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01 December 2009

The Joy of Giving AND Receiving :)

This is the time of the year where we think about our loved ones and how to give something they (hopefully) like and be reminded about us. It is also a sign of how good you know somebody. As you have to know somebody in order to feel what s/he wants. Often presents and spending lots of money are misinterpreted as love. Although in its true meaning (without all the consumption) it probably is exactly that – giving out of love and attention. And this is what we long for most!

Aren’t we all looking for love and understanding – for the true relationship…the soul mate or just to be accepted. But instead we get “fake” presents which are not “presents” as they only fill the outer world and not the present need somebody has. Yes, most of the time the material world is thriving during that time. But how does it look inside of you?? Are you fulfilled with love? Do you feel loved? Do you have a friend, partner or parent that shows appreciation because you are YOURSELF? Do they accept you the way you are? Do they show you how much they love you? Can you feel it? Do you love yourself in order to receive the same?? Many questions to look and think deeper.

Yes, come on – come with me on a journey to yourself! I can guarantee you it is very interesting – a live adventure within yourself. No need to travel – just go on your own adventure! I’ve been there and I will go again and again as it truly is an ADVENTURE…and I looove adventures ;). It is very exciting to find out things about yourself you’d never thought about. Old emotions arise that were buried too long. But you feel so relaxed after it and somehow freed. Free of many patterns and not having to fake something you are not it feels so much better to be you! You finally have the energy to do what YOU truly want in life and you can do it with fun and courage! Finally you attract the type of friends that fit your true self and you can feel the bond between people.

So, relax and let’s brainstorm together. What kind of feelings do you connect with giving somebody something? How do you feel afterwards? Why do you do it? Be honest. I know sometimes you just give because you should…because “you got something so you have to give back” kind of thing. And how is the receivers’ reaction? Does s/he put on a smile that clearly shows “thank you so much for that piece of dust keeper” or is it rather “wow, how did you know I needed this? Thank you sooo much!”?

Observe and then ask yourself: What can I do to make someone smile and forget about everything else – just happy? It often isn’t the expensive flat-screen TV, etc. but time together to find out how that person is truly feeling. It needs antennas and true love to find out how your friend is really doing (behind the mask most of us put on). But you can be assured that your friend will be relieved and a huge package is taken off her/his shoulders. It is the present of listening, of care, of attention…of an energy flow that lifts and lightens the other person. Something we all need more of.

Shouldn’t that be the time to lift each other?? Can you imagine if we all did that on Christmas eve (or whatever get-together you celebrate) how many glowing faces you’d meet? What kind of energy would be around you then? Wow. That vibration in the air that raises all of us three levels higher and makes us fly… Yay! The whole planet would light up with all of us! ;)

What feels better and more important and keeps giving you joy longer (and I mean true joy – not just satisfying an addiction. Yes, you have to look inside of you truly ;).): another piece of silverware or a friend who gives you a warming hug, spends her/his time to listen whenever you need it and is there for you – quality time together? What sticks longer in your memories: the laughter and fun you’ve had on a certain day or the number of presents you get? Look for the real joy. What do all the presents on this planet mean if you were alone on it??

Giving also means “to yourself”. Yes, why is it that we give and give to others until we are totally depleted…burned out…and still are giving or trying to? Bring the energy and attention back to you. Only when you are happy and fulfilled you can help others to be happy! So, start giving to yourself!

View your body as your temple as it is so happy to serve you as a truly magic being. Feel it and soak it up. Listen to its clear signals that tell you “here! I need help. Please, don’t do that to me!”…or “yeaaah, that feels sooo good”. See it as your partner and friend and show affection. Join a group of positive people to do sports together with, get a message or simple add green smoothies during your day. Your body will thank you with lots of energy, health and positive feelings :). (You could even start right now by learning more about raw foods and how to loose weight: Make little changes in your lifestyle and learn to communicate with your inner wisdom again. Listen to your intuition that screams inside of you to tell you where to go. All it needs is some quiet time, some peace – preferably in nature :). Let all those emotions flow to release the blockages that were built years ago…probably in childhood.

Often we don’t want to look at the reality because it might mean we have to change. What are we afraid of? Are we afraid of the fear?? ;) Or of the new challenge we might face? It is – after all – easier than we think. And once we get on the real path it flows by itself. Things magically just fall in place and we do glow and could never imagine our life being like it was before.

Change doesn’t have to be huge – it comes in tiny steps. We do it every day. If we want it or not. So, why not choose it consciously and pick the type of change we desire? Oh yes, I know all those excuses our ego makes up…and usually you can watch this happening when someone argues really strong against something (that something was good for her/him). If you feel that strange feeling of “I know s/he’s right but I don’t want to admit it and have to find a way to prove him/her wrong” – you hit the point…and it would be wise to look deeper into that topic and pull your ego back again ;).

With the help of friends change goes so much smoother and easier. You could make a “change party” and have lots of fun with it! Make it a day of giving and receiving true gifts from the heart! Let me know when you do so I can be there, too ;).

After all I wish you a wonderful holiday season with lots of laughter, fun and love! Truly look at you and your friends and find out what you really need and how you can meet those needs (yours are as important as theirs!). You can’t always fix it with money. It’s the feeling someone receives when you make this person feel the most important one. It’s that energy you give that this person can find a way out of his/her situation and helps her change to a happy self by her/himself that empowers even more. It’s that magical lift-up that gives sparkles in your friends eyes and the warmth they receive from it. Yes, it’s a time of giving and receiving – from deep inside out. Shine like a star and be happy like one, too! You are well worth it!

Be thankful for all your real friends and everything you receive – and for all the love and energy that is around you! Be grateful for everything we have and for the luck of being able to choose! Thank YOU for being there!! :) Big warm hugs to you!

Make a wish and send it to the universe!

I’d be happy to hear from you! Tell me what you truly wish for right here on the comments and encourage others to do the same! We are all one big family :).


Shannon 'Shakaya Breeze' Leone said...

I love you Sonya! xoxox

Kevin said...

Lovely post Sonja! Blessings to you and your family this Christmas! Gail.x.

Sonja said...

Thanks! Merry Christmas to you!! What are you going to do?