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28 January 2007

Energy needs to flow...

Huhuuu, all there...out there!

Did you ever experience that? The energy flow in kids? If I am just busy, running around, doing household, etc. ....hey, I even got things done! It is actually fun, if you finally get moving ;) really flows...what I have difficulty with is the kids stopping me all the time...well, I am sure you know that go in the kitchen to do the dishes, see a toy...walk to the kids bring the toy away but on the way you see a, you pick up the towel and bring, where??? ...where it belongs...thinking why am I here...what was it I wanted to do?? Ah ja, the, back to the kitchen...or now...back to energy :))...I was running around, hopping, having fun doing the housechores...and my children are sooo happy to just follow and help or go their ways..... But if I start my day with computer work, etc. things that I need to sit down...or telephone, etc. doesn't take long and they go nuts... All the sudden, today, when I watched them playing happily I thought...dang! Of course,'s the same as when they were babies. Have you ever heard or read the book from Jean Liedloff? "The Continuum Concept"....if not, do so. If you did...remember when she talked about babies can't regulate their own energy field? They need the adult's energy field to calm down and get balanced again! This was so true when they were babies... As soon as I stopped (I always carried them in a sling) they would wiggle around, feeling not happy...but when I kept going they were just fine. No matter if they were asleep in there or not...if I moved no wiggling. Great. I am about to get a heart attack and they are just hanging in there......go, Mama, go....I need moooore... Well, I choose the other route...I got as a running we say in German ;)...and the kids stayed happy.

Now, of course, as they can deal with their energy from 8 years on by themselves and have trouble sometimes before...guess, they need to play with it, makes totally sense to me to stay close to Mama and soak that energy up that I produce running around...being happy and balanced myself. My son does it different as well as my daughter... He goes and comes back to charge up while she is always around. It is funny but it seems to work....will watch it for another few days... Would be fun if you let me know if you make the same experiences...

I wish you a great day...filled with joy and have fun running around... :)))

Oh, by the way,...just before I forget...did you know that a hand full of wild edibles (herbs or also known as weeds!!...and they are sooo valuable...I try to grow some here...) has more minerals, etc. than 40 heads of lettuce...iceberg, boston, etc...!!!... So, go get outside and eat weeds...they taste good as well!!!..or send them to me, pleeease :)))

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