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11 July 2007

My transition to raw foods

Now, looking back it seems so easy to me... But let's start from the beginning. I am one of those that was always different...(so, I never felt too strange going against the flow ;)...see, how life's puzzle always find its places again?) a teenager I thought about things like how to use your mind to create a positive world....or how powerful is my mind?..or Who am I...I mean really...have you ever asked you that one...and felt that wide open space in your head???... Well, as this life always delivers what I need at the right time I got the right books in my hands at the right time as well :).. You really just have to be open to see it and grab the chance life is putting in front of you! Think about all those chances you get...and use them...they are there for you...only if they make you feel good, though...if they start to move something inside of you!! So, after realizing that more and more people, friends, family members get really sick...and often die (which I think is not meant to be that way)...I swore myself...if I can't change them...I at least want to show them a way to live a better life...leading by example!! It hurt too much to see them suffer...but motivated me to not wanting to end up like them either ;). So, I started reading those right the right time... I started with Helmut Wandmaker "If you want to be healthy forget the cook pot" (I don't know of an english name) which opened my eyes even more and made total sense to me. I followed reading Guy-Claude Burger's books about instincto therapie...sniffing your way through...which had some interesting facts but I kept looking further read more books on what was available at that time...The Sunfood Diet by David Wolfe, The Raw Secrets by Frederic Patenaude, family Boutenko...and many more...until I got to the biggest and most comprehensive one: Der gro├če Gesundheitskonz by Franz Konz. There, unfortunately, is no english translation yet...besides a short introduction...but that is - after all the studying and trying myself - what I try to follow as good as possible still today..and also introduced my children to! He puts the importance of wild to exercises...and mental health... Wild edibles, I believe, are very important as this abandance in minerals, etc. can only be found in there nowadays or "Urkost" how he says it...the unchanged fruits and vegetables we are programmed to for thousands of years... Together with delicious tropical fruits like durian, jackfruit, sapotes, safus, coconuts and many more...which have the energy saved from the sun...our life spending source!!! I can only agree from my and my children's experiences...they are drawn to the tropical and wild foods!! And so I went my without meat for over 13 years...raw with cooked stuff once in a while for about 6 years and totally raw for 3 1/2 years. I had to go 100% as I love to eat too much to just go 80 or 90%...100% is a whole lot easier for me! And especially if you have it from their beginning...they do watch and imitate you... My children are thriving and are as healthy as can be - although the beginning was different as we definetely had too many nuts in our diet..but that is another story. We love tastes good, feels good and gives tons of energy!! And that I want to share with you....on your way to your goal whatever that might be! Go forward!! You can go slow...but go...always forward...try it! If you never try it you will never know!! You have to experience it yourself in order to be able to speak :). And don't forget to exercise!! It is more important than you might think!

Yours for motivation...
:9 Sonja
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