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04 October 2012

The Gerson Therapy

A wonderful way to stay healthy through the Gerson Therapy. As many people found out illness is caused through toxicity and deficiency. If you can detoxify your body and add the necessary nutrients your body heals. It's simply yet difficult ;). Since we live in a very toxic world it is hard for many people to stay "clean"...if at all possible. Even through the air we take in toxins...through our food...our clothes...lotions...shampoos, etc. To minimize those is very important - for everybody and our mother earth. Without producing all this trash we could safe our beautiful planet. But it takes all of us to change our behavior...pick only what is good for us and therefore for all there is. If nobody buys chemical foods anymore they won't produce them. If we only buy organic plant-based food  we would see a faster change in the world. Many people don't know that most of our grains and corn is grown to feed animals (that we eat again)...instead of feeding people. Nobody would have to suffer hunger if we wouldn't feed all those animals...that cause diseases at the end...and are usually held under bad conditions.

Our soil is depleted therefore creating deficient plants we eat... In order to create the necessary balance our industry rather sprays tons of pesticides and other harmful stuff on the fields..since the week plants can't protect themselves anymore against bugs, weeds, etc. It's a dreadful cycle. The best plant based diet won't work if the plants we consume are deficient of nutrients!

So, how to detoxify your body and add more nutrients into your diet?

It's simple like I mentioned before:

Also, in order to add tons of nutrients find a place that is as clean as possible (as less as possible polution) and pick wild edibles...and eat them! They are the true and natural superfoods...use them...they are free!
Alges are a great source of minerals, too. As well as phytoplankton. Don't take chemical supplements!! They rather toxify your body more...

For a great method watch this as well:

There are some great books and DVDs about the Gerson Therapy you might like:

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