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27 June 2007

Camp update!

I just added the pictures from this year's International Rawfood Family Camp in Germany that was so much fun again...information and like-minded spirits! I can wholeheartly offer it for everybody out is a great experience! I did food preparation classes (on the picture you can see my personal welcome to you :)), introduction into raw foods, transition to raw foods, raw foods with children and without ;) - there is a difference!, energy work, lots of infos about homebirth, diaperless babies, natural living, carried babies, vax (or not!), homeschooling, eco-living and much more... Join in and learn about it as well! The next camp will take place in Texas, 23. - 30. July 2oo7. For more info please read below or send me an e-mail. I am excited to answer any questions and wishes you may have! I really want to show you a this world of real all is so easy...once you did it!!! You don't need to have rawfood experience!! Long-time rawfoodists are as much welcome!!

I also send out a newsletter...whoever wants to be updated on rawfood community living, delicious but easy recipes, articles about positive parenting, loving and having fun together, connection (soon also fun for kids!!) and much more...please contact me at and I will be more than happy to share my experiences with you! This time an article about tips about family living with a non-raw spouse.

If you want to fill out a very short and quick questionnaire you will receive a list full of information, links, books, etc. to get started already!

And here some news of our daily life.. :)....waking up this morning with rain...this is niiice!! The weather so warm and a free shower from above...heart, what do you want more??!!! That calls for a shower in the garden...and the kids had soo much fun!! They love the rain barrels and buckets (use them as swimming pools...or better hopping pools :)) I put out to catch rain water for the dry season that's supposed to be here by now....(as many residents told me...well, the world is changing..). But it works great for us...the garden grows like crazy...that is fun to watch it grow!! Every day it is can almost see it getting bigger... I am used to plant a seed and wait at least a week....and you might see something green...if you are lucky.. But here....either it's the weather or those organic super seeds...probably a mix of both! It's exciting and turns gardening into fun! We love it!

As we spent our afternoon at the park in Austin...I thought about making a hamac. Does anybody have a great site or idea how to do one? I got some cloth... Well, may be I just keep knotting the ends together...and then somehow a string ...and ...womp...down we go...or so... ;). The two had fun when I just swang them around... hihi...good arm training for me as well ;)... But not really the kind of relaxation I was looking for... And tips??

Yep, so much for the fun around here... Will come back again and tell you more :). Drop ideas for crafts if you want :). Next time I want to sew. I did a book cover and want to do something else...more ideas??? :))) Come on, we are all one...input...pleeeease :)

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