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29 November 2009

Summer camp 2009

I just realized I haven't shown you what was going on during our last camp (in July). So, here are some impressions. We've had so much luck with the weather. There were about 60 people (including children) ages 0 - 64! So much fun and information. This week was filled with lectures about health. There was a self-defence class every morning...yaaaawn. (But as my children and me slept outside it was easy to wake up with the sun ;)...) The whole group learned about wild edibles and how to identify them. We went swimming in a close-by lake and did fun games with the children. We prepared our food together and learned from each other :). It makes it so much easier to live in a group of like-minded folks :). Yes, we need a tribe! Who's with me?? I have so many ideas I don't have the time to realize them all. If you are interested email me. Let's work together! Anyway, here are some pictures for you:

This was the camp site. Do you see the tiny white spots in the forest? That's where we were...beeeautiful.
The kids had fun in a sandy spot near a creek (all right next to our spot). Germany is beautiful. Come on over and enjoy it with us next time!! :)
This is where we've held our lectures mostly. You can never get too much sun ;).

And of course we couldn't miss our camp fires! They are a must :). With singing and laughing we usually ended the days :).
If you want to join us those are the next dates in Germany:
29 May - 4 June 2010 Spring camp
24 - 31 July 2010 Summer camp
I'd be happy to welcome you "on board"!

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