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03 September 2011

Surviving in nature :)

Heyhooooo! :)

If you wonder how we survive now during late summer...have a look:

Jessica has apples and pears she found...

I've had some walnuts...fresh they are best!!

Justin found some chestnuts - a little small still...

Exercises are important, too. Well, we went by bike but it can't hurt to do some extra ;).

On the way we've had some black berries ...and...

rose hips...they are still hard, though...but the berries were delicious :)

That's were we were heading to: The Ronneburg. They were living like in the middle ages...very interesting and I think the castle looked like in the fairy tale Rapunzel...or Sleeping Beauty.

Happy, full and satisfied we arrived back home! :)

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