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31 December 2009

Happy New Year!!

Christmas and my birthday are over...on to the next adventure :).

Our delicious Christmas cake - with carob layer and strawberry topping :). Yummmmmmm...
Wow...this year is over so quick again! Loads of things happened and I’ve had lots of possibilities to grow and learn. I am thankful for every little experience as I know it can only propel me forward :).

I also wanted to say thank you for joining me and sending mails, for communicating, following and staying in touch…for all your questions you send my way and all the thoughts and expressions I receive every day!! I am very grateful you are in my life! Hopefully, I could be of help to you as well. Please let me know how you are doing and how your year has been. What is it you want to do next year? I know I want to continue with my journey of life adventure and listen to my inner voice. I will follow it wherever it will send me ;). I have a strong vision that keeps moving me forward and I am so excited to share more and more with you! In order to understand you better I’d love to hear from you, too. Together we are strong and bouncing ideas often helps to get your own mind straight. :)

Just a quick update from me:
In January I organize a ski/sled trip for raw foodies which will be so much fun :). There are going to be two raw fun family camps again this year – one in spring and one in summer. I am excited to meet “old” and new families again! It’s always great and a wonderful experience! I will also visit a very free and open school (including raw foods) form here in Germany which will be awesome. It is amazing how a school forms a community :). I will work on that one as well…forming a community. I talked to some very interesting people and hope I can get a lot further with it this coming year. This time is definitely ready for it. I will take more time for my children and myself, enjoy the few moments with my Mom who’s fighting for her life and continue with my work online for you :).

If you want to start a healthier life style with raw foods & much more and need some tips and tricks just go here and I’ll help you through: Ask if you have questions. I will put up more videos for you, too. You can watch the existing ones here: It’s always easier to watch how to do things ;)…for me anyway. If you prefer another way please let me know I will do my absolute best to work on it in order to make it as easy to understand for you as possible. If you want to help me (updating webpages, starting new projects, etc.) I’d love to hear from you, too!

Now, go ahead have a great finish of this year and an even greater start in the new one!! I will be with you in my thoughts…and will enjoy the “slide” to this next amazing new year!! Enjoy and have looooads of fun but also a few quiet moments to reflect, be thankful and organize your thoughts for a wonderful new beginning!

Talk to you next year again!!

Love & hugs,


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