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22 January 2007

Nature Tribe or rawfood trips/travelling?

It's amazing how much more energy you have being raw. Now, after over three years on 100% I can feel the difference. It took a few years for the body to adjust - I wouldn't have thought it myself. I love it! I love life and am soo happy...deep inside of me! It's that true clear feeling of trust in life (and that everything happens and is ok as it happens...and I can make wishes and they come true...always and always again...a miracle!) and happiness, thankfulness and appreciation that makes it so nice! I know I am led and am very thankful for that. I am pushed to help..and I love to everybody that needs it to see love again...and light. This happiness that just doesn't leave any more. Yes, the beginning was different....I used to eat tons of nuts and dried fruits, could eat until I was so full nothing would fit in there anymore. So, don't worry if you feel like that. That is normal. The body seems to need it in the beginning. It changes by itself as soon as it is ready for it. Just take your time and stay raw. Don't worry about the right combinations, etc. as it will come by itself - with or without a book. Those signs are so strong now...I feel like during pregnancy sometimes when your senses are so clear's almost unbelieveable. And the energy level that comes with it. Amazing. I don't sleep as much any more and am still fully charged to go a day and much of the night with two little fun children...which love her jumping Mom :). By the way, have you ever tried those deep jumps where you squat down almost to the those russian dancers??? Try it...just a few and... well, I have still sore legs. But, boy, that feels good! You feel the energy running hot inside of them...hihi...then, you just jump under an ice-cold shower...and you are wide awake...if you can be any more :))). Send pictures after that, pleeease! Anyway, try and you'll love it!

And it's funny as you can do all kinds of funny things with you see on my link in the raw link section...that's what I do in Germany (sorry for misspelled words, still not perfect...but am practicing)...the International Raw Family Adventure Camp :)! I am planning on doing stuff like that over here as well. So, whoever is interested, please contact me! I'd be more than happy to let you feel the wonderful side of living in a community...once you tried'll miss it! I promise! It is sooo much fun!
Another thing is raw travelling. I spent many months on the road or hiking, etc., travelling with and without kids and wonder who's interested in something like that? Raw Food Family/Children Camps and Trips...especially the kids need to be involved...they need good examples to follow!! So important!

But the other fun part is daily life: Like my husband today...coming home with groceries for us (who is a normal cooked one ;) ): "Do they ask you all kinds of stuff as well when you go shopping?" "No..Usually, not. Why?" "Every time I go there they ask if I make another banana pie or if I have a monkey at home...?" that time I was almost rolling on the floor laughing... Yes, I am sure, now that we live here they have to stock up their organic bananas as we love them... *g*

Enough writing....go watch those few first pictures...and have fun! I will write more about my trip through the States soon...

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Danielle said...

Interesting blog, Sonja!

You're welcome to join us over at the Homesteadin' Unschoolers Blogring.