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03 September 2011

Back from big trip

Happy heellloooo!!

After travelling to Portugal we are back bringing you lots of info and news! I am so excited to share them with you soon! But first have a quick look what we did:

We are at the beautiful sea in Portugal...with one of our dogs (yes, we have more...but that is another story ;)..). We drove from Germany with a mobile home through France and Spain until we came to the coast of Portugal. We went along the coast pretty much till France.

This is how the main land of Portugal looks like if get off the main road ;)... It reminded me a lot about Texas :)...very dry, hot yet beautiful ...and lots of land :). I love it!

I guess I could say we went through 4 countries :)...since Gibraltar is part of Great Britain. You also have to pay in Pound instead of Euro. Of course, we also went and saw the apes ;).

In Barcelona we visited a ship from the organization "Sea Shepherd". They are a sea life protecting organization and do great work!! Watch their symbol...

Almost back home we "ended" on top of the world...I mean Paris ;). We went up the Eiffel tower when it was still daylight, watched the sunset on top of it :)...and came down with sparkles :)... A wonderful experience!

It was a great trip with very nice people! Especially in south Portugal and Spain you can grow pretty much everything you need...I have met wonderful families that moved there and live of their land :). Great! That's what my next goal of my own garden and land :).

Do you live a sustainable life on your own ground?? What are your steps towards your dream??

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