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23 September 2011

Healthy smoothies for kids?

Are you looking for healthy yet delicious recipes your kids will love? It has never been easier to create healthy and yummy foods for kids. Green smoothies usually include fresh fruits or leafy greens (or for a more valuable one even wild edibles), and since they are full of nutrients and are soooo delicious, they are a must for growing kids.

Try these easy green smoothie recipes:

Use bananas, berries, and mangoes with chickweed, lambs quarters, and romaine lettuce. If it should not be sweet enough, use dates (preferably soaked). You can also use other kinds of greens including dandelion, goutweed, kale, spinach, mustard/turnip/collard/beet greens, romaine & many more and throw in a few fruits your kid loves and blend it with filtered water. The great thing is greens can be combined with anything without causing trouble. They also taste great with coconut water.

You can even make “frozen” smooties. Just peel bananas and freeze them and other fruits you like. Put the frozen fruits and some greens in the blender and you have a delicious treat for hot summer days!

Nutritional benefits of green smoothies:

As we tend not to chew our food enough green smoothies are a great way to absorb the vitamins and minerals as the food is in an easily digestible form. You should still “chew” the smoothie, though, as this is important for digestion. With the essential nutrients in their body, your kids will have enough energy to last through their fun and action filled day!

Healthy green smoothies also balance the sweet from the fruit and the bitterness from the greens perfectly. So, you can actually get more greens “down” than normally which is great for your body!

To make it easier for your kids in order to get used to healthy smoothies add more fruit and less greens in the beginning. You can also give them funny names. It’s fun to ask for the Monster drink or Dragon’s greens instead of “that green stuff”. Make sure you use organic and ripe ingredients only. If you drink them too as a role model (hey, they will be good for you, too!!) they are more likely to gobble them down, too. Don’t explain how healthy, etc. they are… Just drink and enjooooyyy them!! :) With lots of fruits and greens you can create endless of different, colorful and tasty new smoothies.

And as always remember it has to appeal to the eye! Make it fun and beautiful! Include your kids. They will have fun decorating ;). If they did it themselves they are more likely to eat it, too!

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