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02 March 2007

Tribal living :)))

After almost two weeks with like-minded people we are energized and looking forward to all kinds of things that popped in our building straw bale houses and travelling while unschooling. (Thank you so much, Darlene, for spending time with us, following your intuition and sharing your life with us! It was great! We will do that again...for sure! You are a wonderful person. Keep going!) It is so much fun to be with other Moms who share almost every little thing in your life...and makes it a lot easier as if one is busy the other one can help out...exactly, what we need in our raw tribe! I am always amazed how much love is with us and connects us all together....and how much help older kids are (thanks were a true help! Stay how you are.)...and how creative we all got together... Imagine, if we all would put our energies in all positive thoughts...we'd have paradise on earth!! We are the creator of our lifes! You'd have to feel yourself and learn at the same time... You are welcome to visit and enjoy as well!!

Here are some pictures hopefully showing the fun we've had...

And some more showing the ideas we came up with... the perfect nut bracelett maker (we used it for the birds and squirrels...that - oh wonder - grew immediately...those little pickers...:))...

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