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22 June 2007

Raw Fun Family Summer Camp 23. - 30. July 2007 !!!

First of all, a biiig thank you for hanging in there! It took longer then what I had thought. But what takes long will finally be good (is a saying in Germany)! So, here we goooo…yippeeee…

Welcome to a week full of joy! I am excited to tell you about the most and first rawsome family camps ever! Experience the feeling of living together with many like-minded people (nothing like that alien feeling you might have in our society sometimes...) - a short-term rawfood community is waiting for you! As a group we will live with each other and grow together, helping each other where needed. It will be so much fuuuuunnn! But first some more information for you…so, you know what I am looking forward to so much ..hihi:

What awaits you?

Look forward to a week filled with fun, relaxation and information! A community feeling of like-minded families that will make it a unique experience. Together, we will explore the world around us, do trips, fitness training, enjoy fun games in and outside the water, sing together…and learn new things. I will introduce you to the raw food lifestyle and give many useful tips on the way to meet your family’s goal. We will have time to talk and laugh, to play and connect… I will talk about natural and alternative living in a modern world, homeschooling, raw vegan lifestyle, positive parenting (the real connection to each other), the power of thoughts and love, diaperless babies, homebirths, etc. and many other things depending on individual needs (and ages) as well. I will make sure there is something for everybody! Please feel free to participate in anything you want to!

Where are you going to stay?

You will restfully sleep in cabins at a beautiful lake near Austin, TX. Each cabin is fully equipped…, has a kitchen and bathroom. First ones get to choose where they want to sleep J.

What are you going to eat?

Fresh vegan organic produce ;). We will prepare our food together. Talking, joking away while cutting…oh, I can’t wait…. Tribal living is so much fun…doesn’t matter what you do…as long as you do it together…it’s fun! ;)
Note: In order to make it right for everybody I ask you to not bring conventional food (or at least eat it not around others – especially children learn quick where chocolate bars are ;)…) as this would make it not fair for others. You have the opportunity to experience this lifestyle for a week…use it!
Who can come?
Although everybody is very welcome it is especially beneficial for families with children! As this is a very transforming experience (even non-raw children start to eat living foods with joy!) bring your whole family! Grandparents and babies, want-to-get-parents as well as pregnant women or singles...I am happy to invite all of you!! A community lives of all ages!! Everybody is important!

What is included?

Food, accommodation, program (see above), fun and laughter….everything ;)…almost.

I offer a 10% rebate for the first 3 people that want to attend actively and add to our knowledge ;)…or like to help with the children during the lectures, etc. I know that everybody has something to give…something that makes you feel good…something that others might like to know about, too (e.g. information about solar technique, wild edibles in Texas ;), Yoga or others, alternative lifestyle, solar energy, organic gardening/perma culture, information about all those waves around us…e.g. cell phones...and how to protect us, how to make a hammock ;) or whatever else is fun, etc.).

For more information and to registrate please contact me.

More camps are coming – next one around September/October. An advent camp will be in December.

I am soooo looking forward to meeting you soon!
Yours with fun,
:9 Sonja…jumping up and down…having a hard time to wait…lalalaaaa…Yippeeee! Let’s dive into the adventure of raw fun!!

PS: I hope I thought about everything. If not I will get back to you again ;). Please feel free to ask whenever something is popping up…

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