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08 March 2007

Straw bale..or mud brick houses :)

It always is amazing to me what those little wonders soak up just watching us! Like now...we do love to dig into straw bale houses and how they are built...and my little discoverer (he's 5 now) looooves it and educates Dad about it all the time...and how much better it is, etc...!!! He is soo wonderful... If someone is interested you have to get "Building with Awareness". That is great (thanks Vic!!). There's even a dvd included where they show how to build it....and it's such a cozy little house. We have a great time with it!

So, we sit in the garden and dig dirt and built bricks out of mud and let them dry in the sun to be able to build a little mud brick house ;)... That's what I call life learning! And it's fuuuun! You have to try it...simplest thing is always best... Plus, you won't believe how open-eyed you get towards other building structures. When we walk by where they build houses we can point out now what we'd do better :)! Wow. Truly fantastic. Of course, I'd have to add a sand slide for my little girl...she came back white from sliding on that stuff....hihi. We've had tons of fun...and my young constructor is fired now as I mean...lightened...or how could I say??...anyway, he loves it and asks when to we start to build an straw bale totally makes sense to him :)...and me, too. And by him explaining it my husband....he finally starts to open up more as well! Smart boys!
And if we don't start to build one now...I mean a house...then we could buy an older RV and put solar pannels on top of it...and throw the oven out - we don't need that one....hihi - and fill it up with oil...and hit the road for a few months...or longer :)))). Hey, if we're not rolling right mind is at a speed of a thousand miles an hour :D. Who wants to roll and enjoy life, too?

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