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16 January 2007

Moving and living in the Now!

Well, we just moved means to Texas. It is exciting and fun at the same time. The kids loved to dig into the boxes and get everything set Christmas and Easter altogether ;)....oh, look, Mama! My bike! books...and..oh...ah.. I am glad we've had warm weather and all went well. The boxes in the kitchen were most fun...both of them hanging in them, handing stuff up and out to me...I couldn't put it away as fast as they were. It was a mess. But, slowly we are getting through it...still enjoying life. It doesn't run away, right? And it feels so good to see all those boxes disappear ;).
It is sooo relaxing to live in the present and go step by step. There is this happiness that never really leaves and lets me enjoy life even more. I do love that place and am have lots of planting an organic garden (I will be sooo happy to have our own veggies..I can just go outside and pick them), connect people all over the world :)))) and write... Something keeps pushing me to wriiiite...something deep inside of me.

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