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24 January 2007

Stop trouble thinking...and do the opposite!

Please, don't think about that pink elefant!...??? Have you ever heard about that question.. and what do you think?? About a pink elefant??? ;)...but I told you not to!! Well, so much for talking and how important it is to pick your words carefully...especially with children! They pick up on it sooo quick. I love to listen to I can tell what kind of mistakes I still make...;). And what I have to work on..still. Those patterns put into us from childhood are sooo deep. It takes a lot of attention to remind ourselves to talk more positive. Those children are our future...and we need to feed our future more positive thoughts to help this planet... Get out of your chairs...ok, just wait a second...after that post you can go...:))..ok, but now! Hop, go outside, walk, run, whatever you want..get outside and breathe some fresh air..or as fresh as you can get it without opening a can of air... Anyway, get active!! You won't believe how much more ideas you have. Stop watching TV...or minimize it at least (although, in the beginning, it might be easier to stop's like a drup you always keep thinking about it...feeling sooo good when you turn it on...and sooo frustrated when your show doesn't come on...a game with your emotions...controlled by others!!)..that's a drainer...and see and feel how much of a better life you gain back. It is amazing. Again...think about your children!! They need to be active! School is going more and more on having them to sit still for hours...that's crazy...they are children...supposed to be full of energy..running, jumping, etc.! We should be happy they do that and hopefully never stop doing that! We are not robots that you can push a button and leave again. We are living beings and I am so happy and thankful for that. That is our chance to feel that energy and love. Try it. Sparkle again. Just do it! Use "get-togethers" for inspiring thoughts and not for who killed whom, etc. Get out of the mud and lift each other up! I know we can do it! Take a piece of paper and write down all the positive thoughts and happenings you've had today. After a few weeks you'll have loads more. It works. You are the creator of your world...and build the base for your children! Let them see how well you manage life by the way you think! Can you feel that energy??? It's flowing in me right now...and I wish I can start a fire...and get you all turn to a huge river that surrounds every rock...and makes it to the ocean! OK, enough of that...or I start to lift up and will be gone... :). I really wish I can help move your life to be a happy one.

As much as I love this beautiful country with all its great sides I still have one question... Why do you use sooo many plastic bags?? It is funny (they ask me three times if I don't want any...and make big huge eyes...) when I go shopping and tell them I don't want my stuff bagged... "Just put it in my cart, please."...or do it often myself which I love, too... Guess because I am used to...coming from Germany where they don't bag it for you... I actually feel funny when others bag for me.... May be I have to work on that...that's how they make their money, right? But why can't we take boxes or cloth bags, etc. to carry the groceries, etc. I always keep a big bag full of them in my car. Same thing but I don't have to waste soo many plastic bags...
Just my thoughts without wanting to offend anybody!

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