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10 June 2007

Raw Fun Family Camps!!

Have FUN and CONNECT at the Raw Fun Family Camp!!

A few years ago, I started the first German Raw Family Adventure Camps which I do each or every two years now…and are lots of fun. They are especially for children (as they are so important and effective for them!!) and their parents/family or people wanting to start a family. Most families have "normal" eating members and do feel strange in there. With this event I do invite everybody with their family of all ages (I welcome grandparents as well as babies and pregnant or want-to-be moms to connect again and get closer, understand each other and be more tolerant). As it is completely raw vegan the children can learn from each other which makes it a lot easier to start with. In the meantime the adults get some education as well. A well-rounded program awaits you! The atmosphere is very tolerant and loving with loads of fun. Everybody helps and works hand in hand.. we all mold into one unit. The children are free to do what they want and usually build or play whatever comes up, build groups, etc. We play fun games, enjoy camp fires, do pyjama parties, etc. It is a very transforming experience.

Families who arrive there skeptical (“How can I survive a week living like a rabbit???” or a teenager about to die just thinking about it…hihi…but was the first to announce at the end: “Can I come again next time?? It was fun…and that fresh stuff is not too bad either..”)..leave filled up with energy (grew together as a family…understanding each other more again) and the knowing they can do it, too!! My goal is to show families, people of all ages…it is very possible to live that way, it is easy and a great way as well! I want you to be part of a life filled with magic every day again…a life as a real community…caring for each other and helping…opening up and feeling again!! I encourage you to live life to the fullest again…to feel!! All those feelings want to be felt…they are real and are there to show you the way…if you are willing to listen to them. We need to let them out and go further as nobody is meant to get stuck because they got mad!!! J Step back, take another look at them, thank them for being there and go further!! You can do it!!! Everybody can!! It is fun!! Life is fun!! It is meant to be fun! And together as a group we can go wherever we want!!! I know it deep inside…I am burning to show you…to connect…real connection within families…get in touch with your souls again…with nature and all its beauty… and with each other! Do a step of your own again…and feel that excitement…that butterfly-in-your-stomach-feeling you’ve had so often as a child…and another step…soon you’ll be running!

I invite you to go back to that feeling and find out about your own goals. Let’s work on it together, support each other and see how easy things can be! And…there is fun within your family! Learn to see your children with other eyes… As I do have small children as well – which are with me almost always and I am very happy about it (that’s why I learned to communicate and listen to all of us as we need to find solutions that make us all happy…that is the way to live peacefully together…doesn’t mean we don’t have bad days and don’t get frustrated as well…but it’s important to find a way of dealing with it and taking them and their feelings for real in order to help them along their way) – your children are welcome to join in whatever you do, too.

This world is too full of commercialized TV, negative news, too less time for each other…too less fun time with each other…etc. Let’s make a change and let them see you can be fun as well! I do believe there doesn’t need to be separation of family in order to be happy and live life somehow.
We did/do unschool our children from birth on…or better said…life learning. Guiding them on their own paths of life is a very fulfilling and fun experience for all of us. Through them I experienced to have fun learning again…they opened my eyes again for all those wonders of nature and our huge energy system… I learned to follow my path and loooove it! They are the true teachers in my life as I know they are the mirrors I need to see myself and my mistakes clearer…and better ;). You are a worthful person of your own…even with children or because of your children!! And you are worth it to have your needs met as well!

The camps are taking place in middle Texas. They are filled with information, many tips and lectures about rawfoods (we will prepare meals together), introduction and healing effects of fresh juices, ways of transition, etc.…how to survive in a family with a non-rawfooder ;), natural living with children, positive parenting/thinking, diaperless babies, homeschooling, games, activities for young and old…and middle-aged ;)…lots of time outside, singing, laughing, playing – yes, adults as well ;) - connecting…some spiritual work…and much more (individual wishes taken in consideration). The next camp will probably be late July/August.

I am looking forward to meet you at my camps and welcome any questions you might have about the camp or myself. Please contact me at

Keep on walking!

Love and laughter!

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