struggles?? Do you have a child that is different?? Or a partner?? Post it below...we'd all be happy to hear from you!

To learn more about "The Work" (which helped me, too) check this out:

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