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21 March 2007

Unschooling is fun!!

I wished I had taken some pictures we had such a great day with other unschoolers! What a joy it always is to be together and have fun! The kids just loved it...and I did, too. So much fun for them to find friends to do the things they love to do with...and for me, too ;). Get to talk about the important stuff in life :)...and simply..LIFE...and live it to the fullest! It is so much fun! I am so thankful I found this group that charged me up is so much easier to be with like-minded people. I can only suggest for everybody to find your "tribe" or build an own one! We need a tribal network...people that support each other...moms that can help each other out....have more fun doing the day to day stuff...talking and laughing together! I am ready to build that tribe. Who wants to join?? But back to the day: Lots of kids in all ages and every one of them playing and exploring together with someone...the wild bunch out in the woods...just amazing to watch...with so much fun and excitement they had! I love to watch them...just tubbling around..studying nature, animals (today: fishes, turtles and clams)...getting all excited...and plants..mine where digging in it ;)...and rolling around in it...after it rained for a few times everything is growing and fresh and pocking out in between...the beauty of nature awakens again... Some made bird feeders...that some kids ate as well ;)...and the birds and squirrels couldn't hardly wait for us to leave...I could literally read their minds ;)..or the rock...I mean hard bread got turned into sand...oops...I mean crumbs ( do you spell that thing?)..;)...adventures everywhere.. Yes, my little one in the water again..of job? Drying her clothes again...hmpf. And at the end a "treasure hunt" ...hihi.. So, back home again...and we talked into the night about our good experiences we are so thankful of today! Thanks to all of you!! You are great!

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