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29 November 2009

Fall is fun!

Even though it gets cooler fall is still a fun time :)... diving in leaves or a leave fight...all is great for children (and Moms who stayed young ;)...).

What have you done this fall?? Feel free to post what you love to do with your children during that time of year!! I would love hear from you :).

This was our raw cake for Halloween. My son decorated it with cashew cream. It was sooo yummy!! :) He's the best "cook" and always invents new recipes. He also cooks with me for his father because as he puts it: "I want to be able to provide for my wife later and cook for her - if I meet one that doesn't want to eat raw - and I don't want you to do all the work alone" *meltaway**sigh* Yes, children still spreak from and through their hearts....and hit ours! ;) He is 8 now...and so smart.

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